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Blooms Against the Darkness

Light may leave the background dark.
Blooms look brighter where
The background makes a blacker mark
So colors blossom there.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics… 38 more words


Who Are You? dVerse Poetics

Who Are You?

Stand in pregnant darkness
beneath a wind-stripped ash tree;
look up at emptiness.

Wrap yourself in a cloak of wonder.
Soak in mysteries of unknowing, 48 more words


Is the Sun Conscious?

What we believe about someone
May not be wholly true.
We calculate the outside stuff
And measure till we’re sure enough,
But when we think we’re finally done, 95 more words


Mask Over Mask

I wear a mask to hide from you
Since you would not believe
The mask I wear below that one,
The one you can’t perceive. 60 more words


Autumn Prairie

Whatever comes to cool the air
And make the greenless leaves descend
And make the clouds seem strange up there
I welcome as a smiling friend… 54 more words


Inside the Refrigerator

Half a cabbage, shadowed low and deep,
Wrapped in plastic took its chance to grow,
Stretched its leaves, awoke from cabbage sleep
Near cheese forgotten also long ago. 88 more words


Spicy Memories

Certain words fondly nudge
memories of making merry
On a house boat;In the river
Meandering across villages
No more than ten homes big,
serving the best toddy… 57 more words