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"Ignis Frigidus"

“Cold Fire” has now been translated and is available for download. Translating this was a pain in the ass because of all the vocabulary I have never encountered. 22 more words

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Nasus ad me exitium portat.

No translation work done today, because my nose decided to act up and burn like a motherfucker. Add to that the heat. 44 more words

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New "Translations" page

I have created a depository for all my translations in the future. It will for now contain only the translations I do of ThreeToe’s stories, but I¬† 14 more words

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"Itinera Gornonis"

“The Adventures of Gornon” has now sloppily been skimmed through and is now available for download.

Download the translation here.

By all means, DO REPORT ANY MISTAKES YOU MAY FIND TO ME. This is paramount.

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"The Adventures of Gornon" translation complete

I just finished translation of “The Adventures of Gornon“. Ugh, counting the time this took, I realize just how fucking awful it would be if I’m going to translate… 66 more words

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An unconventional project

I suppose if you followed my blog back in ye olden days, namely reading posts such as this, this and this, you would know I have taken an interest in linguistics. 191 more words

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The Physics of Dragonfire

Last year, I wrote a post about the physics of the plasma-temperature dragonfire from Dwarf Fortress. Today, because my frontal lobes are screwed on backwards, I wanna work out whether or not biology could produce a plume of 20,000-Kelvin plasma without stretching credibility  1,083 more words