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Dutch Harbor Adds New Boats, Still Unavailable to Public

A new boat, a “skutje,” has been added to the list of boats available for viewing at Dutch Harbor. As with all of the craft created by Bandit, Boss, and the Mesh Shop, the craft is a high quality and unique product. 87 more words

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Dutch Harbor Secret Shop

A “Dutchie” has sent us this photo of a secret shop near Dutch Harbor where Bandit Boat is handcrafting an IF sailboat. They also sent some photos of other projects at the location, including the Boss 665, a houseboat, several freight carrying vessels, and an unusual hull. 18 more words

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Mesh Shop Launches Luxury Skiff

Dutch Harbor – The Mesh Shop has launched a new luxurious skiff at Dutch Harbor, and recreational boaters are already talking about it.

“For diving you need Feral’s RB,” said one Water Activities Coordinator at a Blake Sea resort, “but for cruisin’ and smoochin’ Mesh Shop’s gotta nice ride!” 14 more words

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Dutch to Umnak by Plane

From my trip to Unalaska February 2016

The morning of my second glorious day in Dutch began just before dawn at the Grant terminal where I met my friend and pilot Chad who had a scheduled flight to Nikolski on Umnak Island at 10:00 am. 289 more words


Sun & Fun in Dutch Harbor

February 1st, 2016

Dutch Harbor (also known as Unalaska) has long been on my list of places to visit. Last summer we had considered a summer trip to Dutch and Umnak (the island just past Dutch) but decided to wait till we had someone else to fly down with. 1,063 more words


Puerto Ricans are being offered minimum wage jobs…in Alaska

When the Financial Control Board lands on Puerto Rico next month, and “recommends” a minimum wage of $4.25, the US will provide some helpful alternatives. Boricuas can be cops in Camden, teachers in Texas, and grape pickers in Gainesville, New York. 210 more words


Mesh Shop Releases New Boat!

The Mesh Shop is celebrating (right now, with DJ) the release of a new sailboat at Dutch Harbor. The anticipated sail craft has sleek, competitive lines with features of a luxury cruiser. 19 more words

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