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Dutchsinse - 5/06/2016 -- Earthquake Forecast -- West Coast under pressure + International Unrest brewing -



We appear to be in for a slightly bumpy ride this week when it comes to international earthquake activity.

Additionally, the United States has a new warning zone off the West coast for the next 7 days, as well as the interior Southwest of the USA. 133 more words

4/04/2016 -- Earthquake Forecast -- West Coast USA to Asia -- Volcanic + Seismic Unrest

Source: Dutchsince
April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016 – This earthquake forecast covers the United States, Europe, Asia, the Pacific, Central + South America.

All areas shown in the video are under a 7 day watch for activity to develop in the currently “silent” areas adjacent to the large movement which has taken place over the past 48 hours. 413 more words


2/08/2016 -- Mount Ontake-San in Japan major steaming -- Eruption concerns growing

Source: Dutchsinse

Japan Volcano Watch: February 7-8, 2016

Mount Ontake Volcano now giving off smoke and steam, a larger blast could be imminent.

News breaking on this last night out of Japan, but for some reason we have a ‘hush hush’ by the main stream media. 60 more words


1/29/2016 -- West Coast / California BACK TO BACK Earthquakes (M5.0 + M4.9) - Craton EQ Watch

A noteworthy series of earthquakes has struck off the West coast of the United States, along the Gorda Escarpment off the shores of Northwest California. 85 more words


12/19/2015 -- California Alert -- Methane Eruption at FRACKING operation - Climate Consequences - Dutchsinse

A Video from Dutchsinse

More information here on an industry that, like many today, is deliberately concealing the truth from the public. Read, listen and be informed. 483 more words