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Shut Up and Play the Hits (2012)


Concert docs like Shut Up and Play the Hits pretty much only work if you’re a fan of the band in the first place. Having seen LCD Soundsystem live back at Exit Festival 2010, and with that being one of the best shows that year, I obviously enjoyed the live performance. 60 more words

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Shut Up And Play The Hits (2012)

Concert films are a tough thing to get right. If the gig itself is boring, then watching a recording of it is even more so. If it’s a great show, then the recording could never match. 475 more words

SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS (2012), dir. Dylan Southern & Will Lovelace

4/5. In 2011, at the height of their popularity, LCD Soundsystem bowed out. James Murphy had had enough, and, as he is to LCD Soundsystem what Mark E. 177 more words


“Shut up and play the hits – O fim dos LCD Soundsystem”, de Dylan Southern e Will Lovelace

O derradeiro e apoteótico concerto da imaculada carreira do coletivo LCD Soundsystem, eternizado a 2 de abril de 2011 no Madison Square Garden, em Nova Iorque, é o pano de fundo central do documentário da dupla Dylan Southern e Will Lovelace que agora chega ao circuito de distribuição nacional (com lançamento simultâneo em sala e em dvd), poucos dias volvidos sobre a 152 more words


Shut Up And Play The Hits: Shut Up and Watch This Film, Immediately

Following the success of the Blur concert film No Distance Left To Run, British directing team Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace turn their attention to another historic rock gig with a legion of grateful fans and a setlist of modern classics. 395 more words


Shut Up And Play The Hits

There are a few kinds of music documentaries. There’s the glorious reunion, like No Distance Left to Run or loud QUIET loud. There’s the retrospective look at a hugely influential band that people may have forgotten; We Jam Econo or Half Japanese-The Band That Would be King come to mind here. 704 more words

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"Shut up and play the hits" by Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern

I wanted to like this documentary as much as I like LCD Soundsystem’s odd dance music (which is a lot). The premise sounds good. “Shut up and play the hits” follows James Murphy’s last days in the band and their preparations for the final four-hour good bye concert at Madison Square Garden. 418 more words