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Hot fruits in the tropical

I like tarap and bundu,

I like langsat and bambangan,

I like tropical fruit salad,

I like tropical fruit juice too!

and I like to share them with YOU too…!!! 379 more words

My Favorite Nobel Prize and Why a Flower Beats Any Perfume

Capable of detecting faint traces of smoke, the nose can be a life saver.  Sensitive to esters of fruits and flowers, it can be a source of pleasure. 615 more words


Now Furniture is #JustAClickAway

When setting up a house, other than the necessary electrical appliances, furniture is always on top of the list. Be it a shoe rack or a TV stand, a wardrobe that helps de-clutter or a bed that serves as storage, quality furniture is a must and of course a hard nut to crack. 438 more words

Events, Experiences & Reviews

Travel - Hong Kong & Thailand Part 1

Oh, how much I wish I could be soaking in the atmosphere of the beautiful cities I visited these past couple of weeks. At the end of my second term of university and before summer school started, I headed over to Asia, visiting both Hong Kong and Thailand for a little rejuvenation. 698 more words

Dim Sum

May - It's Durian Season.

I am not a fan of durian.  I don’t mind the smell but I don’t care for the taste either.  Durians have been popping up all over the fresh markets and after looking up the health benefits, I decided to give it another try.   87 more words


Post work durian treat from the big boss 

First and foremost I would like to congratulate all of my PPUKM kakaks and abangs who have passed their part 2 exam. 100% pass woohoo!! 129 more words

Off Work

My Kind Of Fast Food

I don’t cook and I struggle to recall the last time I had a proper home-cook meal. Most nights, I just do take-out from the nearby eateries. 10 more words

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