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Comic Review: Gideon Falls #4

The Background-

Gideon Falls is one of the best new books on the comic shelves. More and more readers are starting to pay attention to this strange little series and it is quickly gaining mass popularity. 565 more words


The Power of a Clear Trajectory in Descender 30

by Spencer Irwin

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Descender has a sense of trajectory unlike any other series I’ve ever read. 508 more words

Spencer Irwin

Descender - Pure Sci-Fi Bliss [Review]

Descender (2015 – ongoing, Image comics)

By  Jeff Lemire Dustin Nguyen

On a long quest to find new and fresh SF comics to read, I stumbled upon… 900 more words


Short Cuts 29: Paper Girls Vol. 3; Descender Vol. 4 - Orbital Mechanics; Lucifer Vol. 2 - Father Lucifer; Nailbiter Vol. 5 - Bound By Blood

Paper Girls Vol. 3
Brian K. Vaughan, writer; Cliff Chiang, artist; Matt Wilson, colors; Jared K. Fletcher, letters
Image Comics, 2017

This collection opens with KJ awakening from a vivid nightmare, only to realize that she is still stuck in the prehistoric time period where we last saw the girls. 716 more words

Vertigo Comics

Peanuts: A Tribute To Charles M. Schulz (October 2015)

Peanuts: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz. “Over 40 artists celebrate the work of Charles M. Schulz.” It says so right on the cover. And… 670 more words

Paul Pope

Comic Review: Descender, by Jeff Lemire

Volume 1: Tin Stars

In a world where our grasp of space and robotics-based technology is rapidly accelerating, where a robot has been granted citizenry and an international gateway is planned for the moon, stories that blur the line between what we know is human and what we perceive as such become more and more relevant. 644 more words


“Singularity Aftermath: The End” (Cyborg #18 Review)

Anomaly and his cybernetic army are destroying Detroit! Cyborg, Exxy and Black Narcissus unite to defeat him once and for all.  But their final battle with Anomaly takes an unexpected twist Cyborg will never see coming!

1,726 more words