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naturally dyeing, muscari on cellulose fiber

Following up on last week’s post, ‘eco stain with muscari’, that focus on using a kitchen rolling-pin for color compression on a piece of fabric. 274 more words

Eco Printing

On Not Giving Up

You know how it is, don’t you, when you lay eyes on pictures of a beautiful knitting (or any other craft) pattern and you know, deep in your bones, that you’ve simply  576 more words


Day 90

Today, I gave blood in the evening, so I did my 15 minutes before work, cutting the wooden spoons out and adhering the negative ones in one sheet to foam board. 186 more words


A Naturally Dyed Wardrobe: Gathering Dye Plants

As part of #naturallydyedwardrobe, I’ve been thinking about the plants I can gather to create natural dyes.

It’s obviously important when gathering plants that you aren’t having a detrimental effect on the environment you are harvesting in. 257 more words


Rubber Cement Easter Eggs

Tired of making boring old Easter Eggs? Well spice your eggs up this year! We have a secret way to make your eggs stand out from all the rest. 199 more words


Block 4, Set 5

Happy Dance!! Block 4 of Set 5 is done :D  It turned out pretty well me thinks!  A few zigs when there should’ve been a zag, but that’s okay – no puckers and I’m good with that!  179 more words


gatavojamies Lieldienām!

Vai sīpolu mizu kalni jau veļas pāri groziņa malām? Ja tomēr nē, tad šis ieraksts ir jums. Dalīšos ar pāris manis izmēģinātiem (un vēl ne) ieteikumiem olu krāsošanā, lai šogad Lieldienu galds būtu vēl krāšņāks un mazliet netradicionālāks. 382 more words