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February 4th - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves released - "Hi Ho"

In 1938, the #Disney film #SnowWhite was seen for the first time.  Off to work! #singing;#feelgood

Hi Ho

Well, we dig dig dig
Well, we dig in our mine the whole day through… 197 more words

Feel Good

Book Review- The Tethered World

Ah this book made me smile. The story telling is seeped in my favorite things. Narnia references throughout, nuanced characters, an exciting new world to explore,  225 more words


Latest Novel hits the bookshelves!

From Amazon.com

My latest novel, From Ash and Ruin, is now available from Amazon! It’s taking a while to reach Barnes and Nobel. I expect that you will be able to obtain it from fine bookstores everywhere (if you order it <grin>). 37 more words

Available Now

Baldrick gets an updated base!!!

When I started painting, I would just paint every base black and be done with it. I’d mentally justify it by saying to myself that it made sense, since no one knew what sort of terrain the characters and monsters were going to be interacting on. 262 more words


Nemo Miniatures (Grenadier) Fantasy Warriors line

I love these miniatures. As I wrote in a previous post, I got these blisters on a clearance sale at a local game and hobby shop. 139 more words


Baldrick, the Dwarven Rogue

When I started to collect miniatures, I bought a bunch of Grenadier Dwarves online on a bulk sale. Later on, when I got into DnD 5th Edition, I needed a miniature to represent my  dual-wielding Dwarven Rogue, so I dug through the army and soon enough, I got a mini that was almost perfect for it. 128 more words


Children of Moradin - I. Winged kobolds!

My dwarf campaign finally got on its way, and what a great start it was! My players did their best to get into their characters, we managed to finish what I prepared for my players by the end of the session, what else can a DM ask for? 1,066 more words