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Team McCain reportedly engaging in ballot harvesting

The corrupt practice of ‘ballot harvesting — collecting voted or unvoted ballots which are then filled out by others who deliver boxes of them to polling places has been exposed to such an extent that the Arizona legislature passed… 417 more words



There are two forces at work in the world today: 1) God is putting things together, 2) sin is tearing things apart.

“That in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are in earth—in Him.” Ephesians 1:10… 833 more words

Poetry: 6 samples within 3 series

Six (6) new poems organized into 3 groupings:   The Truth Series       Sinister Ones     Emotions

In the first grouping, entitled “The Truth Series,” the narrator navigates a path of learning a truth, internalizing the impact and releasing his emotional aura.   77 more words


AZ Republic peddles the fraud of moral relativism

In what is clearly not a coincidence, the Arizona Republic runs two articles a single day apart. Each deals with faith.  Article One, titled, “The Many Faces of One Faith,“ is three pages in length. 506 more words


Politically motivated Judge refers Sheriff Arpaio, aides for prosecution?

Seemingly vendetta-based action timed to coincide with election

Unable to contain their elation, the crew at the Arizona Republic reported on Saturday with bared teeth and an all cap, declaration of war-sized headline, “CRIMINAL CONTEMPT.” The sense is the exact model of the coverage, including the 7 x 7 inch unflattering photo of Sheriff Joe Arpaio was on ice waiting for the judge’s order. 377 more words


McCain colluders Graham, Lynch set to scuttle Trump....& UPDATE

Eureka!  We Found AZ’s Elusive Presidential Electors

Although attempts to locate the names of those representing Arizona’s Republican voters as members of the 2016 Electoral College were dead ends, we finally located the following list.

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It’s time to demand Hillary release her health records

Said to be showing signs of Parkinson’s Disease, a progressive neurological disorder

Many of us who take our first sip of morning joe with the Drudge Report have already seen some concerning reports regarding Hillary Clinton’s rapidly deteriorating health. 233 more words

Those Dems