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Ghost Trees — The New Gravity (Future Recordings)

The best jazz duos thrive on familiarity, when their component players have finely honed their instinctual rapport into a psychic lingua franca that, by process, leads to alchemically conversational works.

Dusted | May 1, 2015



our dusted handprint
upon a pistol
purchased for hurt

-William Leed-


The Sonics — This is The Sonics (Revox)

Once years ahead of their time, The Sonics now sound just a bit antiquated.

Dusted | April 9, 2015

Album Review

Contact High (Some Kind Of Movement)  

deliberate yet delicate

your presence

like yesteryear’s presents

unwrapped and bare and open and soiled

more, more, more with the fire-fight that’s just not ‘right on’ but who gives a shit when it’s vaguely winnable… 76 more words


Somewhere in the Night (1946)

What if you woke up one day to find that you couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, and—even worse, perhaps—had no idea who you were? And that when you set out to find out, you opened up a can of worms? 2,174 more words

Dusted Off

A Dusted Review: Atria by Jessika Kenney (March 27th, 2015)

Washington state native Jessika Kenney has the most important quality needed for a westerner exploring musics from far-flung cultures that are intrinsically different to the one she was born into: she has a knack for homing in on the emotional core of each song she explores. 525 more words

Music Journalism

A Dusted Review: The Ark Work by Liturgy (March 19th, 2015)

Black metal fans can be a prickly bunch. I was once verbally taken to task by a BM-er(can I use that?) for professing an admiration for SUNN O))). 625 more words

Music Journalism