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Doing the Right Thing Without Thinking

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Empathy, according to Wikipedia.org, is “…the capacity to understand or feel what another being (a human or non-human animal) is experiencing from within the other being’s frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another’s position.” 1,077 more words

I Was Waiting For You

The time was already half past eight. It was dark outside and no one was left in the lab except her. She had to finish the report her boss asked for before the weekend. 1,896 more words


Why Your Fear Of Dying Alone Means You're Not Really Living

Everywhere around me even in modern day 2016, it seems like as a single person I’m confronted with the same message.

“Here’s how to find the real love of your life!” Some old guy in a tuxedo exclaims at me from an eHarmony commercial. 668 more words

The Letters of Virginia Woolf

One evening in March of 1941, author Virginia Woolf returned home soaking wet following what was later identified as a failed suicide attempt. Sadly, a few days later, on March 28th, she tried again, and this time succeeded in her efforts to escape a lifetime of mental illness. 260 more words

Story Of...

Round-trip Ticket to Rock Bottom, Plz

I just got done emailing back and forth a bit with my toxic ex I just cannot seem to let go of. Why? Well, we are both on the same dating website, and I was missing him, so I went to creeping on his page – hoping against hope that even though I KNEW he’d be able to see that I visited (on account of the creepy tracking of the site) – he’d just nobly let that info pass on by. 301 more words


Dancing Desicions

This silent dancing noose that begs me to swing and I want to;  whether wrong or right. And who are you to say if I do?  199 more words