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2016 Election: The Introvert vs. the Extrovert

We seem to be desperate as a country this election season on who should be the next President.  Let’s ignore the media on this cycle; they have been less than helpful to supply solid information on which to judge.   808 more words

#Caricature Drawing of #Dwight D. Eisenhower by Cartoonist Jamaal R. James

Here we have another drawing of Dwight D. Eisenhower. He’s a great president and a great man.

~Cartoonist Jamaal R. James 18 more words

Creative Arts

Going Home to Glory

General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower is the subject of this very personal memoir penned by his grandson David Eisenhower.  It details Eisenhower’s post-White House years spent in Gettysburg, PA (I used to live next door to their farm!).   847 more words

Your letters: The Château Laurier, older politicians and their health

We don’t need more stark architecture

Re: Management of Château Laurier plans expansion, Sept. 15.

Peter Clewes, the principal architect in charge of planning the expansion of the Château Laurier, must have been joking when he declared that the proposed design “will provide a modern look while keeping with the Hotel’s historic charm.” Instead, the proposed expansion will mimic the hideous apartment building erected near the Château Laurier a few years ago. 660 more words


"The eyes of the world are upon you"

The next few days I’ll be posting quotes with pictures I took at the D-Day Ohio event.


Republic, Not Empire, by Jacob G. Hornberger

The basic premise of this piece is the same as SLL’s “In Search of Monsters“: the US government should mind its own business, and when it does not do so abroad, it will not do so at home. 593 more words


Cohen: When should health concerns disqualify a candidate from seeking the U.S. presidency?

Today, Ottawa Citizen columnist Andrew Cohen begins a series of weekly columns on the U.S. elections from his perch south of the border for the 2016-17 academic year. 693 more words