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Bleach Printing on Fabric 

Does bleach scare you? It scares me!

Now that to you were brave enough to get past the title of this post, I’m excited to tell you about my adventures dyeing fabric with bleach. 450 more words


Here is my review of the Superdrug Pick and Mix permanent hair dye.

Firstly, I would like to highlight the importance of doing a patch test. 164 more words

Chop Chop

So, I finally decided to take the plunge and do something a little different with my hair – woo! Now I’ll admit, in the past I have been guilty of assuming I have even the slightest clue when it comes to dyeing hair. 140 more words

The other side of things


Let me just start by saying:

I’ve been dying to write this post.

But I had to be patient, which is good, patience is a virtue people, one I don’t really have so this post got me to practice it. 856 more words

That's how it works (TW self harm scars)

Sometimes I forget that self harm isn’t “normal”. That it’s something others might find weird. I forget that my scars may scare or shock people. I forget this isn’t everyone’s reality. 226 more words

Mental Health

Spa'd Goals

You know how sometimes shit just doesn’t go the way you think it will, even if it’s something you’ve done a hundred times? My mother has just had one of those times. 536 more words


Sparks Hair Dye

I had to dye my hair….again. Manic Panic did not last. So the next dye I tried is Sparks. The picture to the left is what the box looks like. 166 more words