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When I first played Dwarf Fortress, I bounced off it like a timid bunny rabbit, crossing a busy highway just a little too slowly. 783 more words

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My Latest Obssession - A Look at RimWorld

Everything Was Great, Until Somebody Got the Flu… (Spoilers, They All Died)

Remember Dwarf Fortress? Remember how tough as nails it was? Sure would be great if that were on Steam but that’s not what I wanted to talk about today. 886 more words

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Update: Broken Laptop

Well. my laptop died on me. While this isn’t too bad for me, as I was setting up a new tower anyway, it means that all the stuff on said laptop has been lost – in this case, the most important part of that is the Dwarf Fortress saves. 72 more words


The First Trial

The Eternal Dimensions are a harsh world to live in. The goblin armies have been struck down, no longer capable of being a large-scale threat as they were only a few scant months ago. 284 more words


5 Interesting Management Simulation Games for PC

Some people love RPGs, others FPS, while there are some who prefer simulation games. Currently, management simulation games are becoming a rage especially with the release of RimWorld. 582 more words

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re: why a high level of chaos is needed for consciousness to function

They go on to suggest that the emergence of consciousness itself may have a relatively simple physical explanation: our minds are the locations where matter has temporarily sorted itself into a sufficiently complex state on its way to maximally disorganized equilibrium. 125 more words


Dwarf Fortress: A Wonderful Gem!

Utes the Whisper is a beast forgotten to time, and the only one of its kind. A massive crocodile with a set of external ribs, it shoots web to immobilize its prey. 540 more words