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Dust Jackets

The link below is to an article that takes a look at dust jackets and their ‘value.’

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Exclusive Interview with Joy Cohn - 'Trigger Mortis' Cover Illustrator

The rich history of James Bond book cover jackets include such established artists as Richard Chopping, Raymond Hawkey and Trevor Scobie. For Anthony Horowitz’s 2015 Bond novel… 1,050 more words

Dust Jackets

dust jackets continued......

all of the prep and design complete its time to get this project printed. The press of choice is an indigo 7800 digital press. Here is a picture of the one I used. 272 more words


A total side track from Dickens.... book dust jackets

for a good friend, here is my progress on the new dust jacket project. The picture is from the first Wyeth illustrated edition from 1911. Its one I bought and sold (part of me likes to wish I would have kept it for myself) 153 more words


[Reading Woes] Book Prudery

Ever since I started to earn my own money, I always opted to buying hardcovers. Wll, actually, my hardcover fetish started before my cash flow was established, but hey, that is what allowances are for (and for unholy amounts of snacks, as my younger, bloated body would attest to). 276 more words


DUST JACKETS (and how to get them)

IF YOU HAVE RECENTLY PURCHASED A BOOK THAT ARRIVED WITHOUT A DUST JACKET, DO NOT PANIC. This will post help with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have during the process of getting a dust jacket. 649 more words


Exclusive Interview with Artist Trevor Scobie

After a long search of intelligence gathering, Artistic Licence Renewed managed to track down the artist Trevor Scobie, who was responsible for three of John Gardner’s James Bond book covers in the 1980s. 653 more words

Dust Jackets