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Online language learning: my top sites

I’ve been enjoying the world of online language learning for over a year, and have provided you all with a quick snapshot of which sites have helped me in my language learning journey. 459 more words


Learning Languages

One of the things I have resolved to do year after year is to learn a language to fluency in reading, writing, and speaking. That feels quite ambitious for me, but I do enjoy hearing other languages, and I have longed to be able to communicate in one other than English. 264 more words



I recently got to know Duolingo thanks to a fellow student of the iOS Developer Course and I got curious about it when I saw her using this. 204 more words


Leaning French | Week 2

Salut et Bienvenue!

The past week has been très hectic! I have had to dedicate most of my time to my university work, which was awful. 330 more words


Learning Italian

Ciao a tutti!

I’ve already broken a goal and I didn’t write an entry last week, but can you blame me I’ve been busy with work and I got two new kittens recently (named one Rosa after Stephanie Beatriz’s character on Brooklyn 99 (my choice) and the other Bob after Silent Bob (my stepdad’s choice) both from the same litter). 964 more words


Sunday Ramblings 13

I now have a new most popular post on my blog.  This is a surprise for me as the post on decluttering my makeup is not something that I am proud of.  471 more words


Learning Norwegian via Trump: "Hvordan sier du «shithole county» på norsk?"

Not to get sucked into politics, but Trump’s alleged comments about immigrants from “Shithole countries” were apparently paired with comments about wishing that there were more Norwegians immigrating to the U.S.A. 316 more words

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