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Dust 514: From the Ashes (or, rather, Dust)

I discovered Dust 514 a year and a month ago, back when I first came into the world of New Eden through EVE. Back then, I knew not of the complexities of Dust, and had little FPS experience at all. 581 more words

Dust 514

A game dev talks about the Free2Play model

Game designer Jeff Hamilton did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and was asked about payment models:

Welp, this is a big question. I want to make absolutely clear that when I’m answering this question, it’s both well-written and to-the-point.

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Eve Online

More stuff to write about!

I could recount my day-to-day activities on EVE and/or life and have a new post or two every day, but I’m too inconsistent for that and I’ll probably start letting people down eventually. 990 more words

EVE Online