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Well I'll be (amster)dam

That’s right folks, if you couldn’t guess from my awful pun I was in Amsterdam this week!

Yes, that is the city with prostitutes in windows, legal weed bars, an assortment of cheese that would make anyone lactose intolerant, and most importantly stroopwafels! 741 more words


Boerenkool: Food with Memories

Is there a particular dish or food you grew up eating that you always loved? Do you eat it now, and it brings back memories? Maybe it was a special cake that you got on your birthdays, or a dish that your grandma made for just the holidays. 837 more words

Old Paramus Reformed Church

Old Paramus Reformed Church has a rich past. The congregation was formed in the year 1725. During the American Revolution, the Paramus Church was the site of a Continental Army military post for four years during which clashes between American and British forces took place. 82 more words

365 Days In My Hometown

Is learning a language like building a house?

One of the metaphors I hear most often, is that language learning is like building a house. Your words are the bricks and the grammar is the mortar holding it all together nicely. 763 more words