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Morning Musing: 2 Corinthians 5:2-3

“Indeed, we groan in this tent, desiring to put on our heavenly dwelling, since, when we have taken it off, we will not be found naked.”‬‬ (CSB – … 557 more words

Morning Musings

33 kinds of rain

The misting rain as light as being

The pitter patter rain of anticipation

The sun shower rain of joyfulness

The dawn lit rain of new awakenings… 232 more words


The Journey Begins

This is a very strange journey. Its not somewhere I have been before. I am taking my family with me.  I need to be organised. I need to be ready.

387 more words
Personal Musings

Story # 15 - A lost letter from a dying vampire

To All My Children and My Children’s Children,

Beware the vessels that we have fed upon. An unknown agent is attacking me from the inside.  I cannot feed. 544 more words

Short Story

The story of Paul’s last day.

Friends, this post will be difficult for all of us. If
you’ve had a very recent loss, it’s probably not the best time to read this one. 1,665 more words


past lives

the me i was moments ago died to allow me to be the person i am now

i worry he died in vain

did he take the coward’s way out to avoid the pain of life… 91 more words


What ever way you write it...

…the adjective is never exact.

Except maybe in Japan.

I keep wondering when I’m going to die. Okay, bit morbid. Apologies. I just needed to throw that out there though. 572 more words