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The Wizard and the Worg

The Wizard and the Worg is my fourth and final piece on Tolkien’s book; The Hobbit.

A thrilling tale, the Wizard Gandolf and his dwarven companions find that they have insulted an underground labyrinth of orcs by escaping captivity. 68 more words


Spotting the white deer.

Magical animals play a significant role in various legends and mythologies. Signalling proximity to the borders of Faërie, these beasts always appear for a reason and are a sign for those characters encountering them. 1,155 more words


AXE and BRIMSTONE on Kickstarter

Axe and Brimstone: halflings against demon-worshipping dwarves, for the ADVANCED SONG of BLADES and HEROES game system. 341 more words

Other Role-playing Games

Come to the Dark Side--we have costumes!

Long time, no post! So what else is new? I have to admit, once we got back from Chicago, I didn’t pay much attention to dolls, not to mention just not having room (or energy!) to work on anything much with three extra people in the house. 308 more words


Dwarves, Elves, and Perceptions

Greetings all, greetings one. Today is Friday and I for one am very glad for it! A day of rest and relaxation. At least that is the plan. 263 more words


The Grand Council

Tusk, the muscular orc stood in a grand council chamber amongst a sea of humans, elves, and dwarves. The crowd was gathered around a large round table where their various leaders were strategizing. 312 more words