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Hand Dyed Art Yarn

Sometimes you need to do something for yourself, just for fun. I’ve collected various spindles and fibres over the years (thank you, WoolfestGlasgow School of Yarn… 509 more words


The Results Are In!

Dye Day success! I’m in the middle of writing my book’s introduction right now, so I’ll take any completed project I can get! Details below for those who are interested in fiber-info! 63 more words


the in-betweens

Here we enjoy some cooler than usual weather this week. That and some great clouds and broken sunlight.  I say that since we usually have all sun all day until June when in a good year we along the coast are protected by what is known as “June Gloom”(somewhat a misnomer unless you want to go to the beach). 463 more words


OneYearOneOutfit - Linen on the Lawn

10 metres of Irish linen in its natural state – a sort of brownish grey. It’s meant for historical re-enactors but I no reason why it shouldn’t become one of the staples of my… 303 more words


Rage-inducing Dyeing

The stereotypical, historical image of the embroiderer is a refined young lady, sat at her frame, serenely rearranging threads to make beautiful artwork. The work is delicate, yet meticulously done, with no lapses in patience or temperament, all whilst wearing her Sunday best. 848 more words


Dyeing with Weld & Madder

I still consider myself a novice with dyes, I’ve done madder in the past but have never managed to get a red (possibly I allowed the bath to get too hot and broke down the colour). 583 more words


Dye Day!

My guild (the CU Spinners and Weavers Guild) hosts an annual Dye Day each spring–in addition to the Natural Dye Day in the fall. I should say, more specifically, that the excellent, awesome, and amazing Beth hosts Dye Day . 371 more words