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Dust 514: From the Ashes (or, rather, Dust)

I discovered Dust 514 a year and a month ago, back when I first came into the world of New Eden through EVE. Back then, I knew not of the complexities of Dust, and had little FPS experience at all. 581 more words

Dust 514

A game dev talks about the Free2Play model

Game designer Jeff Hamilton did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and was asked about payment models:

Welp, this is a big question. I want to make absolutely clear that when I’m answering this question, it’s both well-written and to-the-point.

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More stuff to write about!

I could recount my day-to-day activities on EVE and/or life and have a new post or two every day, but I’m too inconsistent for that and I’ll probably start letting people down eventually. 990 more words

EVE Online

Dust CPM1 Elections: how I voted

Voting was pretty simple; alliance first, then fill with good posters from the forums (even then, I really wanted another couple of slots). Judge R didn’t make the cut IMO he’s good with pointing out problems in his narrow area but doesn’t need to be on the CPM to do it. 25 more words


Layoffs At Eve Online Developer

It is never good to hear that good people who are passionate about their product have lost their jobs but that is exactly what has happened at… 320 more words

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Out of Character: Summer Hiatus

Hello readers….

This concludes Season 1 of “From Man to Immortal” as it is summer time and I am very active with my girlfriend during the summer. 52 more words

Hotfix Alpha: The one we needed

CCP Rattati has struck while the iron is hot, announcing Hotfix Alpha, the next patch for Dust 514.

Dear players,

The contents of Hotfix Alpha are responses to issues that have been identified by the use of behavioral data, and/or raised and verified by the forums and CPM.

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Dust 514