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🕺 How to get the "Dying Earth" costume in "Ghost Recon Wildlands" / "Ghost War"

Game: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
Free update: Ghost War
Game Community: Ghost Recon Network
Company: UBISOFT
PlayStation Store: Deluxe Edition

This is another article about the outfits you can get in Ghost War, the Ghost Recon Wildnlands’ PVP. 169 more words

Ghost War

The Broken Earth Trilogy by N. K. Jemisin [full series review, spoiler-free]

Beginning with The Fifth Season, N. K. Jemisin offers readers an experience like no other with her Broken Earth trilogy. The books, in order: 603 more words


But Only If... Fiat as Negotiation

All roleplaying games have mechanisms for deciding what should happen when there is a question as to what will happen next. Surprise, you could say, is the reason we play roleplaying games, rather than writing a novel. 808 more words

Daily Prompt

Last One Left

The Earth was dying. The trees were bare, the grass was gone and the air was almost toxic. Everyone on the planet was being evacuated to the Moon where we would start a new life but first, I had to finish something. 645 more words


3 interesting ways the Earth is doomed to die

It’s still early to even think about the death of Earth, but it is still intriguing to find out the reasons that dooms Earth.

On the bright side, Earth will blow up with a bang! 375 more words


More Animal Machine Traits

Here are more traits for your biomechanical animals inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn.  Use the guidelines in the DMG or your gut feeling as a DM to determine how much of a CR increase, if any, this adds to the base monster. 555 more words


The Gaean Reach: The Cerulean Duke, Part 2

During part 1 of our hunt for the criminal known only as the Cerulean Duke, our revenge-seekers:

  • Aidon Azniko, male, a slightly unscrupulous and very rich art collector, played by me…
  • 1,874 more words