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via Daily Prompt: Guilty

Anyone who has owned more than one dog in their life will tell you that at one point they owned “the best dog in the world”.   544 more words

Continental Breakfast

It’s time to go on our weekly Monday expedition into the lost pyramids of music history and seek out that eighth wonder of the world… that buried tomb of cursed songs we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  377 more words


Light My Fire

Moping because the weekend is over?  Well, I guess you could switch to having a midweek weekend like I have… or assuming your boss is one of those old fashioned people who don’t believe in working on days that start with an S, maybe The Nest can at least make your Monday a little cheerier.  507 more words


May 13th

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

I know I said I’d start limiting the personal images, but it was dusty today.

If you live, or have lived, anywhere with a clay-based outdoor riding arena, you understand the significance of that statement.  315 more words

Another Reason to Not Let the Contractor Prep the Walls for Paper

Folks, please do NOT let your contractor or painter “prep the walls for wallpaper.” They simply don’t know how to remove wallpaper properly, and they don’t know what is required to prepare the surface for the new paper. 434 more words