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dVerse Poetics - Everyday Poetics.

Today, Gabriella wants us to celebrate our “everydays” in poetry. We write poems for grand loves, loss of love, big occasions, but these poems are our everyday – our morning coffee routine, our drive home from work, our bread making day….I have posted several of these classic haiku over the last few days because they are about my everyday and the joy in the beauty of those days. 129 more words


春雨 shun u (gentle spring rain) tanka

Today at dVerse Poets is Open Link Night – we post any of our poems we choose to without a prompt. Come join us!

Spring Rain gently taps… 22 more words


Widow--dVerse Poetics

The chill in the room seeps into her bones,
while sweet-pungent scent of chamomile and honey
offers little comfort.
In the corner, a thrift-store lamps sits on an antique table, 80 more words


白桃Hakutō - 黒竜Kokuryū White Peach – Black Dragon

For dVerse Poetics today, Claudia is asking us for poems with layers – like part of a symphony or intricate painting or the layers of an onion. 417 more words

General Poetry

A Petition to a Not-So-Long-Lost-Friend

As I sat and pondered the prompt for this week’s dVerse Poetics, absolutely nothing came to me. My care-giving responsibilities seem to have alienated my muse who I have neglected for want of time. 152 more words


Poetics - Vocation or Call

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.”

― Parker J. 609 more words


is there not a correlation between the fragile and the beautiful?

when i hear the sound of pouring tea
i remember her—
the beauty of a love well-lived
cached ‘neath cascades of wrinkle lines
and scars. 59 more words