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The Cock of the South by C.S. Boyack #fantasy #magic #asmsg

Today, I have a versatile author and his lovely robotic assistant, Lisa.  Give a hand, blog visit, and/or book review to C.S. Boyack

Thanks to Charles for opening his blog up to guest authors. 613 more words


Why I Love This Book #2

Dwarves. Seven of them. I have them.

I have a friend – No. That’s not quite right. I have this business associate whom I occasionally share my ideas with. 391 more words


Why I Love This Book #1

It is a fairy-tale re-telling. I know, I know. Fairy tales have been told and re-told hundreds of thousands of times. But I think there are reasons for this. 260 more words


Boot Hill (1969)

Aka Trinity Rides Again. Before Han and Chewie … there was Terence Hill and his bear of a companion, Bud Spencer, who died last month. For those not in the know, they made a series of spaghetti westerns under the ‘Trinity’ moniker. 191 more words


Dwarf Fortress: A Case Study in Game Design

Dwarf Fortress. If you’ve heard of it, you’ve probably heard of how hard and unapproachable it is. What I find more interesting about it is how it has shed many of the things that people have come to expect a game to be. 1,195 more words


Entry 0089: The Adventure Begins

LP: Run Fast by the Julie Ruin

2013 The Julie Ruin TJR101

Favorite Track: Lookout

“Not much of a tavern,” grumbled the hairy dwarf as he doffed his heavy helmet unto the table, which groaned under the weight, “I bet the strongest tankard their ale tastes like my grandmermer’s feet.” 576 more words


Slumbering Tsar #5: The Battle for King Kroma

There was much more to the isolated dwarven camp than the party anticipated. Vape Naesh tells the story. –GM

9th day of Gozran, 4716 AR… 617 more words