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Building a universal ledger. To blockchain or not to blockchain.

I spend a lot of time in banks these days and there is a lot of discussion about blockchains. Described another way, there is a lot of discussion about what the appropriate way is to technically store data for the purpose of reducing risk and increasing transaction speed. 1,795 more words


What I learned contributing to a white paper

I’ve never written or contributed to a white paper before. I’ve always viewed them largely as an academic exercise. Since I have little to no background in academia it didn’t make a lot of sense to me until now. 413 more words


Quick Guide: Banking's Digital Transformation (#Payments)

Developing faster payments capabilities is a critical element within the banking industry’s digital transformation.

In yesterday’s post (The 5 Corners of Technological Innovation in Financial Services… 519 more words


When the money finds its own way to where it has to go

A few months ago a small company presented me with something rather astonishing that I thought might be too good to be true.

That thing… 766 more words


Generally obvious things about real-time and $0 transactions.

The number of times a payment can be exchanged before it’s worth $0 assuming the service exchanging the money carries a 3% + 30 cent fee is pretty predictable. 341 more words