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Home Bittersweet Home

We arrived home last Sunday. I’ve been holding words for this post in my head unable to write. I don’t know why. I just feel blocked. 541 more words

Infant Loss

Villages in the Wachau Valley

The Wachau Valley is considered the most beautiful stretch of the Danube in lower Austria. It has a particularly mild and localised climate that lends itself to growing grapes for wine, and apricots or ‘marillen’ for liquors, preserves and cakes. 670 more words

2015 To The Balkans And Back

5 surprises hiking in Austria

After almost a month in Italy and having consumed our body weights in pizza, pasta and wine, it was time for something new. So without a lot of thought, we booked a week hiking in the Wachau Valley, Austria. 709 more words


Durnstein ... the pearl of the Wachau Valley, Austria

Today was one of my favourite days.

We docked at Durnstein overnight and I awoke to a lovely view from my cabin. A leisurely stroll along the Danube and there is Durnstein (population 875). 210 more words


Bone Boxes and Ghosts at the Gate

In my recent Viking river cruise on the Danube, we visited the charming Durnstein. Our program director recommended seeing the bone box in the graveyard. Impossible to miss it, we were told. 313 more words


Durnstein, Austria

The cruise from Melk to Durnstein along the Danube was a panoramic fantasy. It is that long sweep of the Danube between Krems and Melk known as “the Wachau” and it is truly lovely, a valley out of a fairytale realm.  326 more words