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Six feet

My soul is an echoing silence; a loud empty room
False smiles and tired eyes
Making it feel like gas fumes, it’s suffocating.
I grab for air but I’m already 6feet under and no one seems to care.


Budapest’s House of Terror

A corner building, grey and stark

Casts terror in its shadow

And evil’s chill lingers still

From times, not long ago

Ghastly crimes committed here… 16 more words



Staring blankly into oblivion

Searching for a coherent reason

Slowly giving in to depression

Realizing my desperation

Counting raindrops while it is snowing

Smiling even though it is hurting… 43 more words


The Miracle of Death (3 min read)

The first encounter of death I had was that of my grandfather when I was seven. I still can recall the ceremony before he was buried when some of us, his grandchildren were carried and passed over his coffin one by one. 542 more words


Thelema and the Hippies

I am very sick and it is upon a hospital bed where I lay. The refrains of country music surround me. I hate the stuff but it seems appropriate. 1,689 more words


Thoughts on Mortality

We all gotta go sometime.

From something.

So, like Tim McGraw sang, 

“Someday I hope you get the chance
To live like you were dying…
45 more words

Whatever's After

I was given a prompt to write about my perception of any kind of afterlife. This is probably a meandering mess of a thing, but I came up with this: 1,151 more words