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Oathmark Dwarves

First Two plastic and one metal Oathmark Dwarves from Northstar. I’m a massive fan of Dwarven armies, and so I jumped at the chance of these when the pre order came up, and I’m not disappointed. 7 more words


Another Cover Reveal!

Yet again, my friend, amazing author and fantastic artist Jessica Williams has created a new cover for my first book in the Guiding Council series.  Should be re-released with the new cover in a few days, but couldn’t wait to share!

Thanks Jessica!


Chapter 4 - The Blind Musician

Lyria groaned as she opened her eyes. The burning had stopped, but now she had a killer headache, an enormous hunger and very stiff muscles. The after effect of magical healing. 1,990 more words


Amazon buys rights to Lord of the Rings prequel

Fans of JRR Tolkein’s The Lord of The Rings will be able to return to world of Middle Earth in a new TV adaptation of the series. 355 more words


Dwarves: RPG vs. Folklore

Similar to elves, dwarves in fantasy RPGs are also most strongly associated with J. R. R. Tolkien, though possibly more with his depiction of dwarves in  858 more words


(D&D) Ley Lines and Underdark

I’m rather inspired that there’s a gaming history involving ley lines. A way for multiple fluxuations in the magical powers running through the earth that focus nacient energies. 71 more words


Controversial Album Covers IX (Pt. 11)

Year: 1990

Hurricane: Slave to Thrill

The Problem: The enigmatic cover art for Hurricane’s third album featured a naked woman sitting on a biomechanical, H.R. Geiger–style machine seat/penetrator. 186 more words