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My Favourite Vampire with Sarah from Good Nightmare

This post accompanies The FrankenPod episode My Favourite Vampire

Dracula is one of those monsters who is so pervasive and terrifying, I’ve already explored how he has been contorted and manipulated to fit our social anxieties. 493 more words

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Slumming With George Zucco .... Can Be So Much Fun!

On any given day during the 1940’s if you walked about the movie sets in Hollywood you might see George Zucco acting on stage in films ranging from MGM’s The Seventh Cross starring Spencer Tracy, Where There’s Life with Bob Hope over at Paramount, Warner’s Confidential Agent with Boyer and Bacall to the Universal Monster fest The House of Frankenstein with Boris and Lon. 1,456 more words


The October Country Report #7: The Bride of Frankenstein

In the October Country, nothing dies forever. Men, women, beasts, franchises, all must eventually rise from the grave. Tonight we hit an exciting milestone, as we sit down with our first true Universal sequel: James Whale’s masterpiece,  1,596 more words

October Country

The October Country Report #4: James Whale's Frankenstein

Over the fog-shrouded moors comes the somber muffled tone of a distant church bell, ringing out the witching hour. Closer at hand, we can hear the creaking of the gallows as something swings at the end of a rope. 1,515 more words

October Country

The October Country Report #3: Todd Browning's Dracula

Darkness sprawls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand, and here in the October Country we celebrate coming one step closer to Halloween. 1,438 more words

October Country