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Super Powers

Super Powers

In our wider world of pomp and dollar,
somehow power makes us smaller.
Distracts us from the metaphor
of what a super power’s for. 90 more words

Super me! (as in the verb)

The superhero, Black Panther,  is getting rave movie reviews. When I was young, I idolized the Lone Ranger. Today, Marvel characters such as The Hulk, Spider Man, and Thor have great mass appeal, as does Wonder Woman. 296 more words


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Every situation, every human relationship contains a number of possibilities. No person could guess them all. When we are too hasty in our judgements and our reactions, we cut ourselves off from all of those potential realities. 22 more words

Jar of Hearts

Jar of Hearts

When I came into the room
the bookcase, too heavily laden by far,
had tipped and spilled our picture to the floor. 72 more words

horizon line

clouds racked
above a pause in pale blue
time – horizon line


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It’s about time one sits on top of the ash heap and not buried in it. Ashen, sure. It was hard work digging oneself up and out. 274 more words



stone stacked – the earth’s imagined corners reshaped, flecked blue. Blue and green gray, ochre-stained mentality. Historically presumed spectral. Leaving the cave for …

turning, filing… 10 more words