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Jeb! proves he’s politically tone deaf

Besides being an establishment backed RINO, Jeb! is also tone-deaf. Sunday, fearful about his prospects of coming in ahead of the Republican pack in the campaign donation department, Team Jeb! 356 more words

Illegal Immigration

Blind rogue elephant makes deals with Obama, tramples Americans

Although former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) is at his best in this exposé on the House GOP sellout on immigration bills, the information he delivers is alarming. 229 more words


A glimpse into the convoluted thinking at the AZ Republic

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake has oddly found himself on both sides of the “political fallout” in the Charleston “church slayings.” That‘s according to the erratic Arizona Republic newspaper’s Page One, above-the-fold article. 354 more words


AZ U.S. Senate race 2016: What’s wrong with this McPicture?

After over three decades in congress, John McCain is reportedly not in a hurry to get his 2016 reelection campaign underway. He claims not to be worried about a… 406 more words


"Hamlet uses the theatre to escape reality"

Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is a play deeply consumed with the concept of theatre, the power of both words and drama, and the danger of a breakdown in the boundaries between acting and reality. 154 more words


"Words, Words, Words" - Acting in Hamlet

  It would hardly be preposterous to claim that Shakespeare must have had ulterior motives in giving the motif ‘acting and the theatre’ a significant part in “Hamlet” than simply to remind the audience that they are watching a play. 361 more words


Jeb!’s Hillary problem

Interchangeable GOP and Dem retreads each drop their toxic last names hoping to dupe voters

It’s difficult to imagine a more effective campaign ad. For America… 15 more words