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Chapter 5

Sells stretched before him.  Organized humanity.  The Duplicate immediately considered beginning a culling.  His original purpose had been to destroy and prevent this.

But not any longer.  2,512 more words


40. Removing duplicate data in NumPy and Pandas

This post is also available as a PDF and as a Jupyter Notebook.

Both NumPy and Pandas offer easy ways of removing duplicate rows. Pandas offers a more powerful approach if you wish to remove rows that are partly duplicated. 397 more words


Chapter 4


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The assassin smelled the air.  It was dry.  The heat was oppressive, especially in the trench coat, but the jumpsuit he wore regulated his body temperature.  2,432 more words


Chapter 3

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It was sometimes hard to remember to breathe.  The first eighteen years of Carter’s life had been unexceptional.  The last two had been an adrenaline thrill ride without end.  4,153 more words


Chapter 2

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The gunshots grew quieter as they put distance between them and the town, and soon silenced completely.  Carter didn’t think it was because the gunmen had won. 4,830 more words


Duplicate from a previous incarnation without connecting to target database

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Like most DBA, sometimes I need to generate AWR reports, nothing very complex so far. 408 more words


Adding a Duplicate Related List to Leads

In this post I will show you how to add a duplicate related list to the Lead object. The code can be modified to find duplicates on most objects. 1,905 more words