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A New Future: Part IV

Pizza wasn’t the topic of the night, but it was on the menu. Dwayne had picked it up from the place that had given him his first slice in Santa Carla. 924 more words

A New Future: Part II

Marie could hardly contain the excitement as she read the final test result. It was probably overkill, but she couldn’t help herself. As soon as she saw the results of the first test, she had to double check with a second test. 690 more words

A Meeting with Max

“Cassidy, I just ask one thing of you. Protect Marie while you’re in Max’s presence? No question you will, but sometimes she can’t control herself when she gets mad at him.” 1,733 more words

Catholic School Girls

‎LADDIE: Umm… Some Catholic school girls wanted me to give you some love letters… But I just threw them in the garbage when they left. 169 more words


My caring loverer.
Boy let me tell you! I feel like I have hey fever today! My sinuses won’t stop running and my head is all stuffed up. 478 more words



Good morning my love.
I got your card last night. I love you so much!! You touch me in ways I’ve never been touched before. your an amazing woman and your words are perfect! 349 more words