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Dwarf Fortress: A Wonderful Gem!

Utes the Whisper is a beast forgotten to time, and the only one of its kind. A massive crocodile with a set of external ribs, it shoots web to immobilize its prey. 540 more words


NaNoWriMo 2016 - Day 12 - 41431

I’m so glad I make a statement that I might have a lower word count over the next few days due to this cold and then go over and write my day’s allotment before 10am. 310 more words


Summer, 110

Now that the chill of winter has been erased from our bones, I think we can do some serious expansio – for Armok’s sake, Zas! (Believe me, that was  526 more words

Winter, 109

Of course, my first priority was to create opulent quarters for myself. A few statues, some masterwork tables, chairs and a bed. Maybe a few gem windows as well. 460 more words

The Founding of Swordskulls

(From the considerably less damaged journal of Nish Gídthurvucar, Expedition Leader, Swordskulls, Year 109)

End of Autumn, 109

After 14 days of riding relentlessy in the wagon, one of the wheels broke, for no apparent reason. 370 more words

The Fall of Deadhorse

(From the blood- and vomit-stained, impressively burnt journal of Nish Gídthurvucar)

The last few weeks here have been extremely tough on the surviving dwarves of Deadhorse. 822 more words

An Introduction to Waywardenter 'Lestruhneni' (dfmasterwork) and My Ideas.

Founded in the year 302  by the burgeoning ‘fortunate nation ‘ (In my mind) Lestruhnei is a human a frontier fortress  intended to act as a bastion against the ever expanding orc menace ‘the doom of men’ to the north east and  the troublesome Onnimancer Astesh Tongsiron of the mechanical slings to the west. 306 more words