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The Rock Rescued His Puppy From Drowning And It's The Most Adorable Picture Ever!

Dwayne Johnson just got two new puppies this weekend.

He was taking them out to go potty, and they made a B-line straight for the pool and fell in. 324 more words


Learn From Dwayne Johnson and Save Some Puppies

I’m Pro-Puppy. Animals are awesome to have around as long as they are properly cared for…Yesterday Dwayne Johnson went all out by diving in the water with his clothes on to save his drowning pup. 20 more words


The Continuing Adventures of Sparky & His Guardian Friggin' Angel- Chapter 8, by Marc D. Regan

Previously in The Continuing Adventures of Sparky & His Guardian Friggin’ Angel:

“Top’a the world,” Dwayne may have proclaimed, as he and Sparky lay on the roof of a speeding freight train. 5,841 more words


Suggestion Box: My Thoughts on Lauren Hashian

A month ago Dwayne Johnson opened up in Esquire about his girlfriend Lauren Hashian and wanting her to get mentioned sometimes in the Press. That’s a noble thing Dwayne! 79 more words