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Gerry Ayres on International Workers Memorial Day

On the evening of 28 April 2016, (Australian time), Professor Mike Behm of North Carolina, Ciaran McAleenan in Ireland and others coordinated an online discussion about the importance of International Workers Memorial Day (IWMD).  575 more words


Why do I need a legal team?

Most business is carried on through legally binding contracts between suppliers and clients or customers. Every contract entered into carries an element of risk, often if not always, in the language of the agreement. 379 more words

Commercial Law

Enterprise liability in China

A qualified hospital advertises on an internet site, leading someone to get care at that hospital.  He dies.  There are complaints about the efficacy of the care provided.  79 more words


A CEO's duty

A CEO has the duty to abide by the company’s charter and, for a for-profit company, maximize the economic returns to the shareholders.  And comply with the law. 112 more words

Business Case

General duty of care

General duty of care

In the case of Donoghue v Stevens 1932, Lord Atkin stated that;

‘You must take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions which you can reasonable forsee would be likely to injure your neighbour’. 213 more words

Caribbean Judiciary

How to establish a claim in negligence?

In order to succeed in establishing a claim in negligence , the claimant has to satisfy the following requirements:


The govt must be held accountable for Hamid Kehazaei's death

A man in Australia’s care is dead, and the public servants who made it so need to be held to account.

Source: The govt must be held accountable for Hamid Kehazaei’s death