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Sing Me To Sleep

I figured that it was high time that I got something on here besides the awful ‘First Post’, so here’s a one-shot that I wrote a while back. 613 more words


Fantasy - What a Wonderful World!

According to the immortal Dr. Seuss, “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” There’s an element of truth in what he said that we can relate too. 520 more words

Forever Avalon

Scrunt name generator debacle

We have just been in fits of laughter after trying to develop a Scrunt name generator for a Kickstarter reward. I wouldn’t have thought it so difficult but ours is truely awful, I worked out a multiple choice and assigned elements ect to the answer, so when I asked Bob to take the quiz, this is the name it generated Dwalin Owl Silver Oak, pretty bad I tweaked it a bit and James was slightly better he got Ori Stone Heart. 10 more words


ENDING TODAY! “Armies of the Scrunt Empire” Kickstarter

Awesome News ALL stretchgoals have been reached and ALL sets unlocked:)
So The Final Countdown Begins! “Armies of the Scrunt Empire” Kickstarter ends today Monday 13th April at 6:20 PM BST. 20 more words


ENDING SOON! Kickstarter "Armies of the Scrunt Empire" just hours to go

It’s all about the Kickstarter atm, We are in the final hours of Olleys Armies Kickstarter “Armies of the Scrunt Empire”, the campaign has seen stretchgoal after stretchgoal reached (after some adjustments and outside backing) and more than 80 miniatures are now unlocked! 59 more words



We have unlocked two more stretchgoals The Cenobite Brotherhood AND The Prussian Colonials


Hoorah! First Stretchgoal UNLOCKED!

Great news, thanks to a backer outside of Kickstarter we have reached the first stretchgoal and unlocked “The Argonauts”

We are that much nearer to unlocking the remaining stretchgoals now, but we’ve only 4 days left, so if you are reading this please share our good news, we just need a few more backers and we will have them all unlocked.

Thanks for reading!