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A Comprehensive Guide to Lakes & Dyes - Body Bonbon DIY

So I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot of misinformation and confusion surrounding what can and can’t be used in bath bombs and what the different colourants actually are. 5,807 more words

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FDA Batch Certification Colourant Regulations

This is a pdf I made up a while ago regarding the FDA Batch Certification regulations.
I actually sent an email to the FDA enquiring about their batch certification regulations as they seemed overly strict – to the point where I figured I must be misinterpreting them. 62 more words

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Natural Dye Samples no.10 of 2016

Hello everyone, today I am back with the last round of three dye tests I did and let me tell you that it was definitely a battle of the yellows and golds. 868 more words

A Visit to a local Yarn studio

I decided to contact a local Artesan who has a studio in my area. Her name is Debbie Orr and her company is Skein Queen. Debbie dyes her yarn in her garage and then sells it online to diferent parts of the country and abroad. 374 more words


Natural Dye Tests No. 9 of 2016

Hello! Today is the ninth installment of natural dye tests. I feel like I’ve done more natural dye tests than that but most of these posts have three different test materials so if you do the math that’s roughly 27 tests. 911 more words

Shopping and Wastewater?? A bigger connection than you think

There are 2 themes in today’s blog.

  1. Glitter as a wastewater constituent covered in the blog above
  2. Shopping and Wastewater in the blog below.

So before you read today’s blog click the link above to hear more about glitter and its impact. 1,044 more words


Textile Laboratory (2)

The establishment of suitable laboratory facilities cannot be undertaken without some financial expenditure, the value of such services to a company is immense, in terms of the introduction of new products and processes, together with significant cost savings, to mention a few areas where they can be effective.  405 more words