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Guyana: "Guyana guarding against Dutch disease — Jordan assures"

AS Guyana prepares for oil production in 2020, Finance Minister Winston Jordan has said it would have to guard against the Dutch disease by using economic and financial policies to prevent any major appreciation of the local currency. 315 more words


Workers' remittances and Dutch Disease in Bangladesh

By Mamta B. Chowdhury & Fazle Rabbi.

Workers’ remittance is one of the major sources of foreign exchange earnings for Bangladesh in recent years. It accounted for 12% of GDP in 2009 and has colossal socio-economic implications for the country. 170 more words

Dutch Disease

The state of Pakistan`s economy

This document taken from the State Bank of Pakistan`s website shows the total debt situation of Pakistan. The total debt (domestic and external) in Pakistan has grown exponentially over the last 4 years as a result of extensive borrowing strategy of the current government. 773 more words


A few words about professor Rwengabo’s last report, or the Bayesian rectangle of reality

My editorial, from Amplepuis, France

I am in one of those moments when things to write about just pop up around me and I have trouble to pull it together coherently. 1,789 more words

2 dangers/opportunities  posed by a
space-age economy.

Christopher Werbos, Space Renaissance USA Intern, Economics Student
Approved by Space Renaissance USA

Civilian development of space carries with it a plethora of benefits. 2,052 more words

ECON+ Interview With Otaviano Canuto – Natural Resources Abundance: Blessing or a Curse?

Otaviano Canuto, Executive Director at the World Bank, once again is with ECON+ to continue this series of interviews on the global economy. This time, we tackle the topic of Natural Wealth and its perception of either being a blessing or a curse. 229 more words