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Dust storm in Rajasthan claims 19 lives

ఇసుక తుఫాన్.. 19 మంది మృతి


రాజస్థాన్‌లో మంగళవారం సాయంత్రం సంభవించిన ఇసుక తుఫాను కారణంగా మరణించిన వారి సంఖ్య 19కి చేరింది. 60 మందికి పైగా గాయపడ్డారు….. Continue Reading



. . . . not Hoodoo or Whoohoo!

While living on the outskirts of Phoenix I witnessed several extreme dust storms, also known by the Arabic name of… 141 more words


Dust storm engulfs country towns as severe winds lash Victoria and NSW

May 2015AUSTRALIA – RED dust covered much of northwestern Victoria and the west of New South Wales yesterday, making its way into the border city of Mildura, Victoria, shortly after noon as gale force westerly winds culminated with a dust storm. 196 more words
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When Day Turns To Night. Dust Storm In The Middle Of The Day In Mildura.

As I looked around, with the wind picking up speed and strength, the ominous looking red clouds of dust were fast approaching. Caught at work and without my gear, these are a few shots I managed to snap on my phone, not ideal but it gives you an idea of what it was like. 57 more words


Dust from Sahara desert covers sections of the Caribbean

April 2015SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (CMC) – Dust particles from sand storms in the Sahara desert have blanketed sections of the Caribbean, affecting air quality in the region. 225 more words
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Rainbows and Dust Storms by larryreeves

A rainbow appears during a dust storm hitting the Superstition mountain range in Arizona during Monsoon season 2014
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Life in the Real Desert: Riding Through a Dust Devil

Living in the real desert has definitely been an eye opening experience thus far. (Not to mention a chance to clean my cluttered mind of the trappings of too much civilization, which has been an unexpected plus.) Recently the weather has matched my life to a certain extent. 746 more words