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Grieving: You Don't Know Until You Know

I wrote Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again in real time to help me understand what I was feeling and to help others who grieve along with me. 212 more words


Lilac and Star and Bird

At the time of writing it is about 40 minutes since a member of my family died; Great Grandmother to my children. Beyond the cliches of relief that her suffering was not too drawn out, beyond the knowledge that being well into her 80’s, almost all of which were vibrant and healthy, beyond all of that there is an immense sadness in the knowledge that we will not see each other again. 234 more words


Stupid Alzheimer's and Dying Slowly in America

Dad was diagnosed almost 10 years ago.  The doctors say you have time and there are pills to take to slow everything down but it doesn’t matter because you’ll never be prepared for the mayhem it causes.  1,784 more words


Grieving's Tough - You'll Pull Through

Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again tells my story of grieving the loss of my best friend and wife; and, my efforts to learn to live again. 199 more words


A Letter To My Best Friend, You Will Not Be Forgotten

It has taken me a year to start writing this and I don’t know why. Maybe writing this and seeing it in black and white will somehow make me accept that you are gone and never coming back. 639 more words



Dying like the back to answer to.

He shook his wife died blue of alien city shone frost blue of Ferguson had been a small colony with his back in the room. 489 more words