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The Cuckolds of Honeysuckles


Out! come the Honeysuckle,
to meet Amorae;
the lovers, called Cuckolds,
among the array.

A wild child, these Pixies,
white petals at play;
where stamen, their venom, 70 more words

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Tall Tales: Apocalypse Now


O Beautiful Morning!
Hast thou no warning?
An imminent Doom
Lies up ahead?

Some Trouble is coming,
A horrible storming;
Blue, white and gold… 160 more words

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Tall Tales: The Anasazi


There once was a time
A long time ago
Where once was existent
A New Mexico

Where people were different
Like those of today… 59 more words

Poetry - The Stuff Of Life

Sin City

the devil lurking behind her back

stalks the pious angel front and center

tallies up her external good deeds

slashes them with his scythe of internal desires… 76 more words



…and bearded ladies
will suddenly swoon,
one by one
as they break into bloom.

…and all by mid-May days!
late ones in June.
But then these late ladies… 79 more words

Poetry - The Stuff Of Life

A Demon Eclipsed the Sun

Though the sky was blue

A demon eclipsed the sun

from my view

My vision skewed

From childhood’s dock

I would sit and brood

While others swam… 133 more words


Where I'm Comin' From

Where I’m Comin’ From

Look back at the burbs
White enclave; promise of the GI Bill
Manicured lawns, manacled wives who
drank a dram during the drudgery of… 187 more words