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Conspiracy Theory...Friday Fictioneers.

The time was coming, when Mavis would leave this world in much the same way she arrived… with nothing.

However, Mavis had her own ideas. If the Chinese Emperors could take their terracotta armies and the Egyptians had their slaves, Mavis was going to be buried in her lounge room in her own Empire. 65 more words


The life of Death

Why do we as humans fear death when death shall come anyway?

Imagine what we could learn and accomplish if we didn’t fear death or dying. 410 more words

What happens inside a hospice?

“So what actually happens in this place?” Simon asked, his question caught me off guard.

 Trying to understand where he was coming from, I replied “What do you mean?”. 931 more words


Sad Stories

It was a day to her

And a few longing nights to him

As she remained her eyes closed

To a lover that beseech her… 58 more words


obsessin' about deathin': sweet honourable death.

Twelfth Night, Shakespeare.

I’ve noticed the thoughts creeping back in; like unwelcome guests, they sidle at the edge of the pool of my mind. Failing that, they plunge straight into the internal conversation which unwittingly occurs, and spread ripples far and wide. 1,832 more words



How can one even begin to explain the depth of this word.

If feels like a bottomless pit..

They say only time can heal the pain… 190 more words

Forty Days

It has been forty days since you passed away, and yet every night, no matter how I tire myself, I catch myself thinking of our days with you and cry, wishing you were still with us.

I miss you every day.

The Middle Child