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Built for Ombré

There are lots of lovely knitting patterns out there that would look gorgeous in ombré yarn, but one of the things we’re seeing on trend lately are patterns actually designed… 313 more words


New goodies coming August 1!

Our store reopens August 1st, and there have been changes! Sitting down? Got a drink? Here we go!

We are bringing back worsted. Because Winter Is Coming. 452 more words

Colour Development

These days we are working away to sell our home, buy a home, and somehow produce enough inventory for Twist ;) So of course I decided to throw a wrench into the works by developing an entirely new colour. 280 more words

Sometimes it surprises you.

I had created a delightful new colour called ‘Boulder Opal’. But it’s not… I chanced to put a piece of labradorite against it… and it was a better fit. 60 more words

The Swatch Project - Feather

Last Friday I set out a new project; I dyed a ‘mini’ of each of our ombré colours, to show how the colours knit up, for knitters who are not familiar with gradient yarns. 160 more words


Boulder Opals and Aurora

Yesterday I posted a photo of some of my favourite jewellery pieces – opals!) and it got me in the mood to experiment with some new colourways. 119 more words

Orange Creamcicle

Ok people, everyone remembers these, right?

The weather here in Toronto has abruptly gotten very hot and humid (considering it snowed two weeks ago… but hey, I’m not complaining) and I’ve got popsicles on the brain. 273 more words