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My walk home

Sober. I hate this feeling. But what can I do when I’m not allowed to drink alcohol? I’m not a stickler for the rules. But I’ve learned that the high I get from intoxication is not worth the glorious hangover the morning after. 269 more words

From the Loose Lips of a 5-Year-Old

Five years ago a comedian was born. My niece is a cheerleader, dancer, and chismosa by blood. Everyone that interacts with her can’t help but laugh. 266 more words


On Fathers. On A Good Death In Accordance With Nature. On Dying Alone.

The death of a parent is one of the most traumatic incidents an individual can experience. Deep-seated archetypes rear their heads, and can meld into other terrifying forms. 1,639 more words


Death, the Disheveller

I don’t usually think about death -although as I get older, I realize I should probably be making some plans: packing a few bags, or using up a bit of the stuff in the freezer. 1,322 more words

Quietly Decaying

The day ended like another,
Darkness descended,
Upon the small room,
Her lifeless form slid slightly,
On the damp couch,
Her coffee still slightly warm, 80 more words


Dying Alone is Looking Pretty Good Right Now.

Thought I might start planning to think about contemplating a scheme to start dating again. I figured I’d read some pretentious and unrealistic dating advice articles then peruse some dating sites then maybe by March, when it will have been a year that I’ve been single I might dip my toe back in the dating cesspool. 178 more words

Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Most Likely To End Up Alone

1. Aquarius

No surprise here, known as the ghost of the zodiac. Aquarius can end up alone, because they are the most secure with themselves out of all the other signs. 1,654 more words