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(December 9, 2016): Dust - Loose Goose

K-SHE classic. From the self-titled 1971 debut album, Dust.  In memory of John Glenn, I introduce this tune — the way I did on many, many mix tapes that I made for friends in the 1980s that opened with driving tunes — with the count down for the February 1962 launch of Friendship 7.   201 more words


Reverse Cinderella

Her lips awoke the sleeping city,

So full and pink and pretty.

When the cinderblocks became dust,

She opened her eyes to a world of lust. 24 more words


12.6 Free Write- Just a Little Bit of Dust

I wish that things were not this way and am truly sorry for whatever role I played in my own demise..

I wish I had more to give to anyone Than just shattered little fragments Of the pieces left behind; pieces that don’t even accurately reflect me anymore… 438 more words

The God Who Stoops Down

Reading:                                         Psalm 113

Praise the LORD.

Praise the LORD, you his servants;
praise the name of the L
Let the name of the L…
456 more words


Trending Movie 2016: Ask the Dust

#Trend #iOS Ask the Dust Colin Farrell is Arturo Bandini, a young would-be writer who comes to Depression-era Los Angeles to make a name for himself. 43 more words

Hogsback to Hamburg

After a long run-up of excitement , preparation and anticipation , the weekend arrived …


Friday night, a quick riders briefing, introductions  and we all issued with  awsum “ H to H “  T- shirts   ( Thank you :-) ) 809 more words