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so I have Blue Hair

Okay. yes I dyed my hair blue.

But that does not mean you can stare. It does not mean you can give me dirty looks in the street, or point at me. 83 more words

Progressive propaganda pushes for government overreach

As someone who considers myself as a supporter of the progressive wing of the Democratic party, I feel the need to criticize my own side when we go too far. 375 more words


⭐️ Natural Hair Care for Insane Bounce & Shine [Hair Health Quest #8]

Today we’re kick-starting a beautycalyptic month of May with a five-weeks-in Rahua Color Full “before and after” + my current hair care must haves for healthy, shiny hair. 1,378 more words


Shorter Hair and Blonde

So I keep cutting my hair shorter and shorter. Also cut my bangs again even though I just got done saying I wanted to grow them out and was tired of my bangs! 293 more words


Three Tips for Hair Damaged By Hair Color

No matter how much hair stylist warn people NOT to color their own hair. They still do it ! Lol. Changing up your hair color can be fun and give you a whole new look, but all the chemicals used can damage your tresses. 197 more words

So I dyed my hair...

Hey everyone! It’s been so hard keeping up with posting T^T, but I finally got the chance to sit down with my green tea and write this post. 638 more words