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Dwarf Fever - An Anglo-Saxon Medical Spell Translated

The following “metrical charm” (so catalogued by Krapp and Dobbie) from the Lacnunga is fascinating, even if not particularly metrical. After some Christian mumbo-jumbo, a jingle recounting a seemingly pagan mythological scenario serves as an incantation to drive away a fever, envisioned as the result of possession by a dwarf. 1,309 more words

Anglosaxon Poetry - Translation

Still on the subject of the Hobbit...

Clamavi De Profundis has a recording of “Far Over Misty Mountains Cold.” They sing Howard Shore’s tune to all 20-odd verses of the original poem(s), including a contrasting melody for Durin’s Song. 70 more words


The misty mountains cold lyrics

​Chapter: 1, page: 14-15

Far over The misty mountains cold

From dungeons deep, and caverns old

We must away ere break of day

To seek the pale enchanted gold.

245 more words

The War of the Dwarves by Markus Heitz

The War of the Dwarves by Markus Heitz was a physical book read. It is firmly in the fantasy genre. This is the second in the series of The Dwarves and continues the story of Tungdil and friends. 221 more words


Enchanted by the stream.

There is one stream there, I know, black and strong which crosses the path. That you should neither drink of, nor bathe in; for I have heard that it carries enchantment and a great drowsiness and forgetfulness. 1,151 more words

J. R. R. Tolkien

Thorin Oakenshield quote by: GlorytoGodAlone

If you don’t know, I am a huge Tolkien fan. So I follow the Hobbit tag on my reader, and I came across a post from… 123 more words


BONUS WEEK - Episode 26 & 27 LIVE!

Episode 26 – Of Trust & Consequences

This week with no Ash or Dragon present, There is a distinct lack of sensible ideas…
The remaining party arrive at a mysterious coastal settlement, is it really as empty as it seems? 113 more words