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Darkness Falls on Westminster

Pilgrims of democracy
Alight ‘twixt London’s spires,
Cameras flashing souvenir snaps;
Cursed moments pass,
Shattering the peace,
Awe displaced by shock.

A lone wolf paints terror, 80 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: It Is Easy Being Green

It is still cold in the mountains and new life begins to show within the tree line. The scent of pine is so fresh in the breeze and promises a new beginning. 91 more words

River glance

Meek and nearly sunless the stripe of river
when summer all but fills the backwaters
Oaks overcast a few fixed-focus fishermen
who cast below their piscine hopes with flies… 79 more words

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On her knees, she reflects on her days up to these moments of her life. Say what they may now – she has earned this. The slurs of her heritage were a weight heavily carried on her back.   163 more words


dVerse Poets Quadrille: Silent Spring

Silent Spring

The best thing to remember to relieve a snowstorm’s sting
is that when there is no winter, there can’t be any spring.

And yet I must admit to you, I have not any qualms… 14 more words


The fair was in the centre of the racecourse

and every Easter we’d beg our parents for pounds

while Granddad clambered to stand on the back of the 4×4… 274 more words


Lyrical wax

blossom’s such a cliché
like Mona Lisa adorning toffee tins
many a march literature steals
on green ink  purveyors of Spring poesies
but when sticky buds vault into verdant… 21 more words

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