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Hey Doc? Have you ever heard of the life cycle?

A routine doctor appointment.

Oh yeah?

Uhmmmm, your bp is sky high, so we are increasing your dosage. And by the way, you need to schedule 5 tests, and get back here next Friday so we can check out the BP. 240 more words


// dying to breathe


I don’t think I could do it.

Watching him lay there helpless, knowing his days were numbered. I couldn’t photograph him in those moments. Those moments when he would wake up after peeing the bed. 491 more words



some bloom in dying
some are devoured in their bed
of hungry grudges


*Fall and Death

Why can’t we welcome death the way that we welcome fall? Each is a transition of sorts.

Autumn is more beautiful and less hurtful. Remnants of reds, oranges and yellows are comforting, even if leaves are dying. 244 more words


The Music Man

Recently I stopped by a music store in town to buy banjo strings. I hadn’t been in the store for at least ten years. I remembered it as a hive of kids and grown-ups trying out guitars, pianos, and clarinets, browsing through racks of sheet music and instruction books, going in and out of the back rooms for lessons. 431 more words


My Love Letter To Grief

“Grief is the price you pay for love” – Queen Elizabeth II

(Full disclosure: I have wanted to write about grief from the beginning but it seemed so daunting that many iterations of this copy have sat in my drafts box for a month now. 1,029 more words


Among the Graves

I’ve developed a recent fascination with graveyards. As morbid as that sounds, in an odd way they’re utterly beautiful. The air today smells of grass and approaching autumn; cool and sharp with a hint of falling leaves. 405 more words