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Poetics : Coming back

Hello everyone and welcome to poetics. Hope you are doing good.

In my city, the winter is slowly fading now. This year, we had a rather sporadic winter. 518 more words


Listen to Your Mother--dVerse Poetics

Listen to Your Mother

I smell the stench before I reach the shore—the scent of loss, of greed. Death surrounds me, enfolds me in his unrelenting grip. 211 more words


Front Row Pew

lined up in our Sunday best

in the front row pew

shiny and silent

plastered with smiles

our broken souls

lacquered behind

picture perfect veneers… 136 more words


Predator--dVerse Poetics


I prey upon the weak, the unsuspecting;
I stalk them in the dark or fading light.
I strike when they’re unsheltered, unprotected.
Until they taste such fear, such all-consuming fright. 94 more words


believe in light--dVerse Poetics

believe in light

when clouds roll in, obscure the face of light,
erase all trace of blue and blackest night,
cover the earth with crystal flakes of snow— 297 more words


Welcome, Sister Death--dVerse Poetics

Today, Bjorn is hosting dVerse Poetics and asks us to reflect on Peace. My mind went to death, perhaps because I’m currently reading Joan Didion’s “The Year of Magical Thinking.” From there, I thought of death’s I’ve witnessed over the years, many peaceful, some only after a struggle…then I remembered St. 231 more words


early monday morning

early monday morning

at first light, i fall into demi-
wakefulness, cover naked flesh
with wings of want.
inside, within a holy place
a sacred secret swirls… 169 more words