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Article: Why Reflection on Death Our Dearest Friend

“The Buddha’s path means giving up attachment to all we are holding on to. It means giving up our cherished views about ourselves and the world. 540 more words

Lama Shenpen Teaching

Modern life leaves us woefully unprepared to deal with death

I have no difficulty finding the house as I have been visiting here with increasing frequency over the last months. I turn at the end of the road and park in the usual spot. 823 more words

General Practice

Grunge To Edmond

I love you but it means nothing

Same old excuses and I’m weak

Splashing heavily to no avail

Got out, I’m changed, flirting with endings… 255 more words


Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Maybe it’s the coffee thinking

But I’m sure I’ll die today

Like I’m sure of it

Like I’d bet on it

Maybe I’ll get hit by a car… 109 more words


I broke who I am

I’m nothing, ashes where I stand

I can’t breathe

Is there someone who can save me?

Someone who can help me? 94 more words


I Wish I May...

You’ve seen them. Perhaps a newspaper feature article on a local 100 year old, or a minor celebrity suddenly experiencing the harder side of life after having been diagnosed with an incurable (or even a curable) disease, or maybe even an ad for a home care agency home hospice program. 530 more words


Tour de Fleece 2019

Before beginning the meat of this post, I want to state: I know that there has been a lot of politics involved in the crafting community in 2019.  230 more words