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Five-hundred Word Challenge 23: It's cold

It’s cold today.
Really cold.

I’m somewhat glad that my office has air conditioning.
It’s useful as a temporary reprieve but I don’t like how it gets your body used to a temperature that is only going to be temporary. 531 more words


Corralling the Crap

Wow, I never knew how much stuff comes with having kids. It overflows out the front door and into the car. It’s like a tsunami of odd socks, rice cake crumbs, wet swimming gear and old tissues. 410 more words


What is Man?

Dust breathed into life.
The first to breath, to speak.
The first to see the Light.
The first to walk, to seek.

Though God formed Man first, 774 more words


A Bowl

To decorate the higher shelf,

The bowl sits lonely by itself,

It holds the tat you want to keep,

Whilst dust it gathers growing deep.


jealous of the sun

hauntingly, the wind
paints an orange veil of dust
to conceal the sun

Haiku - Poetry

We are not ordinary
We fell out of a star

We were once all hydrogen
Look we’ve come so far

We earthlings are siblings
Fighting many a futile war…

76 more words
Not All Poems Rhyme

Berthold Auerbach

“music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”