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Alarming! 100%+ voter registration rates

136 counties in 21 states have more registered voters than adult residents

True the Vote, the nation’s leading voters’ rights and election integrity organization, has announced its latest findings in an ongoing effort to reduce outdated records in America’s voter rolls. 378 more words


Political correctness skews rational thought

PC absurdities from Hollyweird, to sports and politics

Hopping aboard the leftwing politically correct train a few decades late, actress Julianne Moore has launched an online petition to change the name of the high school she attended in Falls Church, Virginia in the mid-1970’s. 554 more words

Those Dems

There Is No Duplicity In Him

On the Feast of Saint Bartholomew today, the Gospel from John 1:45-51 has an interesting story of Jesus and Nathanael who is actually the apostle Bartholomew. 368 more words


Dems to enlist Pope on illegals, voter base expansion

Breitbart News carries an intriguing report on the less-than-devout Catholic Democrats in the U.S. Congress who are now looking to Pope Francis for aid in expanding their political base by increasing illegal immigration. 540 more words


Interview with N.K. Traver, author of Duplicity

1. Can you tell us a little about your book? Is it your debut novel?

DUPLICITY is a cyberthriller I like to think of as BREAKING BAD meets THE MATRIX for teens. 495 more words


John Kasich re: illegals: “Let’s not pit one American against another”

Ingraham reminds Kasich, ‘But, they’re not Americans, Governor”

Just days ago on The Laura Ingraham Show, Presidential candidate John Kasich exposed his squishy views on immigration policy.  434 more words

Illegal Immigration

Jeff Flake: Obama’s top Republican ally

In a bit of bad timing, Jeff Flake arrived in Cuba today, one day too late to celebrate dictator Fidel Castro’s 89th birthday. Flake is among a group accompanying Secretary of State John Kerry as the American flag is raised over the U.S. 513 more words