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Forever Alone

Yesterday I had a very existential day. I was convinced that I was going to die alone and that my toddler sized cat was going to outlive me and eat my face. 524 more words



M: I don’t know what your newsfeed looks like but sometimes doesn’t it feel like everyone, I mean everyone, is getting engaged right now?! It must just be our age but Lord Almighty, there’s a new notification every other freaking day. 381 more words

Her Secret Garden by jdr

Her heart was a secret garden
And the walls were very high.
Her crown, coal-black as an
ebony sky; ocean waves of
blue were the color of her eyes. 98 more words


My OKCupid Profile, for Your Amusement

Disclaimer: Hello again! I’ve been MIA for a while, but I’m now unemployed and therefore very capable of posting every week. Plus I missed your anonymous faces.

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I'm Too Good ✋

The wisest words ever spoken, may have been by Tai in the movie “Clueless”: “If I’m too good for him, then how come I’m not WITH HIM.” 317 more words


Scrapheap challenge

I’ve spent time recently with two incredibly attractive male pals, one an ex-model, the other with Golden Age of Hollywood movie star good looks. Both gay, both a smidgen older than me, and both said they’d given up on… 418 more words

Opinions from Japan's Aging Population

This information comes to us from The Wall Street Journal. It’s a summary of the Japanese government’s report on their aging population and the issues they face.  391 more words