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How Are You Feeling Today?

Lillian here….happy to be hosting Tuesday Poetics.

Are you happy, energetic, depleted, nostalgic, burned, bewitched, bothered and bewildered? Feel like you’re in a rut? Well today, I invite you to get your groove on! 425 more words


5. Taming the bull

after the capture comes this watershed
‘though there are no fluid feelings or sylvan streams
just a slither of liquefaction in red rage on hard rock… 182 more words

Writing Challenges

Swans down

Messengers from the hyperborean regions
bearing winter on their backs they seek the South now
bright beacons of beak pulse in whitewash formations
carved from Icelandic births, theirs an arrow-headed arrival… 115 more words

Writing Challenges

Little, Little People

Little, little people
In grandiose crowns
On lofty pretexts
Fuss over peanuts
For monkey business.
Valets for jargons,
Boot boys for papers,
Footmen for gossips, 57 more words


the crux

Sometimes the West door is sealed
cameras secreted where gargoyles scrutinize lead rooves
people disbarred – or lured by coffee aromas
vegan buns and picnickers in pews… 38 more words

Writing Challenges

A Mad Dog’s Eyes

Stare not at a mad dog’s eyes,
Lest you expose his frightful guise
And rouse his rage to take the plunge
Of snapping at his juicy prize— 72 more words


In the Depths of Midnight Realms

Silent thoughts in midnight realms amble towards lucidity
And even if they reach consciousness,
by journeys long and weary,
expression will remain miles away
Among heavy hearts and… 62 more words