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How One Red Rose Inspired Me to Live

When I was 16 years old I developed a very rare and typically fatal blood kidney disease. Spoiler alert! (It didn’t kill me.) I did, however, spend much of the first semester of my junior year of high-school in an intensive care unit receiving peritoneal dialysis, plasmapheresis and sporting a breathing tube, a catheter and an oh, so sexy, NG (nasogastric) tube. 713 more words

Becoming Me

Slow, Cruel.

A knife was in me, the cold metallic sharpness was right next to my heart, just above the pulmonary veins. I was catching my breath, laying prostrate, looking into the ceiling would not work, I had to do something. 314 more words


Sunny Ways

I think we can all agree that the world needs more rainbows. I wanted a bit of instant gratification colour so I decided to dye some yarn over the weekend. 486 more words


Please, shut the f*ck up.

Please. Shut the fuck up.

Yesterday was another tough day. Really tough. By noon I wanted nothing more than to cancel taco and marg dinner plans with my friends (which I already rescheduled once) but I forced myself to go since one of my very close friends will be moving out of state by the end of the week… 780 more words


Death In the West

Imagine you are 85 years old. You are becoming more and more frail. Your eyesight is failing, along with your ability to perform the basic functions of everyday living. 674 more words


All alone

More Poetry written by a child, Me.

All Alone

Walking oh so slowly

Down the hall she comes

Not a word escaping her lips

Unusually quiet she hums.

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Funeral Blues

Grief is a spectral that follows you, tied to you like a shadow. Depending on the day, you might not notice it at all, or you might be cast beneath its gloom to gaze at everything as through murky water– an altered reality, painful and horrible in its ugliness and its vast mystery. 490 more words