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Naturally Dyeing Easter Eggs With Kids

I love colouring Easter eggs with the kids, and we do this naturally with items out of our pantry.  The kids love it too.  When I last asked the kids if they wanted to dye eggs, my eldest immediately set himself at the counter and said, “Let’s get out the turmeric!”  So we headed to the cupboard and fridge and retrieved our dye sources: turmeric, onion skins, beets, and purple cabbage. 527 more words


Oh, the joy of dyeing Easter eggs with an octogenarian

SOMETIMES IT IS the unexpected which brings joy.

I did not expect my nearly 82-year-old mother to effuse such enthusiasm over dyeing eggs on the Saturday before Easter. 269 more words

Egg-cellent Egg Decorating


How do you decorate the perfect Easter egg you ask? The key to egg-cellent egg decorating is to incorporate your own unique accents.   64 more words


It's that time of the year...let's dye some eggs!

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are well.

Easter’s fast approaching and the dyeing of the eggs has come upon us.  While my girls were being distracted/entertained by the television, I quickly set up everything we needed in the kitchen. 239 more words


a nostalgic Easter

Easter.  Gotta say that I’m feeling a bit teary nostalgic about Easter this year.  OK… a LOT nostalgic.  Here’s the deal.  My son in away at school finishing his Masters in Accountancy and studying for his CPA Exam. 268 more words

Live Happy

To Dye For Easter Eggs

by Joy Hirdes
Contributing writer

It’s time to plan that annual family tradition of dyeing Easter Eggs!

It’s a mess but it’s always so much fun! 198 more words

DIY Watercolor Easter Eggs

Last year I created these Patterned Easter Eggs using white paint pens on brown eggs. I really wanted to come up with another unique and artsy egg decorating idea this year. 364 more words