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Monument Valley: Painted in Dust

Our view from The View Hotel in Monument Valley afforded us the opportunity to see the weather pass like waves across the monuments. This dust shower swept across Merrick Butte, followed by rain, rainbows, sunshine, sunset, and stars. 137 more words


Four Days in a Cloud of Dust

A personal recollection of the worst September dust storm in Israel’s modern history…

The worst September dust storm in Israel’s modern history—the worst to strike Israel at any time in the last fifteen years—hit Jerusalem early on the morning of September 8th, 2015, the result of “sandstorms raging in the Syrian desert.” The storm lasted an unprecedented four days and began less than a week after Marcia and I had returned to Jerusalem after spending a month in the States. 871 more words


Whether the weather will hold

After nearly exploding my brain last week looking for Hermitage Reserve I thought I’d do an easy topic this week. Like all good country people when looking for something to talk about you can always fall back on the weather. 379 more words

Our new topic - the weather

5G’s new topic is the weather.  We watched some really interesting videos about extreme weather such as huge dust storms, giant hailstones and tornadoes.  We have also been thinking about what we would like to find out during the course of this topic and in groups we generated some questions.  66 more words


Sandstorm Scenes

You may have read about the huge sandstorm which engulfed the Middle East last week, including Cyprus.  Here are some of the photos I took and others on the internet of the sandstorm from the air and also in Jeddah. 116 more words


The Day we got caught in a dust storm

Everybody rejoice and break out the fatted pig – I’m now back in England! After spending a week in Cyprus my skin is sadly far from the chocolate brown I had envisaged before the holiday. 394 more words


That Was All God: Watch a Rare and Deadly SandStorm Swallow The Skies Throughout the Middle East, Halting Violence and Activity

An unseasonal dust storm has swept through the Middle East, blanketing Beirut and Damascus, killing at least two and hospitalizing hundreds in Lebanon, and halting airstrikes in neighboring Syria where five people have reportedly died due to the freak weather. 1,717 more words

End Time Prophecy