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Dwolla Engineering Presentations

I was reflecting back on some of the talks from the Dwolla engineering team this morning and realized I hadn’t shared any of them.

These were a few that came top of mind and I hope you enjoy them. 34 more words


Advantages of Dwolla.js

The team surprised a few people last week with Dwolla.js, which makes integrating Dwolla’s authorization service for bank accounts easy.

As a developer, here is what the snippet looks like to take advantage of the new functionality. 227 more words


Making Bank Transfers Easy

Dwolla’s white label API is new and it has been a great product for us.

I think that is because if you think about bank transfers in a very simplistic view there are 2 parts: 224 more words


Building a universal ledger. To blockchain or not to blockchain.

I spend a lot of time in banks these days and there is a lot of discussion about blockchains. Described another way, there is a lot of discussion about what the appropriate way is to technically store data for the purpose of reducing risk and increasing transaction speed. 1,795 more words


What I learned contributing to a white paper

I’ve never written or contributed to a white paper before. I’ve always viewed them largely as an academic exercise. Since I have little to no background in academia it didn’t make a lot of sense to me until now. 413 more words