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Elemental Blessings

May the clouds that darken your prospect
Spare you from the hot sun’s glower.

May the rain that muddles your footing
Pours also in needed hours. 142 more words


The spot

That summer we became caretakers – just ten days of house sitting whilst friends went in search of some long held hopes and expectations. As for me I did not expect anything other than a break from the city. 161 more words

Writing Challenges

The Stranger's heart

Worlds apart
Heard voices in each other’s head
Tongue tied is the stranger’s heart

Face to face they spoke of art
The mongrel and the thoroughbred… 97 more words

Writing Challenges

Crowd Control


I’ve waited for years for the right words to flesh out an anguish that has hung immeasurably heavy on my heart. As such, to do justice to its gravity, I’m giving this work my first-ever preface. 305 more words


Mind the Gap

A step away
Destinies apart
Chasm between worlds
Negligibly narrow

Colin Lee

A snapshot on my way to work this morning, as prompted by dVerse’s Poetics: And the sign said….


the Pepperers

Nothing to sneeze at
though we grind them down without much thought
yet on such spicy seeds empires were made
fortunes favoured
a school for clever East end London boys* 76 more words

Writing Challenges

The Shaker Set

Inexhaustible sunshine
Intelligently southpaw
Ideas fountained
In technicolor vision
I’m pepper—the cheery soul

Square like a box
Stealth like a fox
In gloom I think… 75 more words