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Bump on a log

Bump on a log. I have sat for days, zombie-like, in front of my computer or the tv, not really hearing much, not really seeing much. 1,078 more words

International Publisher Spotlight: Rubinstein (The Netherlands)

From the Rubinstein website:

For over 30 years Rubinstein has been working with love and attention, expertise and craftsmanship on beautiful, often book related products. Rubinstein was founded in 1985 by Maurits Rubinstein as a publisher of audiobooks. 164 more words


My experience living in the Netherlands as a student

Hey guys, continuing on our travel theme, today I will share with you my experience with the Netherlands. I’ve been living in the Netherlands for a while now and I think I could sum up my stay here pretty well. 931 more words

10 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam

It’s Faraway Friday! Today I’ve got 10 reasons to put Amsterdam on your “to go” list. My sweet husband made yet another of my life-long travel dreams come true and whisked me away for a weekend at the Tulip Festival! 891 more words

Afrikaans Speakers Learning Dutch

Iā€™m writing this one specially for my fellow South Africans here in the Netherlands. Specially the new ones. Now not all South Africans speak Afrikaans so this one is only for the little handful who do. 1,065 more words


Beauty review: I Heart Make-Up Chocolate Vice Eyeshadow Palette

Hello sweethearts! It’s been a while since my last beauty review (or blogpost in general, actually), but no worries! I’ve been trying to set up my own little business as an allround stylist. 310 more words


Some loot boxes may violate Dutch gambling laws

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Loot boxes are a controversial element in modern gaming. These virtual boxes ā€” which you often have to buy with real-world cash ā€” offer random items to be used within a title. 346 more words