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DNC Chair resigns, chaos reigns prior to Dem convention

Following the nomination of Republican Donald Trump at the RNC last week, Democrats are in a state of turmoil. On the eve of their national convention, party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced she would resign her post later this week, amid angry charges of corruption and cronyism leveled at her by Bernie Sander’s supporters, who are threatening to disrupt the anointing of Hillary Clinton. 146 more words


Jeff Flake, John & Meghan McCain: In the tank for Hillary

These Republicrat Arizonans put liberals to shame

In this congratulatory tweet, Jeff Flake was unable to contain his glee over liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton’s selection of Tim Kaine as her Vice Presidential running mate. 269 more words


AZ’s U.S. Senators seek to purge conservatives

Flake, McCain work from the same conservative-hating playbook

Jeff Flake has had a busy weekend, making certain his highlighted locks are in place, checking to ensure the whitening strips have done the job on his pearly whites, and perfecting his crusade against not only GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, but also Trump’s supporters in case any media outlets come a callin‘. 342 more words


Duplicity Ch.1

It’s been twelve hours since the start of the day. Four weeks since I’ve begun working here. A month since I’ve been released. Seven years since I’ve been incarcerated. 221 more words


Black Lives Incite: 3 more police officers killed today & UPDATE

More despicable police carnage is being reported in Louisiana, where three Baton Rouge officers have been slaughtered and others wounded as they were ambushed not far from police headquarters. 215 more words


More savagery in France: Religion of Peace update

The latest news on the terrorist attack that ripped through a massive crowd of Bastille Day celebrants Thursday in Nice, France identifies the murderer as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31-year-old Tunisian-born resident of Nice who had dual French-Tunisian nationality.  218 more words


“Day of Rage” planned to disrupt 37 US cities, Fri. July 15

Phoenix’ Camelback/Biltmore area targeted at rush hour by faux Rev. Maupin

Reports of anti-police rallies scheduled in 37 U.S. cities for this Friday, July 15, are gaining traction. 306 more words