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A Charter Too Far

A “Scions” Flash Fic

Captain Semplar’s aversion to risk and his affinity for a simple life had limited the Occasio and her crew to the most mundane and, frankly, cheap contracts available. 1,351 more words

Jack B Anthony

On Duty: Private Security Companies and the Threshold Element of a Negligence Claim


Imagine the following hypothetical.

The owner of an ice rink, where a famous figure skater trains, hires a private security company. The owner’s main concern is that the rink has become overwhelmed with onlookers. 3,721 more words

Day 22: The party is over

I am back on duty from Monday so I guess the party is indeed over. The work will still be from home so this series is not ending but I did feel a bit sad when I first heard the news. 100 more words


There Are Scapegoats in Every War

Such a strange war. Not against another people but against ourselves. Fighting each other over food, suspicious when someone walks too close, wary of everybody, even our neighbors. 113 more words

Opportunities in this Pandemic

Each day the news seems to become more serious and the cases and deaths from COVID-19 continue to mount. I don’t want to take away from the gravity of this situation. 893 more words

The Christian Duty of Fasting: 2. The Outward Fast

Dr. George Downame
The Christian’s Sanctuary, pp. 18-29

Thus we have heard that the religious fast is a solemn exercise of religion, to be undertaken of us, when we are humble suitors to the Lord, upon some urgent occasion. 4,096 more words


Captain America #251 (November 1980)

This issue and the next are a return to traditional superheroics after the presidential diversion of the last issue as two classic villains—at least one of them beloved on this blog—team up to face Captain America, who continues to adjust to his new life as Steve Rogers, freelance artist, with new friends and neighbors in his apartment building in Brooklyn. 863 more words

Captain America (title)