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Lies spewing from your mouth;
Immolating me inside out.
Eyes filled with tears;
Sorrow ringing in my ears.

After your lack of honesty, 55 more words



We kiss and cry
miserably happy, 
oh happy misery 
how sweet
your bitter pout
on my mouth  

We love and lie
lying fucking… 40 more words


Knowing How to Live Together.

A friend of mine from high school is at the end of his life this week. He is a very loved man; a son, brother, husband and father, uncle, cousin, nephew and friend…And, he has survived his illness longer than anyone would have expected.   558 more words


Standing Astonished in the Swirl of Existence

Here’s a paradox, and one that accounts for why any agreeable person would take on such work as preparing a body for burial, or in my case, serving as a hospice chaplain: being present to the dying the dead and the bereaved  has intensified my sense of being alive. 305 more words

Facing Death

You Will Never Be Alone

Your body feels cold.
My mind is on fire.
You don’t open your eyes.
I can’t keep my eyes off of you.
The rumble in your throat doesn’t seem to bother you. 45 more words

lumière blanche (haibun)

They kneel around his bed whispering their prayers. Seven children and the youngest seventeen holding back his tears, showing a brave face.  The golden spaniel whimpers on the floor.   51 more words


What doe a living church look like?

I came across this recently, it gave me food for thought…

A live church has parking problems.

A dying church doesn’t

A live church often changes the way things are done to do things better… 162 more words