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Why you need balance and agility in your workout program

Balance and agility are two very important aspects of fitness that often get neglected as we get older.  When we’re younger and involved with sports or games, we tend to develop these skills naturally as we grow up.   341 more words


Juggling your dynamic balance

In my post last week, I alluded to the juggling act that is life.

So I figured today that I might let you in on some of the things I’ve learnt to keep myself vaguely balanced and (even more vaguely!) sane. 651 more words


I Resolve....Part "Too"

As enrolment in fitness studios, weight loss clinics and quit-smoking programs spike in January, it’s useful to look at why many determined individuals drop out within a few weeks. 400 more words

I resolve....Part One

 Happy New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions for most of us are simply another holiday ritual. Whatever the reason – a deep, primal need for renewal, temporary guilt and self-loathing brought on by a holiday of hyper consumption, or both – the majority of us resolve to better ourselves almost before the shortbread and egg nog season is over. 651 more words

Core Ecological Concepts

reposted from the Center for Ecoliteracy

Understanding the patterns and processes by which nature sustains life is central to ecological literacy.

Fritjof Capra says that these may be called principles of ecology, principles of sustainability, principles of community, or even the basic facts of life. 455 more words


More than just a job...........

The best employers try to address all aspects of an employee’s experience.”

Richard Yerema, Managing Editor, Canada’s Top 100  Employers’ Program

Having a secure, well paid job is a good thing. 385 more words

Mindfulness opens doors..........

I attended a mindfulness leadership conference recently where I was reminded of what an invaluable role mindfulness can play in our lives.  It also struck me – in a blinding flash of the obvious – that we can approach mindfulness from either the love-based or the fear-based world. 530 more words

Dynamic Balance