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John Kerry: Neville Chamberlain clone puts world at risk

Students of history know there is no peace though appeasement

Within days of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei presiding over and agreeing with crowds shouting “Death to America,”  U.S. 162 more words

Those Dems

Women as victims: A deceptive, though reliable leftist ploy

Hillary Clinton has made the “gender gap” the spine of her still undeclared campaign. It’s a slick maneuver to gin up the votes of women by convincing them they are an oppressed minority. 450 more words


Kids behaving badly? Study offers explanation: You must be an illegal

New study explains insecurities, criminal behavior in children of illegals

Nancy Landale is not exactly a name resonating off lips in Arizona, but the results of her latest study delving into the “special insecurities” and their links to “behavioral problems” of children of illegal aliens recently merited a front page report titled, “Fear of having a parent deported may increase risk of behavior issues.“  328 more words


AZ legislator Anthony Kern’s bio lacks kernel of truth

First term state House member Anthony Kern (R-LD 20) has neither a bio nor photo accompanying his legislative member page.  Those omissions make it easier for the newcomer to misrepresent himself. 142 more words



The party was going in full swing thanks to the excellent organisation of the Chief of Spies.  Everyone was having a whale of a time, happy, relaxed, inhibitions loosened by the subtle combination of great food, divine wine, intoxicating music, and for the chosen few, subtly insinuated drugs. 289 more words

Fiction - Tales Of Unwise Paths

Education or divisive, anti-American indoctrination in TUSD?

Tucson Unified School District and AZ SPI Diane Douglas form odd alliance

The Arizona Daily Independent recently ran this cogent report, “Douglas finds TUSD Ethnic Studies class in compliance… 403 more words


Amnesty deceit: AZ’s U.S.senators compulsive liars

McCain and Kyl brazenly told pre-election lies — Flake later joined the trickery 

Amid the dire news bombarding us from virtually every corner we offer this bit of sardonic levity as we take a trip back in time. 524 more words

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