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Bloodbowl 2: Dwarf Guide


Slow, clumsy and a nightmare to play against, the Dwarves are the stickiest and toughest race in the game. While severely hamstrung by their awful mobility and scores of 2-Agility players, Dwarf payers come loaded with skills like Block and Tackle that mean once an opponent is ensnared in their Tackle Zones, few will Dodge out and even fewer will survive. 2,344 more words

Bloodbowl 2

Repurposing Dwarves

Ah August, that wonderful time when I learn how to navigate selling used stuff on Amazon (pro tip: if it’s selling for much less than $3.00, don’t bother, because that’s about where Amazon’s fees per item tend to land, at least on the stuff I’ve looked at).  1,648 more words