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Memories From The Playground

At primary school I learnt how to skip.

It was one of those games

that didn’t require someone else

to hold the rope,

unless you wanted them to. 36 more words


NaPoWriMo Day Fourteen

Taken By Shadows

This thing carved you out of yourself bit by bit,

shaking us from your mind like loose change

to spin and skitter away from the person we knew.

212 more words


Where the moon meets the sea

there are pathways of silver,

mapped out on the ocean

like needlework seams.


with the waves at our heels, 86 more words


Walls and Doors - Haibun

The first thing we taught each other, was how to close doors in the other one’s face. How to stack the bricks just so, mortar the cracks, keep the lines level. 203 more words


Lost In A Storm

We sat alone and watched the rain,

examined how is sliced diagonally past the windows

and saw it exploding off the tarmac like flowers bursting open. 47 more words



I still see you in that morning shimmer,

low across the fields,

tangled in the coils of mist

rising slowly off the brook.

I watch until the sun burns it away… 55 more words


Evidence - Octain for Dverse

Footprint cast in hardened mud

Bits of grass, side-stepped glass

This way she came, did she pass.

Walked away, the dearly beloved –

Journey’s tale significantly veiled; 47 more words