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nothing of dust

blowing in the wind

and how it as

and then it was the turning points

and how it wanted

and asked of its own all… 45 more words


The Rains Have Returned?

Wednesday afternoon April 15th felt a little strange. ¬†Something didn’t feel right. ¬†Maybe it was the cloud formations in combination with the wind patterns but something didn’t feel right climatically. 530 more words

Living In Costa Rica

Site Seeing - April 17

Extreme weathering on our models is sometimes criticised as being unrealistic, and to a degree I can understand why many people would say that. But, that is not always the case so long as you have a modelling situation, or photographic evidence to the contrary. 587 more words

Site Seeing

NaPoWriMo Day 16: Rain

starts slowly and pitter pats
against the windowpane
increasing the tempo
to a steady sound of whitenoise
by the occassional flash of light… 159 more words


Tips To Help Reduce Excessive Dust In The Home

Excessive dust in the home can cause a lot of problems. If you are allergic to dust, you will have problems every single day until you get rid of the dust, which is also unsightly to look at. 303 more words

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