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Spring has finally sprung!

Yes, it’s true! Spring is finally here in Michigan! And that means it’s a busy time of year!

It’s shearing season! If you have fleece that you need processed, that’s right up our ally here at Love Luna Fiber Arts! 217 more words

Fiber Arts

An Experiment in Colour

So I managed to come into the possession of a sweater’s worth of Jaeger cream-coloured DK yarn.  It’s a cotton/acrylic blend, and has a lovely drape to it. 512 more words


Friday, the 13th, a day to dye for...

Friday, the 13th….We planned it, to dye on this day… as in drench our fingertips in color. Specifically, we set ourselves the task of overdyeing yuggly flesh colored cotton yarn, hoping to transform it into strands of beautiful fiber suited to the most discriminating taste…ours.  377 more words

Alpacas! Progress! Awareness!

     I feel like I delved into this blogging again while right in the middle of about twenty different projects. Interconnected projects, of course. The kind where you need to do this in order to finish that so you can work on this other thing. 1,160 more words


More Chatter and Some Goals

     Hi again! Boy, I had a long entry typed up yesterday and was nearly ready to publish when I proofread it and realized that it was just a messy, nonsensical stream of consciousness of a post that really didn’t serve my blog and probably shouldn’t be thrust upon potential readers. 741 more words


Hello again! I'm still here.

Is this thing on? Hi! To anyone reading this, hello and thank you! Man, I sure did start things out ambitious, didn’t I? I blogged for about two straight weeks, then spiraled off into oblivion. 1,331 more words


Yarn Dyeing - All bare yarn colored boo hoo, need more yarn

I spent most of the weekend making, soaking and dyeing yarn blanks or yarn cakes. Definitely loving dyeing.   These first photos show the yarn I dyed as yarn cakes, basically dyed in a center pull ball. 442 more words