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cup tilts, spills,
shatters on the kitchen floor
– absence expanding

summer’s ever green resumes
its whispers beneath the breeze

Linked to Frank J Tassone’s… 10 more words



the vessel holding
twelve tears (ago) – countered love
– the hours drip by



Doors lead to doors
I only enter with trepidation
what’s in store
behind the door
Hope is my pray’r.

I am not a seer
I could not count all the costs… 154 more words


Calling All Poets: Hosting Tonight's Poetry Prompt at dVerse

Hey friends. What do you say we forgo the madness of shopping deals and instead head on over to dVerse Poet’s Pub for jazz night? Cos tonight at the best online venue the “tempo goes up, lights go down” as we channel our inner Harlem cool cat, beatnik, or sultry sax soloist playing the subway stations of an anonymous city. 70 more words



The rock beneath
gives firmness to my steps
when trees are bending
to the storm

the ground may shake
and hollow out the sand
from nearby cliffs… 21 more words


Jester: dVerse Poets Pub, Nov 15, 2017


These tipped-up lips of wide renown
of the world’s most famous clown
are but pigment and not the man.
We know him not, for no one can. 97 more words

Blue Dreads

-By Linda Lee Lyberg

Her thoughts were like a kaleidoscope

Full of flowery patterns and colorful shapes

Her hair hung in dreads of cerulean ropes… 52 more words