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A Few Reasons Why Dying Alone Won't Be As Bad As You Think

While laying in my bed, cuddled up to the mound of unfolded laundry at my side, I couldn’t help but wonder; what if this is it? 434 more words


'Make Sure Your Family and Beloved Pets Do Not Suffer Needlessly'

What happens when a cat owner dies? Robert Kertesz in London tackles this important issue.

‘Please Don’t Leave Me to Die’ by Robert Kertesz, London. 373 more words

Here Is Why You Need To Stop Pretending Like Your Single Status Is A Death Sentence

Maybe it’s because we’re in the throes of cuffing season, but there’s a behavior that I feel like is way more prevalent as of late. Or maybe it’s just become louder because people are seeing proposals at the Rockefeller tree and that’s lighting some sort of pissed off single person fire inside of them. 890 more words

Here's How Likely You Are To Die Alone, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


(March 21st to April 19th)

You’ve always been independent, so the idea of ending up alone doesn’t really stress you. You love taking yourself on dates. 482 more words

Here's Why No Matter How Much You Joke About It, You Won't Actually Die Alone

You won’t die alone because you love people fiercely and deeply. I’m not just talking about boyfriends or girlfriends. Those individuals you let into your heart have a permanent home there. 487 more words