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If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you’d walk right past Floriana’s nondescript, homey facade on 17th. Ha, just kidding; I knew what I was looking for and I walked an entire block past it. 475 more words

Tiki Taco

Blending Hawaiian food with Mexican is not the most obvious cuisine fusion, but Tiki Taco in Dupont Circle shows that the combination can be dynamite. 339 more words


Lunch at Air Canada's Poutinerie --- 13 November 2018

Well, this was a nice little surprise. Not my usual lunch spot, but irresistible. And fun, despite the hour-long, around-the-block, prime-time wait to get in.* 349 more words


Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, Washington, DC, October 14, 2018 (NSFW)

Thanks to Inktober I’ve been drawing a lot this month. If doing 30+ drawings over a 31-day period isn’t enough, I went to Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School in downtown Washington, DC. 213 more words


Lighting a World Away

The Korean BBQ sandwich piled high with slaw and crispy French onions weighs heavily on my plate. I think about my 7thgrade science class when I first learned about forces. 365 more words

On Hugs

I didn’t learn to properly hug until I was 28 years old. Before this year I was what you might call a chronic butt-out, back-patting “hugger.” The kind that would shoot my backside to the opposite end of the room and sprinkle in a few light pats on the back – lest any intimacy be created between me and the person I was “hugging.” 569 more words

Social Dance