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Review of the book "The Boy Who Loved" by Durjoy Datta

Overall rating 4/5

This book covers the story of Raghu who fall I love with Brahmi but its-like-a-one-sided for a while but later she too agrees. 52 more words

'You Were My Crush Till You Said You Love Me!' by Durjoy Datta, A Review!

So the next book on my long list of reviews is ‘ You Were My Crush Till You Said You Love Me!’ by Durjoy Datta. 267 more words

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To read or not to read?

If I just go around and ask this question to my friends, it would be incredibly difficult for each of them to give a clear answer, because everyone is busy reading classics, science fiction, Victorian fiction, and so on. 1,185 more words


The Boy who Loved

Durjoy Datta’s “The Boy who Loved” markets itself as a Romance Novel, and has been claimed to be the fastest selling Romance Novel of 2017 (in India). 950 more words


The Boy Who Loved

The only thing you cannot plan in life is when and who to fall in love with . . . 187 more words


Review of the book "When only love remains" by Durjoy Datta

First of all the cover of this book is really very beautiful. As I love books and music , the cover combines both and story too. 82 more words