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Winter Is Coming: Time to get foot loose.

Autumn is here at Fondledountain and the dwarves are getting restless, or should I say idle. So very very idle. They are hanging around the great hall and drinking all the grog they can get their tiny little hands on and doing bugger all else. 1,028 more words

Dwarf Fortress

Making our Hole our Home: Dwarf Edition

Last we left Thax and Datur were working hard mining out the rooms for our crafting floor. Months have passed by and it is now Summer at Fondlefountain. 237 more words

Dwarf Fortress

Eye of the Tiger: Starting Out

15th of Granite 125

It wasn’t long until “The Smooth Boulders” had found a suitable location for their new home FONDLEFOUNTAIN!

Thax, the expedition leader pulled the wagon to a halt next to a small mountain and let all the animals out to stretch their legs and relieve themselves while he and the rest of the group scouted out the new location. 505 more words

Dwarf Fortress

Rimworld: A Game for Everyone and No One

He looks up at you with an earnestness, a weight you’ve never once felt in a man’s eyes. You had never witnessed someone’s last moments of consciousness and now are confronted with the imminent death of a friend–your only friend. 1,466 more words

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What is a worthwhile goal? - The million pound question for sandbox games

Ever since I wrote the first article on open world games I’ve had some thoughts tickling at the back of my mind on the subject of sandboxes. 2,320 more words

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