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An Encore (10/23/18) of Triune Journeys: a #writephoto #haibun

It could be a path between fields in the backcountry of Portugal’s Trans os Montes. Or a trail across the frontier between Mexico and the American Southwest. 139 more words

Haiku Community

Journeys - Tuesday Poetics

Welcome to dVerse, the poets’ pub. It’s Sarah here, your bartender for tonight. Come in and enjoy yourself!

So tonight I want to travel with you. 393 more words


End of the line

This is a bit of a rambler, and not exhaustive either. A poem about journeys for the dverse prompt.

It used to be the the terraces of Finsbury Park, 194 more words


Sundays with Me and Paul . . .

Come walk with me . . .
past busy city intersections
into Little Italy,
past salumeris and bakeries too.

Now look up . . . 400 more words


Driving home - poem for dVerse

This road connects us
and divides us
and I drive it like
I’m on a quest

I drive it like
I’m cutting through
a hedge of thorns, 123 more words


Shortcut to work

When winter is deep
and water’s transformed into ice,
the road that we shortcut to work
might seem for you an adventure,
for us it is normal. 106 more words


I love the time of day when all is still…
The early morning, crisp, and cool, and wet,
When somewhere far away the sun’s just set.

177 more words