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Behind the Book - with Derek A Kamal

Getting a new book is always exciting for me.  The cover art (amazing right?!) alone drew me to this adventure.  When I heard the story was based off a roleplaying game, I was even more excited and needed to know more about this book.  252 more words



In the northern parts of these lands the treacherous mountains of earthly riches are found, these mountains are home to the stonekin. The races that consider themselves among this particular group can also be referred to as dwarves. 55 more words


Do dwarves take baths...?

So, the other day a picture of a chinchilla came up on my Tumblr, and I was struck for a moment by the image of one taking a dust bath. 391 more words

Campaign Development

The Silver Mountain

Today, the Silver Mountain is just a mountain as far as most people are concerned, but in ages past, it was home to a unique settlement of elves and dwarves. 492 more words


MLM Repost No "L" - "Princess Spiderweb, Part 2"

(Part one is here.)

“Princess Spiderweb”

Part 2

The horse brought Princess Spiderweb to a tiny city by the sea.  Princess Spiderweb had heard of the the sea before, but she had never seen it before, and so she stood there for some time, just watching the waves swishing back and forth. 3,213 more words


Mordheim - Back to the Wayback! 

A year or so ago, I wrote about playing Gorkamorka. It went well, and I ended up winning a very awesome Mordheim warband as a prize. 277 more words



This time the result was far less a struggle than on the previous round. Last time I lost with several armies before notching a win. This time I lost only once, with Imladris and won with Dwarves. 82 more words