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My Durian Story: It Smells...

“First impression is the best impression” proves to be passé.

Why? Well not only because the photo filters these days  transform a person to a diva within seconds, but also because Durian would never stand a chance otherwise to convince a stranger to relish its soft core. 760 more words

Kampot - short taxi rides and differences of opinion on rooms! - Day 177 - 14 July

Well it was another one of those days where we needed to get up early, throw our backpacks on and ensure we were ready for collection from the hotel for our transport to take us back once again to Kampot, the place that had greeted us with flooding the last time we had visited it! 734 more words


Yesterday went well.

I went to several stores at the town to buy some furniture and a fan for my new room at the kostan (rented rooms in someone’s house). 99 more words


Durian (A tribute to the King) 

Rich flavors indescribable,

A true wild cacophony of nature,

Flavors that fire up your gastronomy furnace,

Seizes your olfactory senses in ecstasy,

As though you’ve gone to heaven… 163 more words


Durian Is Bae

Durian fruit is native to Southeast Asia. It is sold in markets all over the East-Asian world and also imported into the United States and Europe. 122 more words

Nature Photography

【八打灵美食】今年必吃三大神级水果!仙纳果榴莲专卖店(榴莲街) Sinnaco Durian Specialist @ Jalan Harapan, PJ


又来到PJ榴莲街的Sinnaco吃榴莲咯,整家店堆了满满的榴莲,因为8月正好是榴莲产量的高峰期! 43 more words

美食特辑 - 邀约食记