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Dye Your Easter Eggs With Silk - YouTube

via Dye Your Easter Eggs With Silk – YouTube.

This isn’t about crochet or knitting

but thought you would enjoy

a different way to color your Easter eggs <3


WWE Wrestlemania 31 Review

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders

WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara’s Levi Stadium was very good & impressed all once more. The Build up maybe wasn’t the best, but the event once again live up to the hype, look below at the Super Bowl of Wrestling/Sports Entertainment review. 2,125 more words


Showers Are Scary

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Sorry I’ve been absent >< I have been lacking on everything except tumblr¬†and haven’t really been doing much. 710 more words



Apologies for not posting lately, work has taken over my life again and I barely see Ash cause of his job so spending some time together when we could this week. 56 more words

Easter Egg Experiment

I saw an article about naturally dyed Easter eggs. The process used different produce and spices to create natural dye. You can find the original article… 337 more words


The Rise of SurferDude

‘Narley Dude!’ Is what Jeff Spacoli would have to say about my teenage son dying his hair blonde – for the first

Well attempted. At least he’s smart enough (and picky enough) to know a home kit is not the way to go. 683 more words


Why dye eggs when you can color bacteria?

California dentists Dr. Scott Thompson and Dr. Jennifer Ryan suggest another fun use for the food coloring box in your kitchen: painting or licking a few drops around your teeth to color bacteria. 150 more words