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The Hoof of the Duplicate

Losing hair from nothing pressing is not a blessing for the fool,
Seeking light from nothing doing is probably very cool.

Learning how the how can now is making you a man, 155 more words


Whose having this?

I wonder if anybody is having the embarrassment that I am having. hen I respond to a comment for the first time, I am fold its a duplicate comment? Who knows what is happening.

adautocfg.sh and adcfglonce.pl dbconfig - fails with ORA-01157 Lock Datafile

When executed Auto config  and Clone Config after RMAN Duplicate, following error occured.

ERROR: InDbCtxFile.uploadCtx() : Exception : Error executng BEGIN fnd_gsm_util.append_ctx_fragment(:1,:2,:3); END;: 1; Oracle error -1157: ORA-01157: cannot identify/lock data file 515 – see DBWR trace file… 525 more words

TV Asia

Size 45mm Date  1990s Fastening  Safety pin

Another promotional badge.


Duplicate Controlfile To FRA (ASM)..Or..'Make It A Double!'

In a previous post we restored a database which was accidentally (a-hum) dropped from a Netbackup. In this procedure we focused on the restore, but this left us with a database running on only one control file. 353 more words

Technical Stuff


Usually you have a requirement of removing the duplicate records from a file using SORT with the option SUM FIELDS=NONE

If the requirement is to always have the first record of the input file (out of all duplicates) in the output file, then the EQUALS option will help you in doing it. 29 more words