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Dyeing Day

I decided that Friday needed to be the Dyeing Day. As soon as everyone was snacked and watered I hustled the girls out to the workroom to get to work. 740 more words


Messy Monday

This yarn was dyed with orange Kool – Aid! I mixed 9 packages of Kool – Aid with enough water to cover the yarn and then I heated it up in a roasting pan on medium heat until I started to see small bubbles. 74 more words

Dyeing Yarn

Messy Monday: Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad naughty

Hey, Y’all I dyed this yarn the same day as the other Christmas yarns but I took me forever to come up with a name. I started thinking of Christmas songs about Christmas trees and suddenly this song popped into my head. 239 more words

Dyeing Yarn

Messy Monday: Elf Puke

I had so much fun with all of the cheeky Unicorn names that I just had to carry it over to my Christmas yarns. This one just screams Christmas with its red, green, and white sparkly yarn. 28 more words

Dyeing Yarn

Messy Monday: Jolly Fat Guy

Tis’ the season. Mid October until Mid January is crazy busy for us. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years – plus four birthdays, two anniversaries, ( 145 more words

Dyeing Yarn

Video Podcast Episode 10


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  • 174 more words

Messy Monday: beautiful mistake

I dyed up three skeins of the palest blue yarn with accidental sprinkles because I didn’t have the solution mixed up all the way. I used the Jacquard’s sky blue dye on a Knit Picks Bare Stroll Glimmer base. 38 more words

Dyeing Yarn