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Autumn Schmautumn

Autumn Schmautumn

The only colored leaves I see are going to be faux,
for autumn never visits in my part of Mexico.
In fact, those piles of autumn leaves are far back in my past. 175 more words


This is a haibun for Dverse Poets – today the theme is water…

I stand on the corner, waiting for the bus, rain or shine.  Today it has been raining all night and I have to skip around the puddles as I cross the road.  70 more words

New Zealand

Our Mother, Cloaked in Silence (Daily Post and dVerse Poets Rhyme Royal)

Our Mother, Cloaked in Silence

Although she was our portal to the world,
with little pageantry we laid her down.
No trumpets blared, the flags full mast unfurled, 79 more words


A response to D’verse poets to write something that ignores the rules of grammar – so freeing…

out leaving full stops
over easy but commonly needing… 44 more words

New Zealand


How dark is the darkness
that takes away sense
and memories of light?

How dark is the darkness
that devours what was
what is, what will be? 181 more words


Nosy Mortal Monologue

Nosy Mortal Monologue

Why is our living just part of our dying
and why must our failures be part of our trying?
Who made up this game and who’s throwing the dice? 105 more words

Experimental haiku


dusted sill

­- blue swallow


uncalled for –

no. just no!

Image copyright Kristjaan Panneman


In response to: imagination-without-limits

Having written the first, I realised the prompt so wrote a second. 9 more words