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Calvary - 8/10.

Brendan Gleeson gives a career best performance in a little film with big ideas.

David Lynch’s seminal TV show Twin Peaks helped to introduce the idea of a town or city becoming almost a living breathing character. 192 more words

Rated 8-10

Here's Why You Should Binge Watch 'Black Books' Immediately

Summer’s practically here, and with that comes the end of the regular television schedule. Sure, you could go outside and enjoy the sunshine, but the real world can be exhausting. 911 more words


A funny old week

That’s the thrill of going to see comedians from roughly your own age-group (rough being about right) – as well as recognising the struggle of balancing an existential crisis with a box-set hangover, they usually ensure everyone is safely ensconced in bed by 11pm. 843 more words

As things change, so they remain the same...

I get that life is all about change. About adapting, or renewing, or incorporating new things into one’s life. But equally, change can also highlight the very absence of the need for one to do these things. 965 more words


Interview ready?

Eeeekkk!!! So, after weeks of moaning about life not going anywhere, I finally have an interview yay me! Now all I need is to get my shit together and not bottle it. 191 more words


Dave’s Top TV Shows You Just Can’t Miss, Part 5

This is the final part of my top TV shows series. It’s been fun sharing my thoughts on this with you all, going back to some old favourites as well as new shows that I’ve found recently. 565 more words

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Run Fatboy Run

I’m not sure why anyone would run away from Thandie Newton, but that’s exactly what Dennis (Simon Pegg) does on his wedding day. Five years after leaving the pregnant Libby (Newton) at the altar, he’s still treading water as a security guard at a women’s clothing store. 428 more words

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