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No Sleep Till Zothique—Part Two

I have verified that the Zothique cycle written by fantasy/pulp writer Clark Ashton Smith consists of sixteen short stories and one single-act play “The Dead with Cuckold You.” As I’ve mentioned last week, my intention is to read or in some cases re-read the stories of the cycle, hopefully one every week or two. 792 more words


No Sleep till Zothique—Part One

As part of my preparation for geeking out at Necronomicon 2017, I have determined to read all of the Zothique cycle stories written by… 576 more words

Clark Ashton Smith

Tombs Cover Art, Late Afternoon July 14 Surprise

And now revealed, with discussions over the past ten days, the cover painting has been completed:  


Still on track for a Spring 2017 release from Elder Signs Press.



Are rain drops blood tears
of mother nature
for a dying earth
Perhaps they are from
joyous sprinklers of life
on a baby’s birth
Humans have no clue… 8 more words


Book Review: A Shadow All of Light

So, in reading Fred Chappell’s A Shadow All of Light, I have to say I was struck by the near-constant beautiful turns of phrase and descriptions within the book. 558 more words


” …For where is God our maker, who giveth songs in the night, Who teaches us more than the beasts of the earth and makes us wiser than the birds of heaven?” 144 more words

Jack Vance - The Miracle-Workers (1958)

Jack Vance’s short story The Miracle-Workers was first published in the July 1958 edition of Astounding Science Fiction.

The Miracle-Workers tells the story of a far-future human society that has degenerated to feudal medievalism. 36 more words

Science Fiction