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Dwarves - Come Clean (2000)

Dwarves – Come Clean (2000), with picture disc:


Deck #51 The King of Durin's Folk

This Spirit/Leadership Dwarf deck was submitted for testing by RingsDB user Rimogard. I’ve had the pleasure of playing a couple decks by Rimogard before including… 1,877 more words

The dwarves of Wroclaw.

On Tuesday I had to wake up early to get on the bus to Wroclaw. It took approximately three hours by bus to get there. Once I arrived in Wroclaw, I went straight to Sergi’s apartment to drop off my bag and get a bit of rest. 855 more words

J R.R. Tolkien

I’ve put off reading his books for a while as I didn’t think I was worthy. OK I’m joking I was just being a cheapskate and not buying them online. 189 more words


Did the earth move for you? Painting blog week 15

For those readers who saw the title and were worried about what content was likely to follow, rest assured, this is neither a puff piece, nor one detailing bricklaying through the ages (a speciality subject for me in our gaming group, 331 more words


[D&D] Meet Alberich

Alberich Ungart is a mountain dwarf, a cleric.

Why adventure in caverns? Well, I would be interested in finding about the history of the dwarves who lived in the caverns, as it is important to me so understand where I come from. 90 more words


Fantasy world 9


Description: Home to elves, orc, dwarves and humans alike this super continent has something for every one in some form or another. There is near constant war but the trade is good and makes many wealthy. 89 more words