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The Genius of Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is, to be blunt, complex. It is a computational engine simply wearing the veneer of a game. With numerous, simultaneous simulations run constantly, Dwarf Fortress is complicated, brutal and, most importantly, fun. 398 more words

DF Update: The Dwarven Fortress of Syrupknighted [#2]

So, Dwarf Fortress this afternoon.  There is quite a bit to share from last night!

Continuing from the Dwarven Fortress of Syrupknighted, the ‘humble-beginnings’ fortress on DF44.08: ~4 years in-game time and reduced to 73 citizens.  309 more words

Dwarf Fortress

DF Update: The Dwarven Fortress of Syrupknighted [#1]

Ah, yes. Nothing like a Friday night, a few cool beers and some Dwarf Fortress.

The Dwarven Fortress of Syrupknighted is today’s game: a ‘humble-beginnings’ fortress recently established on DF44.08. 120 more words

Dwarf Fortress

Worlds in Dwarf Fortress

The above image is a good example of a world. All the worlds are randomly generated, so that one’s completely unique!

Biomes can be identified by color… 196 more words

Dwarf Fortress

The Anvil of Suns

On the first of the year in 250, the King of the Dwarfish Kingdom known as the Basement of Coasts ordered another expedition to secure a foothold in the Flowery Steppes.  227 more words


Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Part 1

This will be my first post on Dungeons & Dragons. It will not be the last. It has been a major hobby of mine since my salad days as a student (when we all had much more time and far fewer responsibilities). 353 more words