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Haibun: Circle Of Love

As the tide flows out to sea the sandbar feels soft and forgiving. My heart leaps before I do and all sound disappears while I sprint away on a cloud. 106 more words

Haibun: Frozen Footsteps

Last week’s footsteps look so fresh on the frozen path where our paws leave no mark. The warm glow of the morning sun welcomes us like long lost friends and in this silence I feel like coming home. 181 more words


Say ‘night-life’ and picture where the wild things
hunt along surreptitious byways
or flip a coin and scan a panoramic London vibe
the gatherings that drink and chink in luminous offices… 118 more words

Writing Challenges

November nativity

Seals lumber ashore now
birth places bitterly contested in biting winds
matings too – bloodied blubber gives vent
milky pups fatten on the eternal teat… 31 more words

Writing Challenges

In the Garden

He asked me,
“Will you join me
in the garden?”
In turning my head,
I turned away.

He asked me,
“Will you help me
in the garden?” 153 more words


the shrouded garden

sinks it feet in ground
plants itself humble in the words
(da Costa)

There is a garden that enshrouds you
I was there the other day… 254 more words

Writing Challenges

Be on your way

Never look back
Lest your feet forget their going
For sure the sigh will rise
Stick fast in the throat
And force a sob to dissolve… 251 more words

Short Thoughts