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I knew. I knew before Mr Leman looked down at his notes, looked at his computer screen and composed himself. I knew before I asked hope to forgiven me for my sins and the pain I had caused to others. 1,111 more words

Flash Story

The smoke. 

Crying. The sort that’s uncontrollable. It’s like when you knock over a glass of red wine. You can’t stop it because it happens so fast. The wine glass is then empty, drained of everything it contained and now there’s just a big mess that you can’t really be bothered to clean up, but you know if you don’t the stain will only get worse. 493 more words


yellow, blue, and bee sex

Saturday in the bee yard.

The yellow Mexican hats are a hit with the bees.

We may have a swarm problem again, but they might be enjoying the evening on the porch. 406 more words


granny's garden

the dying daffodils reminded me

of a long ago tended garden.

Each flower had a place

Reds on the left and yellow to the right… 216 more words


This Hollow

This hollow is not a feeling
It is not the absence of feeling
It is a certain kind of raw empty brokenness
It is like a person who is an extension of me… 174 more words


Paper Lungs

It’s an oddly serene experience to wake to little red dots on your white linens. I connected them to make a kidney bean. Your panic bothered me, as you wept with every selfish realization that one day you would die too. 195 more words

June's prayers for the people.

I’m not actually a very nice person,” June said, as she ushered me into her home.

It was our first and only face-to-face meeting, although our connection traced to before either of us was born. 2,226 more words

Among Friends