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Part 1 Changing Trend : The Traditional Psychological Contract


The remarks of here are my own personal opinion. I not not profess to be an expert. They are food for your thoughts. You are entitled to accept, reject or ignore them. 1,783 more words

At-will Employees

A Policy for Touch

The hottest potato on UK Piano Forums within the last couple of weeks has been the issue of using touch in our teaching.

One good thing to come from the discussion has been the reminder that UK professional associations usually have 

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Music Education

Just sayin'

Many Australians are outraged today.

The news of the shooting of an Australian woman in the US, outside the Minneapolis home she shared with her fiancé and future stepson is causing puzzlement, wrath, incomprehension, sadness, and yes, … 477 more words

Top tips for managers on stress in staff

Team managers have an important role to play in promoting the positive mental health and wellbeing of staff

Source: Top tips for managers on stress in staff


The Care-taker

The Caretaker or janitor was a familiar figure in apartment blocks until recently. Their demise has coincided with the advent of outsourced facilities management. Listening to the National Association of Fire Door manufacturers calling this morning for a single accountable person for the fire safety of apartment blocks got me thinking of what we’ve lost. 665 more words


Cyberattacks, revisited

It’s Groundhog Day.  Or becoming a dog-bites-man story.

“Cyberattack’s Fallout Fuels Scramble,” The Wall Street Journal, June 29, 2017 B3. A ransomware attack through Microsoft Windows hits Maersk, Merck, WPP, and Rosneft, among others.  61 more words



This column was published (with abridgment) in the NT Suns on June 20 2017.


We need to be very careful that the development of young children is not detrimental. 376 more words