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In my sky at twilight

en mi cielo al crepúsculo eres como una nube*

In my sky at twilight you are like a cloud
the bloody blot on the landscape of how… 161 more words


Hidden in the Dark

When I am gone, you’ll wonder why

Having no idea what’s inside

Cuz you never saw all my fears

And you never saw any tears I hid with lies… 220 more words



I took my heart and soak it with tears

Put it in a box along with the fears

Buried it deep in the soil of despair… 27 more words


Falling Into You

Into you I fall


And every day

I find that I adore


In every way

The way that you smile

The manner of your laugh… 91 more words


Octopus jamboree

eight limbed pussy in limbo
dances at the shipwrecking seas
on-set of adventure by tiptoe
in the hold; to reccy the car
goings on of the lost… 77 more words

Writing Challenges

dancing in the wind (haibun)

The sun is smiling today.  There is still an extra hour of bright colours before I am forced to retire to the  gloom of old church dorms.    203 more words


Lost Love-Dying Heart

Leaves floated like feathers, slowly sinking to the sandy ground like hope in a failing heart. The wind whispered a silky voice, taunting and teasing over the pastor’s murmur… 222 more words