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Rimworld: A Game for Everyone and No One

He looks up at you with an earnestness, a weight you’ve never once felt in a man’s eyes. You had never witnessed someone’s last moments of consciousness and now are confronted with the imminent death of a friend–your only friend. 1,466 more words

Video Games

What is a worthwhile goal? - The million pound question for sandbox games

Ever since I wrote the first article on open world games I’ve had some thoughts tickling at the back of my mind on the subject of sandboxes. 2,320 more words

Dwarf Fortress

Looping, Looping...

Still there.  I got the end down, which was BIG.  But now, I’ve been cleaning up the rest.  I’ve learned a lot from this game, the most important being that I need to focus on keeping it simple.   212 more words

JA Howe

Dwarf Fortress: A Case Study in Game Design

Dwarf Fortress. If you’ve heard of it, you’ve probably heard of how hard and unapproachable it is. What I find more interesting about it is how it has shed many of the things that people have come to expect a game to be. 1,195 more words


Dwarf Fortress Week: Sample Conversions

Today, Dwarf Fortress week continues with actual conversion examples; I’ll be providing two dwarves – one a generic NPC and the other a named figure from the history of the world I’ve been using this week – and a pair of the more popular traps found in forts. 984 more words

Dwarf Fortress Week: Map Design

Continuing with Dwarf Fortress Week, today I’ll be looking at how the fortress mode of DF matches up with the messy design of many real-world structures that evolved in use over time, and how it can inform RPG players looking to make maps. 1,120 more words

On Learning

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I haven’t played Paradox Interactive’s grand spacefaring strategy game Stellaris, but I have enjoyed reading about it. 1,568 more words