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My New Dye Studio

I recently had to go to the UK in rather unhappy circumstances… I closed my Etsy shop and worked hard to get those outstanding orders out the door. 105 more words

Green Tea Yarns

One Year One Outfit Top




The OneYearOneOutfit Challenge: To make an outfit using local natural fibres, threads and dyes.

Fabric : Natural Irish Linen… 215 more words


Particoloured Sideless Gown

I have a bit of a fascination with sideless gowns. This one makes the fifth in my garb wardrobe at the moment. I think it might be the ninth one I’ve made for myself in the 27+ years I’ve played with the SCA*. 249 more words

Turmeric Dye

I’ve dyed the Manx/Portland/Ryeland wool with turmeric and I’m pretty happy with the results.

I boiled a few tablespoons of turmeric for ten minutes or so, then added the wool (unmordanted). 134 more words

Meditations on dyeing entangled yarn.

It is a cringe inducing process to detangle yarn. It physically hurts to stand for hours, during a whole week, battling those tiny felted knots. But it leads to an interesting meditation state, until you just wonder why. 585 more words

Beloved Yarn Crafts

Post Thanksgiving Unwind

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful  Thanksgiving, I had a pretty good one. This was my first year hosting, my sister and her fiance came up, nothing crazy but I might have stressed myself up a little wanting things to be perfect.  117 more words