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Duotone, Life Reappearing (Self Release)

Duotone is multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and live looper Barney Morse-Brown. A classically trained Cellist, an accomplished guitarist and fine vocalist, on so many levels LIFE REAPPEARING is the musical equivalent of watching someone rubbing their stomach and patting their head while riding a unicycle and playing a kazoo. 474 more words


1 or 2? Which Says The Southwest Better for You?

I’m getting lost in Photoshop, a sure time killer at any time. I’ve always been interested in duotones but I never know when to use them. 21 more words

Photoshoot: potrettikuvaus ja kuvankäsittely

Tavoitteeni oli harjoitella kameran käyttöä, valaisua ja kuvankäsittelyä ottamalla potrettikuva valokuvaajan nettisivuja varten. Toteutan myös nettisivut joten tämä on osa isompaa projektia.


Suunnitelmana oli ottaa vähintään 3 kuvaa: 492 more words

Mediamateriaalinen Tekeminen

Broad: Development, Duotone pt2.

Following on from the experimentation, I started to play around even more with the other illustrations created from the monotype. I found that a lot of the illustrations, were difficult to work with at first, for example, where the lines were quite thin on a few of them, it was very hard to see what the image was. 434 more words

Broad: Development: Editing images-- Duotone, pt 1

When it came to using duotone, I found it tricky. I never knew what kind of result i would get in the end, but as I started to just explore the settings, I found myself becoming very intrigued by the different results I was receiving. 172 more words

Give and Take Broad typography

Helvetica was the first type I looked into because I had heard many people talk about how great it was. Some people are not a fan however and I can see why. 219 more words