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Third Era: Races Facelift

I took some time to look over the races I’ve drawn and redrew them for a more sharper, cleaner look, as well as to update them to reflect the more current vision I have of them. 192 more words

Third Era

King of Thieves

Magnus kicked at a Pepsi bottle and missed. The view this close to the river wasn’t the idyll it appeared from town. A rotting hulk had partially sunk close to the shore and the tide pushed around an assortment of rubbish. 220 more words


Recent Reads: "The Silmarillion" by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Silmarillion
J.R.R. Tolkien
442 pages


The story of the creation of the world and of the First Age, this is the ancient drama to which the characters in The Lord of the Rings look back and in whose events some of them, such as Elrond and Galadriel, took part. 1,131 more words


The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies...And some Wizards, and Eagles, and Bears.

What a great conclusion to a great trilogy!

So much stuff can happen in six hours!

Five?  Four?  The longer the better in my opinion.  It’s like watching a show without all of the annoying ‘previously’ montage.  551 more words


Live Review: Nick Oliveri, East Village Arts Club, Liverpool, June 2014

It’s a hot, sticky Summer evening in EVAC, and despite a dishearteningly low attendance at early doors, opening act Evil Piccolo blazes through his fiery folk tunes with a passion that is always great to see in a solo performer. 512 more words


Hurry Down Doomsday

Professor Vessey’s wild hair shook wildly. – I have told you all I know.

The unblemished face of the three-starred colonel came back into view. – You have not even begun to tell me all you know. 227 more words


Tacky Early 2000s

I was trying to look office-appropriate today, and found an old tacky early 2000s skirt.

This is the result:

Do you think it’s about time I bought new tights? 80 more words