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Halo Alcoholic Kombucha

Now that we are into February and gotten through the socially intense time of December and January. The taste for alcoholic beverages has probably worn thin or at the least started to be difficult to choose what to buy or how you feel when staring at hundreds of bottles and cans vying for your attention.

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A Swift Farewell - Breathless Breathing (Small Band Big Sound)

A month into 2020 and we’ve found a feature Small Band Big Sound to run with. So, we start off with a pop punk Sydney based 5-piece.

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The Amity Affliction -Catatonia (single)

”What’s one more day a week a month a fucking year,
If I’m constantly shrouded by nothing but fear.”

Joel Birch brutally tears his esophagus out on The Amity Affliction’s newest single ‘Catatonia’.

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Byron Bay Brewery Lager

Knock off time. End of the day when it’s time to wind down, head home and get rested for the next. Not you? Yeah me as well, when i look at my watch it reads beer o’clock not five o’clock.

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Polaris - Hypermania (single)

Hey there, been a while. Hope you’re well.

They always say “new year, new you”. Fuck that. It’s the same old DVOWR you know and love. 301 more words


Thousand Below-Gone In Your Wake

Different. That’s important to say, this sound is different, they have tried something different and ran with it, to release a solid sophomore record. You’ve got less drawing scream, swapped with more calm and considered vocal breaks. 1,283 more words


Culture House's Raspberry Berliner Wiesse Beer

What is your favourite berry….? No one asked ever. I’ll tell you anyways. It is a toss up between a strawberry and a raspberry. Both versatile.

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