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Shopping date

Went shopping a while back (last month). Had some delicious dessert and food. Went to Mango Yummy and ordered a durian bingsoo thing! It was so good. 46 more words

Food I Didn't Make

A special durian import from Singapore

I was so happy when JaQ contacted me informing me that she was coming to Hong Kong… and more importantly did I want any durian? 369 more words

Where To Buy

Creature Comforts - Inspired Heritage Food

Click here to catch up with KF Seetoh and what he’s been up too, including details on the latest on his ultimate food guide, Makansutra 2017 edition! 383 more words


Malaysia's twist on durian, the world’s foulest-smelling fruit

Tempoyak is a tribal dish made with fermented durian in Sarawak offering a creamy taste sensation, especially good when paired with local ‘stinky beans’


Weekend binge eating versus a prolonged fast

On the weekend two weeks ago I binged. Let me tell you, friends, it was glorious. The journey started at Spudbar, followed by steamed dumplings before korean fried chicken. 505 more words

Durian - A Dichotomy of Love and Hate

If you have ever had durian or talked about durian with anyone, you’re probably familiar with the contrast of extreme love and hate for this Asian fruit. 227 more words


1 day durian trip at JB

Alhamdulillah.It was a fruitful Sunday indeed.A few days ago,my father was suggesting if I wanna go for the one day durian trip at JB.Of course I had to say YES cos of my love for durian.I stopped eating durian when I was pregnant with my firstborn.So you know how long was that.I did not eat durian at all for the past years only until recently when my aunt brought back durian from her one day durian trip at JB.I had a packet to myself and then I got sick thereafter.Too much of something is no good in fact.So yes,I finally went ahead with the trip with the help of my aunt and cousin to babysit Fariesz for the weekend.Thank you.😀 I brought along my two elder kids,Raiyan and Ariessa and it was fun.The itinery quite boring before we get to eat the durian though.I do not want to spend so much money on unnecessary stuff so on some stops,I decided not to leave the bus.Here are some of the pictures.I would rate this trip,7/10.It was my first going on trip like this.In malay,they call it “ROMBONGAN”.Most of then are makciks;you know like our aunts and grandmothers kinda.They like to go on trip like this actually.The picture below says it all.Haha! 149 more words