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Local Hedon firm - Helping local authorities understand Memorial Responsibilities

HEDON based memorial masons, W.P Everingham & Sons Ltd hosted a special meeting in the Council Chamber at Hedon Town Hall in August to help local burial authorities to understand their responsibilities within their burial grounds with regards to memorials. 145 more words


If you think your boss is a “slave driver”, think again.

Something we tend to overlook in our day to day affairs, but slavery still does exist in the world and most people would agree it needs to be eradicated once and for all. 423 more words

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Yes, we have no bananas

Who has what duties to whom with respect to information?  Can the CEO or major shareholder present false information to the Board in order to profit at the expense of the other shareholders? 88 more words

Business Case

EMS – You Can Never Leave

Last thing I remember I was running for the door

I had to find the passage back to the place I was before

“Relax,” said the night man, “We are programmed to receive… 685 more words

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The poker face: doctors- why you have a duty of care to put your patients minds at ease.

I’m so fed up of doctors and nurses who lack social skills and and have what I like to call- poker face!

Radiologists: I know you’re not allowed to diagnose breast cancer on the spot, but be mindful what you say. 375 more words


Waller v James [2015] NSWCA 232

This Court of Appeal decision concerned allegations that parents of a child born with an anti-thrombin deficiency (ATD) were not advised of the hereditary aspects of ATD and that had they been advised they would have deferred undergoing IVF until they could do so without risking having a child with ATD. 520 more words

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