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Should you wash your new clothes first?

Ever consider skipping the inaugural wash of new clothes before wearing them?  New details in the Wall Street Journal may have you thinking twice about that. 141 more words

National Consumer News

A Tasty Treat

It is so easy to make this lemonade, you’ll wonder why you never did it before now! I’ve been gradually cutting out dyes from JI’s diet, not because I like to buy into the hype but because I want to see if it will work. 397 more words


How Important Is It To Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them?

Though sometimes you just can’t wait to rip the tags off that new shirt and wear it out for the world to see, you also may’ve had that moment of, “I should probably wash this before I wear it… oh well.” So how important is it to to give your new duds a dunk in the washing machine before it comes in contact with your skin? 391 more words

Mark making

This weekend I got upto . . .

  I sat all Friday evening, until late. Mark making on the small pieces of fabric. I love the earthy tones   81 more words

New Designs

Hi, I thought I would say, I have a purpose for all of this fabric that I am dyeing. Behind the scenes, around the clock. New textile products are being designed by me, all this work – nice work – by only Me. 45 more words

Colour palette and screen printing!

Developing the body types idea I decided to create fabrics using screen printing for my rag dolls, I already decided to use flower patterns but was originally aiming to make dolls clothes with them, as I am not focusing on the body types I do not want the dolls to be clothed as this will enable their body types to be seen more. 42 more words

blue and stuff

I think you know what I’m doing here – Arashi Shibori

a silk scarf dyed with chartreuse, turquoise and lilac acid dyes, bound and wrapped and then back into the dyepot. 7 more words