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Palming off the tutorial

Increasingly gaming companies are failing to pay for professional learning experiences, instead asking gamers themselves to the shoulder the task. It’s not on.

In modern-day gaming designers are, generally, extremely good teachers of new mechanics. 806 more words


Establishing Memories of Game Events

I spent several years thinking about memory semi-professionally. I say semi-professionally because while I was paid to do this thinking, I was paid very poorly. During that period my chief concern was the study of a small corner of a corner of a foundation of the concept of memory: how do we judge whether or not any given item presented to us is something we should be able to recall? 1,558 more words

Longer Writing

Poetry of Paddlepoet

Gear: Whatever armor he could find
All of the waterskins he stole
Silver Battle Axe
Masterwork Iron Buckler

Ramul Thran, The Planes of Dawn; Year 43, Month 3, Day 8… 1,053 more words

Adventure Mode

Darkest Dungeon (Early Access)

So I recently purchased early access on Darkest Dungeon, a Kickstarter project that impressed me with its superb art direction, tone and supposed ridiculous difficulty. Here’s my review of the early version as stands. 992 more words

Craft The World

This game is about crafting new world, mix of tower defense, block building and strategy.
Craft The World of sandbox strategy is mix of Dwarf fortress… 55 more words

Strategy Games

Wishful Thinking: Maia

When Did I Put This On The List? 

December 3, 2013.

Why Did I Put This On The List? 

It’s a beautiful base-building game that’s got a sort of retro-future feel and focuses on achievable sci-fi goals on the way to colonizing a planet orbiting Tau Ceti with minimal resources. 429 more words

Wishful Thinking

Supporting Free Content and Services - My New Deal

I was searching for a Tobold post about his voting with your wallet ideology. While unable to find the exact blog I was looking for, I still found a decent quote that I can steal. 332 more words