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She held the boundary for as long as she could and then caved. Her eight year long fascination with him subsided into a temperate love affair punctuated by flurries of drunken fists. 34 more words

#MeToo, but now what? // blog post

Call me jaded, if you will, but as soon as #MeToo began to spread across my social media I simply rolled my eyes.

It felt like another worthless social media exercise; a feminist bandwagon we all jump on and then slowly but surely abandon. 893 more words

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so recently there has been this trend of posting me too on ones fb or twitter wall if you’ve ever been sexually assaulted or harassed especially if you’re a woman to possibly give a sense of the magnitude of the occurrence. 231 more words


“You always adjust” was a phrase my mom said to me often. I remember feeling so surprised to hear it. I was never very close to her and still am not. 254 more words

So much new stuff I can't even title

So the children have been doing pretty good. I had first conferences and all are fine academically.

I am grateful they don’t need me to breathe down their necks right now because I am in my third month of math class and sometimes it is hard work- it can eat up a lot of my time. 581 more words

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My Rearview Mirror

I was ten years old the first time I asked my mom to leave my dad. I don’t know how it feels to stay, because I left at every chance I got. 365 more words

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