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 Negative consequences arising from large increases in a country’s income. Dutch disease is primarily associated with a natural resource discovery, but it can result from any large increase in foreign currency, including foreign direct investment, foreign aid or a substantial increase in natural resource prices. 250 more words


the Lucky Country, the Dutch/Detroit disease and the Middle East

lucky countries

where is Wikipedia when you need it?

The original “Lucky Country” was Argentina.  As I googled the term before writing this post, however, I found no trace of a link between the name and the South American agricultural giant. 399 more words


A small-town story of the resource curse

A decade or so ago, Kathu in South Africa’s Northern Cape province was little more than a quaint mining town with a fantastic golf course. Supported almost entirely by the nearby Sishen iron ore mine, no one had expected that the town would change remarkably in the coming decade. 701 more words

South Africa

Why Is Brazil's Economy In Dire Straits?

‘The Rot at the Heart of the Brazilian Economy… Its struggles with corruption aside, the Brazilian economy also suffers from its disproportionate dependence on one fragile market: its own. 318 more words


Dutch Disease, Nauru and Diabetes

“The author points to the impact of what he called Dutch disease, where the discovery of found wealth from a particular commodity causes a culture to atrophy with respect to work ethic and broader development. 629 more words

Canada has "Dutch Disease" from Conservative gov't over-focus on oil

“Dutch Disease” is described as a country’s short-sighted over-emphasis on one economic sector and neglect of others. Canada was ruled by the Conservative Party under Prime Minister Stephen Harper for a decade until 19 Oct 2015. 110 more words

The oil price shock is affecting Nigeria badly

The economic feature of the last 18 months or so has been the lower oil price and as time has gone by the much lower oil price. 1,517 more words

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