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Hand Dyed Unicorn/Pegasus Fart Yarn

I love the yarns that I dyed up over the weekend. The top left is Pegasus Farts –  the bottom is Unicorn Farts –  and on the right I have a red that was dyed in a jar – and the black was speckled with left over rainbow yarn first and when I didn’t like the way it turned out I over dyed it in a jar with black – The rainbow speckles still show but they are not as obvious as they were before. 161 more words

Dyeing Yarn

Busy Summer Days

Wow, I swear the last two weeks flew by in two days time. We went on a family vacation and I did some knitting, crocheting, yarn dying and some dumpster diving that would make my father proud. 340 more words


Easy Way to Dye Yarn!

The first thing you want to do is pick a yarn ina natural fiber. Most people use white or cream color yarns like I did for this project. 213 more words

It was a Blue Day

I am going to attempt to resuscitate this poor blog. I last posted in mid fall last year after Meredith’s wedding. Our household under went many changes in October and November and honestly I found very little energy left for the blog. 433 more words


Giving the yarn Pink.

I thought that it would be fun, on our last afternoon, for Rosie and I to try to dye some yarn together. I picked some wild phlox while we were camping. 274 more words


{18} Been a while...

As sime of you may have noticed I’ve been a bit m.i.a. There has been so much stuff happen I couldn’t even begin to talk about. 70 more words


Yarn Dyeing

I wanted to dye yarn with my knitting class, but since we hold class at the elementary school, boiling water and dye was out of the question.   106 more words