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Never Flatline Intellectually 

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Just a short note to end the week. Today was the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Joint Forces Staff College where I teach. 411 more words


Your Daddy Says Not So

Letter transcription:

Kentland, July 17

David Dear

Your Grammaw has not willfully neglected writing to you, but last week’s heat together with the terrific humidity brought on a bad case of stupidity, also a slight attack of asthma to which I have recently been subject, making breathing, and exertion, difficult. 641 more words


More On Thomas Dewey And Adlai Stevenson Bids For The U.S. Presidency

As cited in a previous post, in 3 of the 4 presidential elections in which major party nominees, Republican Thomas E. Dewey and Democrat Adlai Stevenson were denied the White House (in his fabulous book 11/22/63 which as you might have guessed, though a novel, deals with the assasination of President Kennedy, prolific and superb author Stephen King makes a point of spelling “White House” correctly), there was little hope of winning all along. 180 more words

The Entire GOP is Composed of RINO’s

No one in today’s GOP can rightfully call themselves a Republican. They are a group of obstructionists and extremists who have no right to claim to be members of the party of Lincoln. 415 more words

Thank You for the Pictures

February 8, 1962

Dear David

Your two good letters delighted me very much, and thanks so much for the pictures. It’s an excellent on of you, and it’s interesting to see where you live and work. 205 more words


Public Parks

The following pictures were taken on Saturday, August 6, 2016. The three subjects are three local Public Parks, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Alexander Deussen Park which are the first two and are located in the same area by Lake Houston on the North East side of Houston. 626 more words


The Inauguration

Letter transcription:

January 17, 1961

Dear David

Thank you for the interesting cards and the map you marked for me. I am indeed glad to see some of the things you see every day. 116 more words