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A Year of Loss and Learning

Hello again. Whoa. But for that little teaser about having an explanation for my absence, it’s been over a year since I wrote a blog post. 653 more words


Thom Yorke

Michael Madden’s work can be found in Into the Void Magazine. He earned his MFA from Spalding University.

Thom Yorke
Thom Yorke sing me lullaby
Each night as I lay dying
Morning music—Jeff, Lucinda, Marvin
But Thom sing me lullaby
Sweet lullaby
Each night
As I lay dying

I like the strings
I like the synth
I like the beat
But I need a voice to follow



In the desert here with me
I need a face to find
I need a voice to follow

Dreamers they never learn, he say
I lay dying
Beyond a point of no return, he say
I lay dying
It’s too late the damage is done, he say
I lay dying
Sing me to sleep each night
This grave of dinosaur bone
This skin this hut of bone
Bear sleep premature death right way
We sleep too many

Thom Yorke sing me lullaby each night
Sweet lullaby
As I lay dying
But in the morning

The Fallen

Standing still to remember

Eleventh hour of eleventh day

Grey monument in November

Two quiet minutes lamenting pass

As eleven leaves fall from the tree… 6 more words


Let Us Rise

Hi everyone. Rob here.

As I look out my office windows I see a lot of healthy, strong, leafy trees. I’m blessed to live in this city where trees, flowers and green spaces thrive. 491 more words

Satellite View

Then a sheer drop, who knew the ground could be so far away?

the building behind looks empty, but no doubt someone is watching.

Set up the camera and take the photo of the valley in the morning haze. 900 more words


Promises to keep: Doctor-patient interactions

Forgetting Emilie Pine’s Notes to Self and Maggie O Farrell’s I Am. I Am. I Am. by mistake on the hall table at home, I had to adjust the plan for this class on my way in to Trinity. 742 more words


Things Pixar's Coco got right about death and grieving

This time of year, we are faced with lots of reminders of death. Remember to take some time for yourself to re-charge. The movie Coco reminds us of some important things about grief and death: The living can have an ongoing relationship with the dead, People live on as long as we remember them, Grief doesn’t have to be about letting go and moving on, Avoiding hard feelings and memories can mean avoiding joy, Fear of the dead and of grief is a cultural construct. 33 more words

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