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Monday Blues, Mermaid Brows

Why bother with make up if you’re not going to enjoy it? With no hot dates, birthday parties that I couldn’t make, and a lot of work I didn’t want to do — I decided to colour in my eyebrows. 474 more words


Rachael's Style 

I’ve spent a long time developing my personal style, and it has come to mean a great deal to me. As a fat (I do not believe fat is a four letter word, I simply am fat- I have a large amount of adipose tissue on my body, and I am a part of the fat positive/body positive community) woman, clothing can be a touchy subject. 1,481 more words

Pink Hair!

So i have been dying to get me some pink hair. Like stalking every girl on instagram with it, pinteresting it and reviewing every pink dye under the sun. 215 more words

The New York Times Is Fascinated With Dyed Hair

Let’s hear it for the The New York Times, which today completed a seemingly long-sought-after trifecta of dyed-hair coverage. In the print edition of the paper’s Thursday Styles section, the  572 more words

My Hair Sins

Hallo ihr Lieben! Hello Lovelies!

Bei den Mädels vom Flechtwerk* gab es letztens einen Post über Haarsünden und dieses Thema möchte ich mir hiermit ganz frech klauen ;). 1,401 more words


Painted Ponies

Here’s an interesting new trend among the more hipsterish men in America. Mermen hairdo: Blue beards and purple highlights, with perhaps an unironic mustache. Supposedly, at least according to the evidence of these pictures and a post on… 33 more words

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