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I’m not really sure how to describe durian.

The Wikipedia describes it this way:

Regarded by many people in southeast Asia as the “king of fruits”,[5] the durian is distinctive for its large size, strong odour, and formidable thorn-covered husk.

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The Smells of Bangkok

Bangkok is a strange and wonderful city. There is so much here to see and do and experience. And smell.

Firstly, one of Bangkok’s most frequented spots is the Chao Phraya river. 676 more words


The multi-layered Durian Cake - China

Fusion: Taking the best of the west and mixing with the east.

Muse of the day: Durian layered Cake… I mean like WTF! That is awesome! 126 more words


Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake - Peony Jade Mother's Day 2016

Are you and your family members durian lovers? And if your mom is a great fan of durian, this might be the perfect gift for her this Mother’s Day (a week away!) – MAO SHAN WANG Durian Cake! 217 more words


A Review of Blend Off

You might think fruit and vegetable laden smoothies have been around maybe two or three decades at most.  But if you consider that human beings will always find every possible way to use a new technology, you’ll understand that the smoothie has been around as long as we’ve had the ability to pulverize gardens into a creamy, frothy liquid. 963 more words


The Pongiest* Pizza is now available in China.

When you go out for a pizza, or order one to be delivered, what topping do you usually choose?

Quattro Stagioni,  Capricciosa, Margharita, Napoletana, or something a little different such as Durian Pizza?      391 more words

An Introduction to Asian Desserts

!!!!MONSTER POST AHEAD! Featuring weird, wacky, and smelly desserts mMmmMmmM!!!!!

Thus far, my blog has not featured any asian-ness (if you discount my asian hands in the photos AHAH) I tend to steer clear of cooking asian food and baking/making asian sweets for a number of reasons. 1,161 more words

Biscuits And Cookies