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Sylvia Kristel, 1952 - 2012

Sylvia Kristel, actor, born 28 September 1952; died 18 October 2012. “There can be few film actors so closely associated with one role as was Sylvia Kristel – the sexually adventurous housewife in “Emmanuelle” (1974).The Guardian.

Vintage Swimsuit

Saucy Satire from the "Fin de Siecle"

Political satire in cartoon form has a long history. Most readers have heard of Punch and many have heard of Gilpin and the other Eighteenth Century British artists. 58 more words



Beatrix is a variant form of Viatrix, the feminine form of Viator meaning “voyager, traveler, wayfarer”. The name was later changed to resemble Latin  41 more words



Michael is a male name meaning “who is like God?”, a rhetorical question implying there is no one like God. It comes from Hebrew Mikha’el… 92 more words


Living in Bruges - Learning dutch

Belgium has three official languages. Living in the north of the country – you speak Dutch, living in the south – you speak French, living close to the German border – you speak German. 858 more words


What not to eat in the Netherlands

If you’ve already read, “How does the Aussie cross a Dutch Road?” you can probably understand the world of pain I go though every day just to get to the supermarket.  1,294 more words


Language of Flowers

Saturday, 4/15/17

We got on the bus to Keunkenhof and took about 20-30 minutes to get there. OMG we were stuffed into the bus. I don’t usually like the smell of flowers but lately… OMG it was sooo nice~~ I understand why people like flowers. 127 more words