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Know About Direct Dyes and its Various Usages in Industries

Direct dyes can be defined as a category of special hot water dyes that are mainly applied on different types of cellulose fibers like cotton. Apart from dyeing different types of fabrics, these dyes are also used with leather, paper and nylon materials.


Ria Dyes – Different Types of Acid Dyes Manufacturer in India

Ria dyes is known for manufacturing a wide range of acid dyes in India. Some of the types of dyes prepared by them are strong, weak and neutral acid dyes respectively which are used for different purposes.


Hair Dye Summer Trends

As, we all know that Summer is here with it’s Trends. The most important trend of Summer Trends are Hairs Styles, but we only refer hairstyles as buns and braids etc. 252 more words

Ria Dyes – Manufacturer of Different Types of Reactive Dyes in India

Reactive dyes are a class of highly colored organic substances, primarily used for tinting textiles. If you are looking for reactive dyes manufacturers in India then Ria Dyes are the appropriate ones.


Experimenting with RIT Dye

I know I just posted about how excited I am to experiment with natural dyes, but I also have a massive stash of RIT dye that is begging for some exploration! 776 more words

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Experimenting with Natural Dyes: 101

I have to preface this post by explaining something about myself – I am a HUGE nature nerd. 549 more words

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Dragon’s blood ink: The search for a recipe that actually works

Unsurprisingly, making Dragon’s blood ink is not as straightforward as all the online tutorials with the same copypasted (mis)information make it seem.

The recipe that can most easily be found online is a combination of alcohol, gum arabic and dragon’s blood resin. 722 more words