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The wind that hike up the hill !

It was a Sunday afternoon in Hulukanda hill near my house. The weather was windy and dusty. I was sitting under a tree and noticed dry leaves of tree scattered around the ground and rustling sound of blowing wind whispering in my ear that its a sound of seasons changing. 25 more words

A Dusty Wang

It’s so close to Spring, you can almost hear the robins chirping and the possums returning to Capistrano.  Well, we’re gonna temporarily add a little more sweet music to the soundtrack of the season because it’s Monday!  462 more words


Spring cleaning needed?

Monday 12th March 2018, 10.45am (day 2,391)

A profoundly uneventful day, spent entirely at home, working, with grey light. Time to poke around in the dusty corners of the house to get a usable photo — and to be thinking that maybe it was time they were made a little less dusty.

Daily Post

Playlist: Today's Blooming Sounds

A new selection of blossoming tunes for you to enjoy. We’ve put together ten brand new tracks for you to listen to from our weekly rummage around SoundCloud. 72 more words


Missouri Loves Company

I’m sorry if you were under the mistaken impression that we were going to turn our calendars a day forward and skip Monday this week…. it doesn’t quite work like that, yet.  363 more words



Love thrown around as a bag of sorrow limbs,

tears to broken taking form of the thrashing storm,

sit in the dusty, solid amber chair and ponder… 99 more words