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Dutch Harbor Improvements

Dutch Harbor is also undergoing improvements with a new berth for the Mary Celeste, a ferris wheel, and a dedicated dockfront for GTFO freight.

Behind the scenes Bandit Boats and Boss Craft are collaborating to finish up the next boat in the summer line up, a houseboat packed with options.

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Bandit Boats Sends Out Teaser for Multi-Mast

The long moored Mary Celeste may be up for sale soon according to a recent teaser sent out by Analyse Dean (link to teaser). The ship is well crafted and wind powered. 6 more words

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Bandit / Boss Boats Releases 460!

Pictured here in pure white, the new Boss 460AK is a boater’s dream with more features than any other boat manufacturer. Well crafted and beautiful you should really demo her to see what she’s got. 18 more words

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Dutch Harbor Makes Commitment to GTFO

The port and sailing center of Blake Sea area, Dutch Harbor has made a large scale commitment to the GTFO freight protocol with a set of buildings on its western waterfront. 16 more words

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Boss / Bandit Boats Release Imminent!

Boaters everywhere are trembling with excitement over the news of an immanent release from Bandit Boats (aka Boss Craft) which is said to have an unprecedented number of features. 81 more words

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Mesh Shop and Bandit Boats Prepare New Products

The long docks at Dutch Harbor aren’t long enough.

Only a week after the release of Ocean Beach (Buy at Dutch Harbor)(release party photo link) 107 more words

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Release Party at Dutch Harbor!

Wednesday is the release party for the newest Mesh Shop craft, an intricately modeled catamaran sailboat with luxury features. Join the festivities on Wednesday and try out the boat.

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