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Did the Dwarves have the most tragic history?

Throughout every age in Arda, the Dwarves have lost everything they so masterfully constructed. Khazad Dum: Now a rotting cave, in which a Balrog and many Orcs now reside; the two settlements in the Blue Mountains, yes, one was more or less rebuilt, but none the less that’s two huge civilisations gone; Smaug incinerates a population along with enough gold to match Trump and steals their underground fortress/kindom, along with a city. 549 more words

My Birthday Gift to You

That’s right, today marks one more orbit around the sun for me. I’ve been hitting it hard on the promotional front, and am about out of paranormal stories to push. 378 more words


Blood Bowl: Blitzers & Runners

I managed to find a little time yesterday evening and this afternoon to very quickly blast out some more of my Dwarf team, putting my completed model count at 6 and a healthy way into the little side-project. 322 more words

Works In Progress

Blood Bowl: Restarting my Dwarf Team

The post title says it all really.

I’ve managed to make good progress on my Bolt Action minis recently and have completed a decent amount of the SS. 302 more words

Works In Progress

Sowing Misinformation- part 2

In the first of these posts (Sowing Misinformation – Part 1), I covered some potential high elf lists. In this post I’ll be looking at: 392 more words

Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WHFB)

Quote of the Weekend

One of my favorite quotes from Heather’s upcoming sequel! Being an advance reader sure had its perks!

A Gentle And Quiet Spirit