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I found Nietzsche in Antigone (!!!)

Antigone is a play about the protagonist, Antigone, who demonstrates idealized familial responsibilities through her actions. The main conflict arose when Creon declared that no one shall bury the invader who is also Antigone’s brother, Polynices. 146 more words

Practicing Philosophy

An Italian Mother's Call of Duty

Some families go to the park, the beach, take vacations together or go to a nice restaurant. Not my family. We go to weddings. There are no ifs or buts about it. 1,950 more words


My personal view on the light of God

My Father show me it’s time
You shine a light in all your splendour
Your light shines through your son
You gave Him charge
Charge of everything… 48 more words


Bring Them Home (poem)

“Bring Them Home”

by Waldo Bayley, Bush Poet

Fifty years ago our troops were sent to war,
in a country called Vietnam.
The folks back home despised us… 197 more words


a Chain

I am torn
between South and North,
between Yes
and No… I
would slip by them but there is
a chain on my neck.


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The strongest is never strong enough to be always the master unless he transforms strength into right and obedience into duty.

~ Rousseau

Mind Your Business!!

This is a story from Hitopadesha.

In ancient India, there lived a washerman, in a village. In those times, people used to give their clothes to  washermen, who used to take the clothes to the river, wash and dry them and give it back to their customers and earn their livelihood. 491 more words

Indian Tales