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Cradled in my arms,
Heartbeat echoing mine
Resounds with my most
Impeccable of joy. O,
Save my melted heart, you
Tiny little dreamer.
I’m drenched and drowning like… 55 more words


This Is Not Weakness

Will you still love me

when I got nothing but my aching soul

Lana Del Rey – Young And Beautiful

I take pride in my independence.

338 more words


Chromatic conjurer by night
vivid sights for flight and fright
cryptic signs in lust’s designs
guessing games of who entwines
shape-shift scenes, expectant pause
door to door down corridors… 41 more words

Writing Challenges

Back In Time

Some nights I dream I’m back at school,

stomach crawling up my throat

while I wait

for the hall to open its doors,

and swallow me whole. 58 more words


An Apology

I’ve been carrying your shade around

and I think I need to apologise.

I’ve been keeping you closer these days,

tucked between my umbrella

and the notepads, 112 more words


[Haibun] Fragile than wings

A few days ago, in the middle of the night. My sister woke me up, unintentionally, with her ranting. Though on the hindsight, I cannot call it a rant because the softness of her voice only kept it as a mutter. 377 more words


DVerse Players: "Shade" The Tile Layers

The Tile Layers

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The Tile Layers

The tile cutter on his knees whistles “Fur Elise—”
five measures over and over—all day with no surcease. 749 more words