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Popular vote v. Electoral College: Be careful what you wish for

National Popular Vote is unconstitutional

Strong dosages of political showmanship are vying for our attention these days. A seemingly endless parade of presidential candidates, debates, caucuses and primaries take center stage as the crucial 2016 cycle approaches. 352 more words

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"Marcomentum" Another reason to distrust Marco Rubio

Gang Of Eighter Marco magically tries to transform third place into blue ribbon success

In the aftermath of Ted Cruz’ Iowa primary caucus victory, the politicians are hard at work recasting the results to suit their whims. 252 more words

Illegal Immigration

Robert Robb: Forgetful, schizophrenic or seeking job security?

Back in July 2012, Seeing Red AZ congratulated Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb for what we termed “a masterful job of explaining the deception behind the ballot initiative” known as “Top Two Primary.” A link to his entire column is contained in our post… 515 more words


Alex Meluskey revealed as McCain operative?

Self identified “principled conservative” previously registered as PND – Party Not Designated                  

To call the U.S. Senate candidacy of Alex Meluskey a “long shot” is being extraordinarily kind. 288 more words



Day 22

Continue something you were once writing but stopped.

You ask why I’m so guarded why I’ve put chains around my heart.

The real question is how can I not, when all these men only want to make your legs part. 120 more words


Severe storms keep Congress out of D.C.

Weather or not we want them, they’ll be baaack

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has put out the following Important Schedule Announcement, making us think there’s at least a small upside to the blizzards affecting Washington, D.C. 333 more words


AZ GOP passes censures of McCain, Graham

Graham’s parliamentarian rules censures out-of-order

The Arizona Republican Party Mandatory meeting took place Saturday. Elected delegates from around the wide expanse of the state traveled to Tempe to vote for party officers. 524 more words

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