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My Time with Dwarf Fortress!

The last few days I took the time to finally learn how to play Dwarf Fortress. I had seen the game a while earlier but never took the effort to learn the game. 451 more words


Games with Names

As is the case with anyone who’s entire persona begins to surround a brand of entertainment, I find my tastes in games becoming increasingly  focused on narrow niches of particular features of games. 672 more words

City Builder

Playing Dwarf Fortress pt. 03

Seven dwarves debark in the middle of nowhere, with nothing more than some tools and their cheerful mood. What could possibly go wrong? (Hint: Don’t forget, it’s me who guides them) 690 more words

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Playing Dwarf Fortress pt. 02

Well, more like an addendum to Part 1. Just some screenshots of my little fortress. 270 more words

Computer Games

A Teaser for Tuesday

Bloodlust: The Blades of Khazak Khrim is out! Here is one of my favourite passages from the book, with a little author commentary afterward.

The test called the Waters of Sorrow took place in a specially constructed channel fed by the waters from the ice-melt atop the Father’s Pulpit, the mountain in which most of the halls of Khazak Khrim were built. 986 more words

Fantasy Tropes And Cliches

Playing Dwarf Fortress pt. 01

Enough of this inactivity, it’s about time to get this site out of its slumber! So without further blabla, here’s me, stumbling through one of the most sophisticated games ever created: Dwarf Fortress. 574 more words

Computer Games

Naming and NPCsity

Last post discussed player-directed – or, at least, not directly author-mandated – naming for individual player characters. But there’s another important use-case: naming lots of characters, using generated names. 2,219 more words

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