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dVerse Poetics - The Spouses

Kim is our guest prompter today at dVerse Poetics (kim@writinginnorfolk.com).  This is her first time hosting for us!  She is asking us to write about, being, the spouse of someone famous, hopefully, someone dead so no libel.  271 more words


Blue Skies Tinged with Gray--dVerse Poetics

Blue Skies Tinged with Gray
a Sestina
Iambic Tetrameter

This morning I painted my world in blue,
dreamt of new days beneath brilliant clear azure skies… 472 more words


dVerse Poetics: Blue

De is our pubtender today over at dVerse.  She is prompting us to write about blue, the blues, sad blue, happy blue, blue jeans, blue bayou, blue plate special, the hues of blue…blue! 151 more words

General Poetry

The Unbelievers - dVerse Poetics

Many don’t believe that I have

fears, worries, concerns,

that I panic frequently,

count the ticking of the clock

eyes wide open

in the darkest, empty, least-forgiving hours. 182 more words

Creative Writing

Consume - dVerse Poetics


brilliant, headache-inducing light,

piercing my retinas

until they disintegrate, are no more

than piles of ash on the floor at my flailing feet.

Words and pictures, 217 more words

Creative Writing


Ralph Lauren Polo

heavily scented

on your

adolescent neck

as I nuzzle closer

our young damp

hopeful skin

sticking eagerly

to each other

in the humid… 55 more words


Making Scents of Memories

Today for dVerse Poetics, Grace invites us to “drizzle your poems with fragrances.” I find this my most favorite sense to slip into both prose and poetry because it so easily accesses memories. 180 more words