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Rush Hour

The sun, the moon, the stars and heavenlies
Observe the short-lived running round and round
For fame, for pow’r, for gold and vanities—
What passing shadows for which men are bound.
88 more words


The Chocolatey Heart

Tucked in the crisper’s corner
Sealed in a takeaway box
With the hotel’s compliments
A chocolate heart which once enclosed
Our wedding night’s candies and sweet romance… 189 more words


the jar is ajar

unkindest of karmas
a girl growing full of curiosity
hidden with the forbidden
just an apple or a sealed vessel
– if worlds tilt on such equations… 36 more words

Writing Challenges


Hope is the music we still hear
  When the singing has long ceased.
Hope is the sunlight we still see
  In the moonbeam rising east. 80 more words


In the Depths of Midnight Realms

Silent thoughts in midnight realms amble towards lucidity
And even if they reach consciousness,
by journeys long and weary,
expression will remain miles away
Among heavy hearts and… 62 more words


This one's for you!

We just celebrated two birthdays in our family which got me to thinking about birth-days. I had a friend who sent her mother a birthday card, on her own birthday. 481 more words




I have given up on oatmeal, overdosed on kale.
All these faddish food taboos have gone beyond the pale.
I do not count my calories, my glutens or my carbs. 301 more words