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New To Ptsd And On My Way To A Divorce

Hello there. My name is Dwayne I m 40 and have been suffering with anxietyand depression for years. I have been on a few different medications. 62 more words

Day Twenty Four: Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I would like to be no where near where I am right now.

I would like to be settling down with my husband, Dwayne Johnson. 216 more words

Top Ten Most Annoying Degrassi Characters

Well it seems like the last list I made was a big hit. So I said to myself, why not make a top ten list of the most annoying, irritating. 2,387 more words


The Continuing Adventures of Sparky and His Guardian Friggin Angel - We 3 Queens of NY-NY by Marc D. Regan

Chapter 3 of The Continuing Adventures of Sparky and His Guardian Friggin Angel. You can start on Chapter 1 here.


An hour of mad-dog morning commuter traffic and Dwayne’s braggart banter; two hours of nerve-grinding start-stop rush hour traffic and Dwayne’s braggart banter; the worsening ugly of man-and-machine-created grime under ever-darkening skies and Dwayne’s braggart banter; a crossed-bridge entrance to New York with its rat’s maze of rights and lefts and lefts and rights and Dwayne’s braggart banter—after all this, Sam finally halts his crumbling hatchback at a curb. 5,069 more words


Breathers Extract

We were in a dank cell. There was no bed, only a toilet and a few soiled blankets. Jessie was staring at me helplessly. She had red marks around her neck and a graze on the side of her face. 2,218 more words