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Lead The Way

The Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents (iACT) is a not-for-profit career development center that offers training to underprivileged youth from marginalized areas of Karachi for better career prospects. 289 more words


How Dare You

So, you thought it was appropriate to deface monuments in our nation’s capitol, eh? You must be very proud. And your parents. They’re probably beaming with joy at your actions. 942 more words


677 Parents 

Patents means combination

of father & mother with

different responsibility.

It is highly responsible

& prestigious roll of life.

We take it very causally

the roll of parents. 126 more words


A Child's Duty

Children’s duties: (These five ways in which a son or daughter should minister to his mother or father)

1. Support them with four requisites-food & drinks, clothing, shelter, and medication- (Bhato vā no bharissati)

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Bhagavad Gita from a scientist's perspective

Robert J. Oppenheimer, ever heard of this name? I’m sure that a lot of you might have read about him in your science or history text books. 828 more words


Living As Though There Is a Tomorrow #20

Finding Direction:  The Importance of Choice 2.2.0

Could moral Decay be useful?  Could moral Growth be a problem?

It is not wise to be too simplistic about a question this complex and intensely human.  289 more words


5 Things To Know About Jury Duty

     I’ve got jury duty and I can’t wait!  Said no one ever (except maybe lawyers who almost never get to serve on a jury).  You have just received your jury summons, making an already bad day worse. 29 more words