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Construction at Dutch Harbor Reveals Tunnel Network

Recent construction at Dutch Harbor has revealed a tunnel network under the shopping complex with a number of surprises. Waterbank News sent their new intern into the tunnels to investigate. 163 more words

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GTFO Enters Alpha; Bandit Boats Puts Out Beautiful Boat in Preparation

Seen here at Dutch Harbor (link) is another gorgeous creation from Analyse Dean, the Luxe Motor. Designed for the upcoming trade system, GTFO (link) which is currently in Alpha, the Luxe Motor is intended to carry freight to selected ports. 39 more words

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Dutch Harbor Photographer Wins Award

A Dutch Harbor local won an award for a photo of the Marie Celeste, a beautiful recreation by Analyse Dean.

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Dutch Harbor Entertains Unusual Request

Dutch Harbor, the shopping and boating center of the Blake Sea area is entertaining an unusual request. “It’s not the first time the suggestion box was stuffed with this one,” explained one of the Dutch Harbor office staff. 207 more words

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Powerful Alaska Storm to Rival Strongest on Record

By Renee Duff – AccuWeather

A potent storm that will cross the Aleutian Islands of Alaska this weekend could become the strongest recorded storm to impact the region. 114 more words

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Sepph Outfits Waterbank Charity

A Waterbank charity has purchased lines of Sepph fashions for auction. The clothier is known for their pragmatic and fine leisure lines, as well as accessories. 28 more words


Missing Reporter Search Turns Strange

The story of the Waterbank News reporter who went missing in the Blake Sea now has a strange twist.

“We believe that he was kidnapped,” said a coast guardswoman who refused to be identified. 55 more words

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