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Three Useless Things I Learned Last Week

One of the joys and perils of the internet is information overload. Along with all the important stuff — be it disasters, politics, business, etc. — comes a myriad of useless information. 270 more words


Death Doulas to the Rescue?

Is dying alone the worst possible thing that can happen? At The Baffler, Ann Neumann reports that with the onset of death doulas, you need not impose on friends and relatives in your inevitable decline or suffer the shame of… 236 more words


The 'moron' in oxymoron

I put the ‘moron’ in oxymoron.
Its true, my brain is split into hundreds of pieces governing the gears of my thought process. The way I see it, there are some hundred different little mes residing in my head. 515 more words

I Ran Out Of OCDness

To My Fellow Women: Stay Single Until You Die Alone

Stay single until you meet a man who earns the right to call you his.

Stay single until you meet a man who wants to know more about YOU. 194 more words

What Does It Mean To Die Alone?

There is something that embarrasses me about the idea of someone discovering my body. Even though I know I won’t be present, I obsess over experiencing this shame — of my flimsy humanity being laid bare one epic and final time. 717 more words

Writing & Expression

My Wednesday Thoughts, This Sunday Morning.

I know I already typed a blog less than 24 hours ago, but, my brain was bouncy and I had a few things I wanted to add, because it is important for me to share it with you all. 685 more words