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Times Change, But People Never Do in Bryce Carlson and Vanesa R. Del Rey’s Hit: 1957

This March, BOOM! Studios will the debut of the next chapter in Los Angeles’ violent past in Bryce Carlson and Vanesa R. Del Rey’s Hit: 1957… 204 more words


Batman 39 review

While trying to decide which third comic to review this week, I noticed that I haven’t posted a full review of a comic from Scott Snyder’s Batman series since 2013. 595 more words

Comic Review

Detective 866 - Dick Grayson solves an old case

Denny O’Neil, Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs relate a decent one-issue tale, of a mystery that has puzzled Dick Grayson for many a year.

Dick Grayson is Batman in this story, but Bruce Wayne has returned.  200 more words

DC Comics

Detective 852 - Hush impersonates Bruce Wayne

Hush stars in Detective 852 (March 2009), as the villains take over the various books this month, as part of Faces of Evil.  The story, by Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, is also part of Last Rites, stories set in the immediate aftermath of Batman’s apparent death. 184 more words

DC Comics

Detective 846 - Hush returns

Dini, Nguyen and Fridolfs launch the five part Heart of Hush storyline in Detective 846 (Sept. 08).  This is part of Batman RIP, which is not a storyline so much as the grab bag title for the final storylines of the Bat-books before the character’s apparent death in Final Crisis. 188 more words

DC Comics

Detective 845 - the chat room

Dini, Nguyen and Fridolfs conspire on a decent mystery in Detective 845 (Aug. 08).

There appears to be a new serial killer in town, after a number of apparently random murders. 223 more words

DC Comics

Detective 844 - the secret origin of the new Ventriloquist

How do Dini, Nguyen, and Fridolfs handle Bruce Wayne getting shot at point blank range as the continue the story, in Detective 844 (July 2008)?  Lamely.  338 more words

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