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Whatever it takes

I am too anxious to count victories or pat myself on the back. Too future-fixed to do more than just write.

It amazes me how my mind can decide ‘do whatever it takes to stay calm’ and within 10 minutes the same mind is telling me ‘boy, you’re weak if you have to resort to that right away’. 1,019 more words

Lay it out

I didn’t ask. I laid it all out. I’ve been wanting new music for years now, and I searched online… The new CD is still expensive, but I can pick up their first for only ten euro, and I like some of the songs on that album, so I’m gonna get that.  1,066 more words

Rachel Ruysch: Spring is in the Air.

Rachel Ruysch, Flower Still Life, 1706.

             Still life paintings in which elaborate, luxurious, cut flower arrangements dominate the imagery were in the 17th century referred to as flower pieces. 661 more words

how she deals with the big news

I got questions how Sky reacted when we first told her that we’re going to move to Spain.
Well, she cried. Long and harrowing.
And we hugged her, without words. 335 more words

Het is weer zover.

Het geluid van een cirkelzaag.
Luchtige vliegtuigjes.
De demping is weg:
Het leven wordt zacht
opengereten door
een ontdane hemel.

Vliegen, meeuwen,
Merels, mezen,
Knoppen, krokussen: 94 more words


Rijstevlaai - Rice Pie

Rijstevlaai is another Dutch recipe. It’s really popular in the Netherlands, and there are even specialised shops for vlaai (literally “flat cake”). It was my first attempt, but according to my expert tester it was an 11/10, so I feel safe to share it. 525 more words