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Trail Myth #2

Myth 2: I am going to get eaten (or fall off a cliff).

Somehow statistics just don’t cut it. Sure, you could hear that there have only been… 507 more words



Cheer that blossomed within our hearts,
stirred by your presence at each day’s start,
yearns to wilt when you depart.
But our song will sing again, tomorrow. 73 more words


A Sad Day?

Lovely Mans father has cancer. It’s not treatable and despite being told this he has been fighting it since his diagnosis.

I’m not sure how I would take someone telling me that I had terminal cancer, but I would hope that instead of just going about my daily routine, that I would bugger off on a cruise, or throw a huge farewell party for my family and friends. 229 more words


I feel so weak and drained.


Why must it always boil down to this bullshit…am I fighting for something that doesn’t need to exist anymore? 184 more words

Peace by piece...

Peace by piece. I think, say and hashtag (if I’m being honest) this phrase fairly often. My road to peace hasn’t come without its ups and downs but we all have our “stuff”, our own obstacles to peace. 1,119 more words


You Gotta Love You

For the last 6 months of Steve’s life, my whole focus shifted.  I thought I was in love with my husband for the 6 1/2 years that we were together.  525 more words

What I Learned From Losing My Husband

Fighting for the 'right to try': Terminally ill Canadians want legal right to access unproven treatments

About a month ago, a group of people with terminal illnesses wrote to members of Parliament, asking for legislation that would give the dying the right to access unapproved drugs and treatments. 1,655 more words