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The Second Worst Thing I Ever Ate

Roy, the owner of one of my favorite blogs:  The Bitten Path, kindly gave me a bag of Durian Milk Candy when I had the great pleasure of meeting him in person in his travels through the United States.  736 more words



Like Cam-Hi (and in soon-to-come entries, Singapore and Penang), I hadn’t been to Taiping since my siblings and I were kids. My strongest memory of that visit is that we stayed at a guest house outside of town. 831 more words


ធុរ៉េនយាយកំពត ធុរ៉េនខុសរដូវ ធុរ៉េនអូវខាក់ ធុរ៉េនណឹងអួយ

ធុរ៉េនយាយកំពត ធុរ៉េនខុសរដូវ ធុរ៉េនអូវខាក់ ធុរ៉េនណឹងអួយ

Life Style

Durian Milk Candy

Today we have a guest entry by my friend and fellow blogger Paul. On his blog he writes about planes, cats and food a lot. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Philadelphia recently where he took me and my friends on a tour of the beautiful historic center. 654 more words


Want to Try Something Weird?

I grew up with two brothers. All three of us have traveled around the world. Both brothers traveled extensively with the Navy. They were exposed to a lot of different cuisines, often involving things they would rather have not known about. 1,552 more words


Don't Mess With Melaka!

Throughout Melaka, Malaysia, there were signs everywhere that read, “Don’t Mess With Melaka.” No context was given, but the slogan stuck with us. Later, after we left the country, we found out that it was part of… 388 more words

Southeast Asia

2/8-2/9/18: Singlish, Singdollars, and other Singaporean things

Singapore in nutshell: uniquely multicultural, ridiculously expensive, and home to a myriad of cool sites to check out in a scorching hot blaze of 80something degree weather. 629 more words