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Pomp And Sunscreen

Welcome to another exciting Monday edition of…. what, you don’t think it’s Monday?  An extra day off?  What are you, fucking special or something?  OK, just trust me… today actually is Monday, and you’re getting another long lost earworm whether you like it or not straight from the Victrola shrine we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive.  441 more words



Happy Monday to everyone out there!  I hope you’re ready to get your earworm on, as it’s time to blow the cobwebs off another fantastic 45 that deserves another play from the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  490 more words


Dusty goes to the Doctor

We knew that getting a VW van would mean that we would be going on great adventures. Whenever I would see a VW van pic out in the wild or on the open road I had this inner pull, a strong desire to be that person adventuring with that van. 608 more words


Dutch Grandmasters

Turn out the lights, the weekend’s over.  Sorry, Buster, no birthday party for you today (and probably no cards as well)… we have prior commitments with our equine musical staff on Mondays to present another memory and ear jostling edition of the Dusty Vinyl Archive.  459 more words

Dusty Vinyl Archive

Meet Dusty

Meet Dusty our VW van. Dusty is new to us but a 1993 VW camper van equipped with a stove, fridge, storage, seats that fold into a bed for two and a pop-top to sleep two more. 1,280 more words


The San Francisco Treat

I hope you’ve been practicing your best wooden shoe dance over the past seven days, because you knew The Nest was gonna be blowing the cobwebs off another great lost hit from the land of the Zuiderzee this Monday in the Dusty Vinyl Archive’s three part tribute to obscure Dutch acts that made it big in New Amsterdam.  322 more words


Mystery /r/Scotch Howdy 1 [Howdying Review Series]

A simple man. A simple plan. But things aren’t simple in…

The Howdying Zone.

Subjects: /u/TOModera , /u/Devoz [+32], and /u/zekesgallery [+2]. All mild mannered. 367 more words