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Tonal dyeing REDS

Tonal dyeing, wool, acid dyes, one dye pot, easy peasy!


That traditional sig vat: results!

We left our trusty sig vat on May 15th, hoping for a warm day that didn’t occur for another two days. But by the 17th the liquid was very definitely yellow-green although there was a lot of sediment and  particulate matter adhering to the glass of the jar. 1,053 more words


Dye samples

Acid dyed wool skeins. First time using vinegar as a fixer (instead of alum)


Fabric dying at Fiber in the Forest

Had a great Memorial Day weekend.  Cooked some yummy food and spent some time gathering my dye equipment together in preparation for a week of fabric dying.   201 more words

Exhibition and Book Launch – Deeper than Indigo

Exhibition dates: 2 June – 4 July 2015

Throughout the month of June, Joss Graham will be celebrating indigo with an exhibition of indigo textiles and a book launch. 79 more words


How the magic works: the chemistry of blue.

The transformation from green-yellow to indigo blue that takes place before your eyes when something is removed from an indigo vat is the nearest thing to real magic that I know of. 1,620 more words


Soft and Subtle Plum Fragile Heart Shawl Finished!

Well, it took one day short of a month to work this shawl from start to finish (spinning and knitting), but I finally got it done!   92 more words