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Laurie Roberts: The "kook" pot calling the kettle….

Right on the heels of a column earlier this week “Brnovich not the guy to investigate APS-Corp Com links” in which Laurie Roberts actually sounded like the investigative sleuth she purports to be —- she reverts back to her infantile “Kook” name calling. 301 more words

Those Dems

Jeb a sure loser for GOP: Reject Bush imperial dynasty

The Sunday news programs parade a panoply of potential GOP presidential candidates, giving each their obligatory sound bites followed by analysis by the panelists gauging their viability. 352 more words


An Argument With Me

Random Psychopath Analogy :
“Yo. Can I only get a couple of ho’s in my video? Cause it’s mostly about me.”

“Ho’s ruin my usually smooth demeanor.” 85 more words


Wising up: Ivy League students reject socialism

University President says health fee is “for the common good”

Cornell University students are obviously smart enough to know they shouldn’t have to pay a penalty for not buying the school’s health insurance if they already have coverage, but that’s exactly what a new policy at the Ivy League school requires. 375 more words

Hope And Change

Montage of a Liar

Duplicity is all about selfish control of other people to avoid confict that would interfere with your own plans, to have people behave in a way conducive to your own desires, a way they might not behave if they knew the truth. 1,689 more words


Breitbart covers AZ’s education standoffs

All dots lead back to John McCain

Breitbart’s Big Government, a premier national news site, finds Arizona’s Douglas/Ducey battle worthy of coverage. The report, Battle Lines Drawn Between Anti-Common Core Superintendent and Arizona Governor… 339 more words