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Don't Forget Them

Don’t Forget Them

It’s so easy to forget why
you sit without them today.
Something about the way they move
melts all the bad away. 337 more words


5 Warning Signs for New Relationships

In isolation these warning signs may not set off any alarms bells, however if you can relate to one or more of the signs listed here, it… 22 more words

Domestic Violence

Dear Reader

A victim. A phrase commonly used to describe an unfortunate soul who finds themselves in an unfortunate situation, normally out of their control. A murder victim. 599 more words


Giving Away Your Worries

One of my kids has really been struggling with feeling afraid and anxious when she has to see her abusive father.

Her parents are currently divorced and she only has visitation once in awhile, but this girl saw her father being physically abusive to her mom. 237 more words

Domestic Violence

Messages in Lyrics: Taylor Swift Edition

One of the most popular artists currently is Taylor Swift. She started off country, turned pop, and is now a super star.

Her life is no longer private and millions of people look up to her. 258 more words

Domestic Violence

Don't Be an Angry Bird!

One of the most popular games my kids used to talk about was Angry Birds. My brother and dad played this a lot, so I’m familiar with it and I was scrolling through pinterest one day when I got inspired for an idea for group. 299 more words

Domestic Violence

Do Not Go Quietly Into The Night

There’s something just not right with that girl. Its in the eyes.

Talk lately is gravitating towards what will happen in August? I’ve read a lot of comments over the internet, and people think Johnny Depp will settle out of court with her. 723 more words