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Curling Dyed Hair

 Curling dyed hair requires much more concentration and care so that hair will not get to0 damaged.

Since curling hair sometimes requires straightening hair before curling to get smoother, fuller curls, the process for curling hair must be done patiently and with care. 220 more words

Heat On Dyed Hair

Straightening Colored Hair

 Applying heat on dyed hair always requires precaution.

Even though dyed hair is already damaged from bleach does not mean heat will not affect hair further. 254 more words

Heat On Dyed Hair

A good dressing down

“What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it” – Yves Saint Laurent

I’m not a conservative dresser. I like bright colours, tutus, clashing patterns, too-high shoes, hats and wigs and I’m not afraid to wear what I like, when I like (“It’s not fancy dress you know” is a regular comment on a night out). 680 more words


My Purple Hair

I love my purple hair. Most would call it eggplant. It’s purple in my mind.

Most people can’t see it, though. It doesn’t exist, except in my mind. 209 more words

Pop Culture

My Hair Washing Routine!

After recently changing my hair, I have had to change up my hair washing routine. My hair was long and mostly my natural, virgin hair for a very long time. 563 more words

Dyed Hair

Celebs Who Look Better With Dyed Hair

Sometimes, you need tweak to look and flaunt better. This is not what we are saying, but this fact has been proven by these Hollywood hotties who dyed their hair and won the hearts of their fans all across the globe. 47 more words

Purple Hair Dye in the Pouring Rain

First of all, while I was thinking of “Kiss the Rain” when I was dying my hair, but looking back, I could also go with “Purple Rain”. 247 more words

Diy Happiness