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New hair

After having had blue, blue-green and blue-purple hair since June, I decided it was time to mix things up a bit. I’ve loved having blue hair, its been one of the best style decisions I’ve ever made. 843 more words


Trigger Warning

Fuck you.
Now that you’ve stopped reading
How dare you oppress me
While you’re ignoring

All the things outside that really
Matter. Beyond a keyboard… 329 more words


how to keep colored hair healthy & bright

In both real life and the online world, by far the most common compliment I get is “I love your hair!” Fantasy hair colors are so much fun and a great way to show off your personality, but cycle of bleaching, dyeing and styling can be rough on your lovely locks. 634 more words

Does Dying Your Hair Make You Lose it earlier in Life?

Hair loss is different for all people. There’s not a set age or time in our lives when we automatically lose our hair. Hair loss is hereditary or it can be lost due to certain diseases or conditions. 127 more words

Styling Products to Use on Dyed Hair

A huge reason why hair straighteners are so damaging is because of the temperature of the straighteners. With dyed hair, it is best to lower the heat to 180 degrees or lower. 174 more words

My Current Addiction: Brazilian Keratin Therapy Anti-Break Serum | Beauty

YAY! I’m doing more of these MCA (I’m gonna start calling them that from now on, I hope you don’t mind).And the last one I did was actually also a beauty one, so yeah, I don’t know why, 279 more words