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Child care is over the top in Australia. Children need to be brought up by their parents. It is altogether too much for people to give birth, them thrusting their children at agencies, including child care, early learning centres and schools to bring up. 297 more words


Clinical Cooperation 

As a therapist it is my job to provide help and advice to improve the condition of people who visit me. Osteopathy, being a holistic practice, should consider all aspects of a patient’s presentation when treating and advising. 472 more words

Chronic Pain

Starting up, have you thought about...?

So the New Year is a month old and you’ve decided to start up on your own, good for you! Whatever you decide you want to do, though there are certain things you should never ignore or overlook if you want to succeed. 539 more words

Employment Law

Man bites dog

You would expect law enforcement candidates (and the people teaching them) to be compliance hawks.  Not.

“Cheating Found at Police Academy,” The Wall Street Journal… 48 more words


Do employers have a duty of care when choosing pensions?

The shadow pension secretary Alex Cunningham has tabled an amendment to the Pension Schemes Bill which could clarify whether an employer has a duty of care in choosing a workplace pension for its staff. 627 more words


Parent Companies and the Duty of Care

One issue that repeatedly arises in corporate law discourse is the extent to which a parent company can be liable for the acts or omissions of its subsidiary. 748 more words

11 January: Open Heart, Open Mind II: A Nasty Piece of Work.

No apologies if I’ve told this story before; but it is good to start the year with an open heart and open mind which I certainly needed to one year. 242 more words

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