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1916 World Series Revisited Red Sox vs Robins-Games 3 & 4

10/10/1916 @ Ebbetts Field

Carl Mays vs Jack Coombs

Robins Beat Mays For 1st Win In Series

Ivy Olson’s full name is Ivan Massie Olson… 2,092 more words

World Series Revisited

Making Your Characters Unique

We’ve given our character looks, goals, a motive for the goals, we know what role their are playing, now, how do we make them unique? It not that hard to make a character unique. 552 more words

Riding with the Wind, ’14: Knuckling Under

Their names were Roger Wolff (34), Mickey Haefner (32), Dutch Leonard (36), and Johnny Niggeling (41), and they were a unique group.  Early on, Rick Ferrell (39) must have thought they were the four horsemen of the apocalypse, bringing all sorts of bad things with them.  460 more words

Jays Talk

Elmore Leonard's split image

Guest post by Charles J. Rzepka

Aside from family and friends, only devoted fans widely read in Elmore Leonard’s fiction were likely to understand why the children of a writer famous for his gritty, violent, and profanity-laced prose would have asked that, after their father’s death, donations be made in his memory to the… 1,148 more words

For Everyone

RIP, Players Falling Off the 1931 Ballot

Once again we’ve reached the time for those who such things as the fake death of baseball players who have all already been dead for decades to celebrate the passing of some of baseball’s not quite elite. 1,130 more words

RIP, Obituaries Of Players We're No Longer Considering

Elmore Leonard, 1925 – 2013

Author Elmore Leonard has died. He wrote 50 novels and left out the parts readers tend to skip over.

“Elmore Leonard: A Man of Few, Yet Perfect, Words,” Janet Maslin, … 104 more words


#RIPDutch - A legend in his time.

I know it seems pat, and trite, and quite possibly the worst kind of hollow hipness to have emotions about the passing of a celebrity you’ve never met. 1,298 more words