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Affliction Gate - Dying Alone - Transcending Obscurity

French old school EP

The France is experiencing a wave of technical and modern death metal bands. Some of them I find good, some of them, bad, but nobody is indifferent to this phenomenon. 231 more words


15 Ways To Distract Yourself When You're Rolling Solo On Valentine's Day

The second worst holiday for single people (New Year’s Eve being numero uno) is right around the corner. Instead of doing the usual eye-rolling of all the Facebook and Instagram posts about how great my friends’ boyfriends are, I’m going to do something different. 860 more words

I'm Done Apologizing For Being Single

Why is it that when I fill out a survey about my McDonalds experience in an effort to win free greasy food for life, they need to know my relationship status before I even have the chance to voice my unhappiness about the toy selection in my Chicken Nugget Kid’s Meal? 1,231 more words

For Uncle Jimmy: AIDS, Schizophrenia and Addiction

I always knew my Uncle Jimmy was different. He was my mother’s brother. He would just show up at our house sometimes and my mom would feed him, let him take a shower, and drive him back to where he came from. 1,520 more words

I'm A Single Girl Who Is Openly Jealous Of Happy Couples

It is utterly hilarious how a relaxing vacation can turn into a stressful visit, highlighting obvious spaces in your life that didn’t need any more emphasis. 836 more words

Affliction Gate - Dying Alone

 After seeing that cover and the album title I was thinking that Affliction Gate, whom I’ve never heard of before a month ago, was depressive black metal. 423 more words

Metal Reviews

Lesson Never Learned

Story of my life. I got my hopes up again, and it only led to bitter, painful disappointment. You’d think I’d learn.

I had pretty much decided that I liked Dylon more than Ryan. 222 more words