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Science and Politics at the Redneck Bar

Science and Politics at the Redneck Bar

It’s easier to talk than think,
especially when you’ve had a drink
or two or three or six or seven. 330 more words

Grey Changes with the Tides--Haibun

We’re driving to the shore. Charcoal clouds drift and grow, and the day grows darker. All the rough lines and divisions between sea and sky are feather-brushed into one scene of blended grey. 130 more words


Winter’s Grey and Sparkling White

Saturday afternoon the snow started slowly. Being warm the flakes became thick. I started my walk catching some of it, missing most of it. I am not aware enough to be aware of everything. 104 more words


Thinking Of You

My Great-Grandmother did not turn grey in her old age, she went white instead. The photos of her in younger years are tinted sepia to the point where I’m not sure what colour her hair once was. 226 more words


Along The Corridor

There are doors in my head too big for their frames.

Winter came and I learned that wood swells when wet.

Some have seized on their hinges, too fat to budge, 71 more words



Say their names slowly–

remember each life lost, now

tolled in hopes and prayers

by those who have forgotten

love, embracing greed instead

This is a tanka for dVerse. 6 more words



Bent sideways on his bedroom bench
the way a tree gives permanence to prevailing winds
backpack pillowed beneath blanket disguise
on the verge of last night’s puddles, tiptoes anchored… 29 more words

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