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Rahua COLOR FULL | Range Review #14

This in-depth, ingredient-check review is a must for all RAHUA fans with colour-treated hair. Does Color Full live up to the expectation of colour protection?  1,121 more words


Amazingy x Rahua COLOR FULL Event in Berlin

The brand new Rahua Color Full line offers intensive hydration, colour preservation and nourishing care for all shades of colour-treated hair. 601 more words


Product review: TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner

Since last summer I have been colouring my hair. Usually blue. Blue, blue-green, blue purple, galaxy hair, unicorn hair, all blue. Lately, for various reasons, I’ve started weaning myself off the blue. 592 more words


Piercings, Tattoos, & Rainbow Hair (Day 7)

A lot of people view piercings or tattoos as a rebellious act. Especially if you have parents like mine. I would like to think of myself as a rebellious person, so it should be no surprise that I have a tattoo, a nose ring, and have dyed my hair multiple times. 667 more words


52-Week Photo Challenge: January

Making the time to create personal work is really difficult, especially with an already busy schedule. I’ve failed miserably at the couple of 365 photo-a-day challenges I’ve attempted, but I’m 10 weeks into 2017 and I’ve completed my photo challenge every week!  138 more words

St. Louis Photographer

Dying, Bleaching, Shaving, Growing: My Hair Journey

According to MTV, colourful hair is slowly becoming more and more acceptable by society – and why not? It’s such a fashion statement, but fashion is short-livedand always changing. 750 more words


Natural Roots : A Day of Pampering

Yesterday, I had a lovely afternoon of follicular pampering after a great lunch, in Rainbow’s End, with a friend. It was so fabulous to be able to get away from my school/hand/people anxieties for a few hours – and I emerged, at five, looking and feeling refreshed. 382 more words

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