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on ice

buoyed yet not
simply afloat

a lone dry branchlet
contours catching sunlight

held quite fast
by the midnight frost

deep shades of slate
and the thinnest of pond crust… 25 more words

Short Thoughts

Vacant Birdhouse

My response to dVerse Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft poetry prompt.

I used this image to inspire a poem I posted back in October and have used the original poem as a springboard into Imagism. 31 more words



I have never liked the way rust feels against the skin.

Shards of old paint curling and collapsing

beneath the press of tiny, grubby fingers… 85 more words


Bluebell Wood

In the woods there are houses

and bricks like broken teeth,

pockmarks in the bramble thorns and climbing ivy,

vines like fingers, tucked in deep on walls… 103 more words


Quadrille According to Lewis Carroll

My response to Björn Rudberg’s challenge in Quadrille


Alice was acquainted with the intricate rules

Of formal ballroom dancing, particularly quadrilles.

Thus she was not disconcerted, bewildered or bemused… 37 more words



And then, you would call
when no one at all
would least of all
     expect it.

And again, complain
– again, the same – 183 more words

Poetry - The Stuff Of Life

The Words [An Ovillejo]

Caught up in this old jumble of paper and ink

I find… I think …

some thought or story half forgotten over time,

words taught to climb…

131 more words