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Hair Change: From Green/Blue to Pink/Purple- Directions Alpine Green to Directions Cerise!


They said it could not be done! They said the bleach would ruin my hair and make it break off! Take this hairdressers! Here’s a brief post on how I changed my hair from Green/Blue to Pink/Purple. 859 more words


More Weld

This was back in April the Weld started shooting up.

The tomato cage might give an indication of the height of the plant.  I’ve seen them grow much taller.  28 more words

Dye Plants

Mac & Cheese, Please

Let’s face it, macaroni & cheese is a childhood favorite. And as long as I’ve been around, it’s been in the blue box with the neon orange powder. 632 more words

Video Tutorial: Dye Day

Thanks to Spencer for the video diary of the process and the day :)


In the Midst of my Dad's Cancer

So I owe you guys a blog post because I skipped last week’s and yesterday’s (admittedly because I was playing Dungeons and Dragons). So to get into the groove again I thought I would get things started again by telling you somethings myself and my friend’s did while my dad had cancer. 210 more words

Natural Dyes: Oregon Grape and Evenweave

One of the first plants I learned about in school was Oregon Grape (Mahonia aquifolium; Mahonia nervosa). It’s one of the most useful and medicinal plants in the Pacific Northwest! 1,305 more words

Cross Stitch

The Results Are In!

Dye Day success! I’m in the middle of writing my book’s introduction right now, so I’ll take any completed project I can get! Details below for those who are interested in fiber-info! 63 more words