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Weekly Focus: Tremonti, Day Five

Tremonti — “My Last Mistake,” from the album Dust (2016).

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A Poem That Could be Better Than it is

Here’s something that I quickly knocked out a few minutes ago.

Probably not that good, but it might be interesting, imagery-wise.


If all I were to do is stay and chat… 87 more words


Album of the Day: Creed's Human Clay

Yeah, they’re the band everyone loves to hate now, but don’t pretend you didn’t know the words to “Higher,” “With Arms Wide Open,” and my personal favorite, “What If?” 26 more words

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The Enid - "Dust"

The Enid is one of those bands that I really like, at least in concept.  I try to hear every album they release, though I do miss some, as I realized tonight.   965 more words

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The Enid, Dust to Glory.

The Enid, one of the most iconoclastic progressive bands have ploughed their own furrow over the last 40 years guided by the individual (some might say bloody minded) vision of Robert John Godfrey, a unique musical visionary who polarises opinion with his outspoken critiques, yet he has driven The Enid forward for the last 40 years and with the current tour being his last hurrah with the band as he steps back and lets the young blood in the current revitalised incarnation take over, I was lucky to catch up with Robert, and Enid vocalist Joe Payne last month before they flew of to Japan, to talk about their latest opus Dust. 3,051 more words

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Damn this Crush!

Why does it hurt so bad?
Why does a crush
Feel like an affliction?

This is terrible.
I almost want it to stop.
But I’m a masochist. 176 more words