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Crew Call for Short Film "Dirty Dishes" [Baltimore, MD] #filmcrew #casting

Posted June 23, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: Dirty Dishes is about a dispirited 1950’s housewife who desires a life outside of her home, but must first confront her sink full of dirty dishes. 398 more words


I told you this would happen...

At the time I was conflicted.

An insurmountable amount of antagonism asphyxiated me.

I was delirious then.

A hollowed out shell of the human being I once was, barely any resemblance left of my once true form. 589 more words

Everyone focuses on the wrong word...

4:34 Surah An-Nisa
But those from whom you fear arrogance – advise them; , forsake them in bed; and , strike them.- Sahih International Version… 166 more words

I've been watching this race on TV for 3 straight years now and its time to change the fucking channel.

OK! So, here are a few things that have happened to me and a few things I have learned on my journey to recovery from an abusive relationship and trauma. 1,122 more words

Thoughts on things and other random ideas 

Salvation isn’t for everybody.
Sometimes you’re lost in something. If you have some sort or moral compass you’re able to identify when something is bad for you. 367 more words


I admit to having some unhealthy unresolved resentment about my relationships.
My first husband was promoted because I did most of his homework while he was at work. 437 more words

Embarking on Chapter III

We can’t believe it’s already been nine months since our Chapter II exhibition took place at Islington Arts Factory. Since then we have been busy preparing for the next step of our journey and are delighted to announce that Chapter III of our workshops have begun! 235 more words