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Wishful Thinking: Maia

When Did I Put This On The List? 

December 3, 2013.

Why Did I Put This On The List? 

It’s a beautiful base-building game that’s got a sort of retro-future feel and focuses on achievable sci-fi goals on the way to colonizing a planet orbiting Tau Ceti with minimal resources. 429 more words

Wishful Thinking

Supporting Free Content and Services - My New Deal

I was searching for a Tobold post about his voting with your wallet ideology. While unable to find the exact blog I was looking for, I still found a decent quote that I can steal. 332 more words

Lurking Threats

Summer is here, and with it come new free loaders and human merchants. The merchants have again failed to bring anything to drink. It’s as if they have been told not to supply our most urgent needs. 483 more words

Fey Moods, the Ring of Power and a Great Loss.

Mistem Gatizavuz was taken over by a strange mood earlier today. He started babbling to himself, then suddenly stood up and ran to the closest crafts workshop. 516 more words

A new beginning...

It is the 1st day of Granite in the 6th year after Armok created this wretched world. I, Mebzuth “Routaran” Eshonzaneg arrived at The Rock of Chewing only 6 months ago. 696 more words

The end of a year

“I don’t think there were any better ideas of Ollin, but I think it’s best for the fort”, Aban was telling Eral Zefonidrath the architect.  “She is clearly insane and appears to be depressed at the same time.  85 more words

Winter is coming

Now, I know enough about DF to start a basic fort, and get it to survive a year or two.   However, we are hoping this fort will last a bit longer. 904 more words