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the arsonist

what can I say?
we must talk in whispers lest they hear
the walls here have fearful ears
I saw seared tongues sip sinew and bone… 147 more words

Writing Challenges

Love nest

A kind heart is the hardest thing to keep;
besides the bird that beats and flutters to the left
a gaping hole appears – sickly self-centred it fills… 104 more words

Writing Challenges

Ghost writer

is there the ghost of a chance
that if I were to abdicate
an unseen hand would scratch
out sentences and visit words
upon the waiting page? 25 more words

Writing Challenges

Unique Gifts

Unique Gifts

Will anyone give me valentines? No, my friend, they won’t,
for the ones who might are absent and the ones around me don’t. 156 more words

Ghostly Reminder

Time stood still as

The ghost appeared

Yet again in front of her

Saying nothing, not a sound

Just staring deep inside her soul

Searching for a sign… 47 more words

Post A Day

True Story

I bustled away
from table today,
confronting a matter of mind…
Whatever forgot
I sought on the spot,
relaxing and tea undermined.

On later return… 40 more words


Prince Valiant

To Princes and Peasants

Sons of our soil

Feet crying over our red soil

Hammered, broken, breaking together

To tie one on

We salute your valour… 26 more words