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-Endangered Specie-

Trust is an endangered specie. Save it?

-The Gypsy

(No no monkeys aren’t endangered yet.I just liked the picture.)

if you're thinking about killing yourself...

You want to kill yourself?

It’s 10:53 pm on a Sunday night. You’ve already said goodnight to your parents and siblings. Your door is locked and they think you’re sound asleep. 1,648 more words


Two things stood out that day, the eulogy and the casket. It was not as if Coral’s death was unexpected nor unwanted. Coral was 97 years old and her body was failing. 1,017 more words





November 25, 2035
City of Lucius, Ereol

8:30 am

*sound of phone ringing*

Alina’s eyes burst open. She promptly sits up to see her surroundings. 3,390 more words



His love had always been a perfect for

Till the day he left

And put a crack to my beloved heart

Now I gotta live everyday… 19 more words


Are Ghosts and Spirits Real?

I keep watching those shows about supernatural encounters on the Destination America channels. They fascinate me because they support the idea that there is life after death. 111 more words

The Rose (Fickle Friday #37)

The Rose

E. E. Cummings

the rose
is dying the
lips of an old man murder

the petals

mysteriously invisible mourners move
with prose faces and sobbing,garments… 31 more words