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I Can't "Shake Off" How Racist Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" Video Is

Here I was, minding my own business while stalking my ex-boyfriend’s Facebook page, when Taylor Swift’s video for “Shake it Off” popped up on my feed. 220 more words

Dying Alone

I'm Weak.

Right after the New Year I decided I was going to take myself off all the dating sites. And then realized I was on them ALL. 592 more words

Random Ramblings

Four Very Simple Fears You Can Use to Distract Yourself from How Scary Life Is

There are a lot of terrifying things in the world. I’d like to share the four simple fears I have that allow me to pay attention to useless shit instead of being scared of things that are important. 1,155 more words


Sigurd 2/3/2015 - A Lightness of Being

A Lightness of Being

Tuesday 03 February 2015

I woke in early light to the feel of Sweet Grecy’s breath against my back. Given a choice, I would still be lying there with her spooned against me. 292 more words


Heartbreak At 25 And Why I Won't Be Invited to Your Wedding

I saw online the other day that the only boy I’ve ever been close to being in love with is getting married to a blonde girl that isn’t me. 2,190 more words

Here we go again, Jose...

Everybody who watches football has a favourite player. Everyone has someone whose skill, vision, dribbling ability, eye for a goal or, in the case of Andy Carroll, enormous thigh-like neck elevates them above all the rest, who they’d cheer for even if (heaven forbid) they transferred to another team. 921 more words

Basically, fuck marriage

This is the sort of topic that gets people angry, and somewhat condescending. I can understand why. Marriage is such a norm in our society that rejection of it is seen to be akin to rejecting breathing; the kind of decision made only by the foolish, the miserably lonely, the Godlessly anarchic or the bitter. 1,336 more words