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Photos so neatly arranged in albums
tell the story we want to remember
of life, of love, of laughter…

The problem is:
the photos are staged. 74 more words


Shadow of a Queen

Sometimes I want to go visit the Queen-
A shadow of brighter days.
I realize my life is much more than it seems,
And try to reclaim the ways… 22 more words



The service was so beautiful;
Communion cups were passed.
And from the light we saw that day,
The bond was sure to last.
But in the haze of drunkenness… 29 more words


Taking Flight

If only those with feathers fly,
Then why do airplanes cross the sky?
And why are kites allowed to soar?
There must be something… so much… more! 67 more words


The More Strings Change

I changed my guitar strings today. It wasn’t “time.” I mean, they weren’t dull-sounding, frayed, rusted, or going out of tune. In fact, they sounded great! 84 more words


Two Clerihews

Yogi Bear, for a pic-i-nic basket,
Always took and didn’t ask it.
He saved ol’ Jellystone, I heard;
So guess “forgiven!” is the word!

Pippi, Anne Shirley, Annie so free; 46 more words


La Sierra del Dragón

Perhaps it’s true that this side of remembering
rose lighting shines through spectacles
but I recall few pinks amongst those sandstone steppes
purples yes -in the heather and iris gardens of Castile… 158 more words

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