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An igNoble Sonnet

Hast thou bequeathed thy love to another?
Perchance given thy heart to my brother?
And wouldst thou be so cruel as to leave me
Forsaken of all love as if dead to thee? 109 more words


Obamacare’s newest fans: Oink, oink

A recent news account in USA Today headlining, “Obamacare’s popularity at its highest level in nearly seven years” piqued our interest. We tracked down the survey and found it was conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)  — hardly a passive player in the healthcare industry. 614 more words

Those Dems

Jeff Flake: Reaping what he has sown

As he gears up for a reelection bid, Jeff Flake is meeting with opposition — not from Democrats — but from within the Republican Party. A first term U.S. 427 more words

Those Dems

AZ Republic shovels it for Flake, McCain

There it was blazing across Page One in bold type: “A Changing approach to town-hall events,” with the sub header  Amid Trump backlash, Republicans aim to avoid going viral… 431 more words

Those Dems

“Day Without Immigrants” based on a lie

Illegal aliens are not immigrants

According to organizers, the recent nationwide “Day Without Immigrants” protests were aimed at showcasing the “impact immigrants have on the U.S. 273 more words

Those Dems

Sheriff Penzone puts ICE detainer for illegals on ice

Selling out to Soros equates to selling out the safety of Maricopa County citizens

If liberal Paul Penzone — shoehorned into the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office via millions in cash infusions from billionaire Socialist George Soros — is so proud of his latest policy regarding illegal aliens, where is his… 375 more words

Those Dems

McCain’s latest "bipartisan" effort to hamstring Pres. Trump

Still hallucinating that he’s president, John McCain is working feverishly –with a contingent of Democrats and a couple of Republicrats — in an effort to pull the rug out from the man who actually… 333 more words

Those Dems