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Passing Thoughts

That could be me.  That’s what occurred to me when I saw a news story out of San Francisco about a mummified body being found in a house. 530 more words


I Can't "Shake Off" How Racist Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" Video Is

Here I was, minding my own business while stalking my ex-boyfriend’s Facebook page, when Taylor Swift’s video for “Shake it Off” popped up on my feed. 220 more words

Dying Alone

I'm Weak.

Right after the New Year I decided I was going to take myself off all the dating sites. And then realized I was on them ALL. 592 more words

Random Ramblings

Four Very Simple Fears You Can Use to Distract Yourself from How Scary Life Is

There are a lot of terrifying things in the world. I’d like to share the four simple fears I have that allow me to pay attention to useless shit instead of being scared of things that are important. 1,155 more words


Sigurd 2/3/2015 - A Lightness of Being

A Lightness of Being

Tuesday 03 February 2015

I woke in early light to the feel of Sweet Grecy’s breath against my back. Given a choice, I would still be lying there with her spooned against me. 292 more words


Heartbreak At 25 And Why I Won't Be Invited to Your Wedding

I saw online the other day that the only boy I’ve ever been close to being in love with is getting married to a blonde girl that isn’t me. 2,190 more words

Here we go again, Jose...

Everybody who watches football has a favourite player. Everyone has someone whose skill, vision, dribbling ability, eye for a goal or, in the case of Andy Carroll, enormous thigh-like neck elevates them above all the rest, who they’d cheer for even if (heaven forbid) they transferred to another team. 921 more words