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Montana Shakes + Old Faithful Warning

Taking a random check of some helicorders there is this big activity at Dillon, Montana. It could be mining but at 1 a.m. who would be doing that? 30 more words

Seismic Activity

1/21/2015 — New MASSIVE lava flow in Hawaii being ignored by officials — Why?!

Aloha Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days, but over the last week Kauai’s been hit hard with volcanic “vog” brought here by the tradewinds, many local residents have been hit hard with respiratory problems – including “yours truly”. 478 more words

Earth Changes

Dutchsinse - X1.6 Solar Flare - Earth Directed CME ( Coronal Mass Ejection ) - 11-8-14


Multiple views of the Earth directed X-class (X1.6) solar flare, and associated Coronal Mass Ejection which occurred late on November 7th going into November 8th 2014. 19 more words

Worldwide - Earthquake Activity is Way Up

A global surge of great earthquakes from 2004-2014 and implications for Cascadia

“The last ten years have been a remarkable time for great earthquakes. Since December 2004 there have been no less than 18 quakes of Mw8.0 or greater – a rate of more than twice that seen from 1900 to mid-2004.” 76 more words

Seismic Activity

10/22/2014 -- Dutchsinse - Ecuador / Columbia Border - Two Volcanoes could erupt at once -- Last eruption 160,000 years ago


Breaking news out of Colombia South America into Ecuador.

Full website post here with links to more information on both volcanoes:


Scientists are monitoring two dormant (borderline extinct) volcanoes along the Colombia / Ecuador border. 83 more words


Dutchsinse - Super Typhoon Vongfong - Seen From Space 台風


NASA has released HD video from the International Space Station (ISS) showing the impressive size of Super Typhoon Vongfong, in the West Pacific. Footage from October 8th into 9th 2014. 37 more words

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