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Mesh Shop Releases New Boat!

The Mesh Shop is celebrating (right now, with DJ) the release of a new sailboat at Dutch Harbor. The anticipated sail craft has sleek, competitive lines with features of a luxury cruiser. 19 more words

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Pic o' the Day

A visitor to Dutch Harbor (link at right) submitted this picture to us with the caption “Parking or Embarrassment?”

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Giving the Finger

Giving the Finger: Risking It All to Fish the World’s Deadliest Sea
Scott Campbell
Lyons Press, 264 pages (hardback, 2014)

I am a sucker for a good book about a way of life, especially when tied into a biography, which is my preferred reading material anyway. 464 more words

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GTFO Replaces Shadow Club, Ravers Rave Over It

Partygoers are looking for new spots after the Dutch Harbor Shadow Club was removed for a GTFO trading facility (see links for GTFO info) and a dock for Analyse Dean’s latest creation. 10 more words

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Flying Shadow Club Voted "Best Sunset Club"

The Flying Shadow Club at Dutch Harbor has been voted as the best place to watch a sunset and have a drink, according to Sunsets Us, a travel and entertainment magazine. 33 more words


Construction at Dutch Harbor Reveals Tunnel Network

Recent construction at Dutch Harbor has revealed a tunnel network under the shopping complex with a number of surprises. Waterbank News sent their new intern into the tunnels to investigate. 163 more words

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GTFO Enters Alpha; Bandit Boats Puts Out Beautiful Boat in Preparation

Seen here at Dutch Harbor (link) is another gorgeous creation from Analyse Dean, the Luxe Motor. Designed for the upcoming trade system, GTFO (link) which is currently in Alpha, the Luxe Motor is intended to carry freight to selected ports. 39 more words

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