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DIYDay Lesson 16: Taking Care Of Business: Getting A Book Published


This lesson is one every author should know. We are artists at heart, which means we don’t often think about the business side of writing, but believe me, there is one. 2,071 more words

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DIYDay Lesson 15: Public Relations and the art of "Be cool, Hunny Bunny"


This post was born out of frustration, watching people in the public light on the internet post updates, rants, and even threats and insults on a daily basis. 927 more words

Life As Me

DIYDay Lesson 14: HTML Basics

Ready to get back on the horse? Now that you know how to format a book, make a cover page, and all that jazz, let’s see if we can spruce up your internet homestead. 1,013 more words

DIY For Inquiring Minds

DIYday Lesson 13: Manuscript Formatting Part 2

Hi and welcome back! In this post I am picking up where the last post left off. In DIYday Lesson 12, we created a Word document ready for converting to eBook formats. 1,107 more words

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DIYday Lesson 12: Manuscript Formatting Part 1

Hey all! Welcome back. Today’s lesson will be on formatting your manuscript for self-publication. I’ll be starting from the beginning and will basically outline Mark Coker’s… 1,651 more words

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DIYday Lesson 11: GIMP 104: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Now that I have given you a few basics for GIMP, I want to put them to use and show you how to create a fancy graphic step by step. 1,446 more words

DIY For Inquiring Minds

DIYday Lesson 10: GIMP 103: Patterns

I reiterate here, if you have not read this post on Stocks and Resources, please read before continuing. This lesson is about patterns. I use them sometimes, but not very often. 538 more words

DIY For Inquiring Minds